Azhar Day 1 (Friday) Box Office Collections

Azhar has under-performed at the box office on Friday, as the film has collected Rs 6.3 crore on Day 1. The Emraan Hashmi starrer didn’t show any growth at multiplexes, even though it opened well at single-screens on Friday morning.

The problem for the film was the multiplex business in major cities, where the occupancy was poor throughout the day. These centres usually start slow and grow towards the end of the day, but multiplex business remained flat throughout the day.

It remains to be seen where the film goes from here, because growth at multiplexes has to come on Saturday if the film has to have any chance of recovering costs through theatrical business.

#IndicineFBO: We predicted Rs 7.5 crore for Azhar, which was where the film should have been on Day 1 – after a excellent marketing campaign that extended to Emraan and Azhar making appearances during the IPL which is watched by millions. The prediction is inaccurate by 1%.




  • Flop movie!!!! Looking forward to MSD untold story, our captain cool deserve to be presented in most favorable light

  • Disappointing.
    Yet another poor start for Emraan movie.Now I think he has completely lost his audience to Yoingistaan.Their films are more glamorous, youth oriented..there’s alia,shraddha,pari like popular actresses in there too.

    I think Azhar was the movie which could have opened well but it’s disappointing opening has sealed the fate of Emmi.
    I think he should get back to Raaz-Murder-Jannat series now.

  • Hope it will show a good jump today and collects atleast 7_8 cr.

    Btw, Not really a big fan of Cricket but would like to watch this movies as I’m hearing it’s an entertaining flick. When you have a story (might be a fiction) to tell and not axe to grind,whatever the premise or theme, it’s entertainment so fingers crossed!!!?.

  • I think its safe to say now that emraan is finished. He couldn’t hv asked 4 a better comeback film than azhar which had all the materials for a blockbuster but perhaps the director ruined it all
    also emraan nvr looked or behaved like azhar in d promoa and posters

  • Below par start for azhar @indicine
    It looks diff to recover costs from here on
    What could be the reason emran’s past failure affecting his films

  • It is clear that the director has let the film down despite Emraan’s best efforts.
    @Malhar Difference between producers figure and predicted one is 16% so they missed the accurate mark by 1%

  • @indicine i have a suggestion for you
    your site just give information about the current bollywood topics and news but u should also post articles about some interesting facts in bollywood . I think it will make your site more good and intersting and also it will make ur site attractive to many users

  • These types of films fails to grow on Saturday .
    From here on,
    Weekend – 19.5 crs.
    First week – 29 crs.
    Lifetime – 38 – 39 crs.
    Hope it collects more.

  • I like emraan hashmi.Had great hopes for Azhar.Saw it today in morn show.
    I am completely dissapointed.Movie is strictly below average.Emraan acts well but Its not so much entertaining as Indicine acc to their review

    Mark my words this movie will not even cross 40 cr.Its a flop for sure
    I am a fan of emraan hashmi but I am tired of taking his sides.To be honest I waited impatiently for azhar since 2015
    Indicine also knows I am a big emraan fan because the majority ques that I asked them in q&a session is about emraan

    Really dissapointed.Not at all looking forward to raaz reboot

    Truth is brutal its from the bottom of the heart from a fan

    Emraan your glorious days are over
    Not looking forward to any of your future movies Its done

    Last prediction for azhar
    sat-7 cr
    sun-7.6 cr
    week days 10 cr

    sarbjit and x men releasing on 20th may so week 2 onwards to slow death its 5 cr approx

    total collection will be in the same range of #hak
    expected great things from azhar
    Completely dissapointed.

  • @ thullu – it is easy to make multiplex oriented movie to make more money then make movie for single screens and get less collections with higher footfalls. Yrf dharma made stars can’t match Emraan.

  • baburao apte@12:52p.m came out of your dreams now ,sultan has booked most of the screens if raees comes this eid it will be an epic disaster

  • @Yuraj

    True bro films verdict should based on FOOTFALLS rather than Money Collection

    It’s okay RAAZ 4 will be the grand come of EMMI

  • 6.3cr is not bad at all hope it will grow in today & declared as a Hit

    Best Of Luck EMMI

    FROM…. Salman Fan

  • @babaji, pari and popular???? when??? She is good, cute and nice….. and like her……but she is not at all popular……after yrf, there is hardly any news of her movies……the released ones all have been dud too…..she was lucky to be associated with a big banner like yrf that gave her the best pedestal…..but somehow she could not work it go forward…….i feel she will always remain a shadow of her cousin PC……who is miles ahead in anything and everything related to movies and glamour…..and all with her own hardwork.

  • WOW…………..Hurrah…………???
    My Prediction for Azhar First Day is Accurate………..

    My Prediction was 5.75cr
    & Actual is only 6.3cr(Only 9.57% higher than my Prediction)

    Now Weekend is going to be around 20cr & then 30cr Week & 35cr Lifetime with a Medal of Flop……….

  • emran always does thriller/horror/romantic movies that’s
    why he does nt hv huge fan following and his movies
    do nt work now a days..he has not a single action/masala/comedy movie…mass audience always like action/masala movies…the heroins in his movies are not popular..either they are newcomer or flop heroine..she should do some movies with
    only raaz/jannat/murder franchise can save his career now.

  • Reviews are mixed to negative which is very bad for biopic movie. Useally biopic get goods reviews. But azhar lack it because the story is such a manipulative and movie is totally crap. Now azhar is looking like a another flop show for emraan.

  • I am looking forward to the superstar will who be back with a thud in murder part 50 and raaz part 99

  • Azhar turned out to be a disappointment . But dont worry Emraan , Raaz Reboot will definitly work . Now waiting for Dhoni and Sachin biopic . Cant wait to see sachin on big screen .

  • Emraan hashmi has regained the faith of his audience …he will bounce back …he is a terrific and phenomenal actor

  • Hope it bounce back very well..
    Its a good story..
    To a person who loves his country and serves for his country
    gets a black mark without any solid reason should get justies at right time.

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