Satyamev Jayate Episode 5 – Watch with Subtitles

There is a huge section of the audience for Satyamev Jayate (mostly our readers based in US and UK), who cannot understand Hindi but are still keen on watching the popular talk show. On Star World, Satyamev Jayate is aired with english subtitles.

This week’s episode is about ‘Honor Killing’. There are several key issues that were raised today..

  • Is love still a crime in our country?
  • Do the cops in India consider love marriages as illegal?
  • In our country, is caste and religion more important than life itself?
  • The issue of Khap Panchayat (caste based council) is discussed. They have no judicial right, but still decide on the couples fate. One of the Panchayat leader says they never order honor killing.
  • Parents should give freedom to their kids to love. Agree or no?
  • The supreme court of India supports inter-caste marriages.
  • When a couple decide to spend the rest of their lives today, do family and relatives have the right to separate them? Shouldn’t they be more accepting? Shouldn’t the happiness of their children be given the utmost priority?

Loved what Aamir Khan said at the very end of the show

In every parents heart there is much hope, many dreams, aspirations for their children. I am a father and I know this feeling. But sometimes, the wishes of our children, their dreams are different from ours. If this happens when they are adults, we should not try to force them.

To youngsters, I wish to say that marriage is one of the most important decisions in life. You should involve your parents and family members in making the decision. Take advantage of their experiences, take their opinion. Your parents have seen many more years than you and they love you! They are your biggest well-wishers.

I want to tell parents that, they should also establish such a relationship with their children, that they can openly discuss their issues with you. We ought to respect our children, their viewpoints and emotions.

Question of the week – When two adults decide to marry and want to spend their lives together, does society or their families have the right to break the marriage or prevent it from happening through force?

If your answer is yes, type Y and send it to 5782711. If your answer is no, type N and send it to the same number 5782711.

Watch the full Satyamev Jayate Episode 5 below and do tell us what you think.

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  • salaam,my name is aadil.I supported every episodes of Satyamev Jayate,especially the episode of today because this happens to me.I was in arelationship with a hindu girl.But she broke with me i was completely in a shock,because she still say me that she loves me .But we dint go futher,The reason is our caste
    Thank You

  • I have watched all the 5 episodes with great interest. I congratulate you for your sincerity in presenting various social issues which need immediate action both by our Government and the Society at large.

    What ‘Oprah’ was able to achieve in US. you have done it even better!

    God bless you.

  • Aamir ji,

    hello aamir ji, i renu, 25, delhi.

    apke saare episide bahut acche h. or hume bhi inse sikhne ko milta h. but bahut baar aisa bhi hota h ki bacche josh mein and attraction mein shaddi ker lete h but baad mein jab vo saath rehne lagte h tab unhe pata lagta h ki unhone kya galto ki h. kehte h life acchi banani ho to sahi partner se shadi karo lekin new generation vo right partner nahi dhoond pati. may be i am wrong but mera experience……..

  • Dear Amir Sir.I watch all of your shows and they are amaging….Please discuss about the Racial Discrimination Of North East People by the MainlandS in your next episode,because we are all Indians and equal regardless of the caste and creed before the Law..really looking forward to it,Thank you

  • Dear Aamir Sir,

    I would be eagerly waiting for your reply for the earlier comment which i have placed in bolg.

    pls let me how i can contribute & be a part of Satyamev Jayate.

  • dear sir,i did not got the pportunity to see any episode,but i have heard many good things about the serial.sir kya aap aisa bhi koyi episode batane wale hai.jisme no action taken by the police authority ke bare me bataya jai.sir i just want to share one experience which happened to us my family member on 30th jan of this year.if it is possble pls i need a site of email add where in i can tell the incident.
    waiting for the reply.

  • BHAI AMIR KHAN SAHAB , Salam Walekum bhai allah aap ko achchah rkkhe amin may aap ka program ,RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA , KSA may brabr dekta hun kasam se dekte dekhte bahut rota hun kiya kr jurm krne walo ke khilaf dil may bahot nafrt hoti hai bas dua krta hun allaha un ko hidayt de ki gunha na kr amin AAP KA ARIF ZAHOOR

  • Bharat ki 2 tasvir!
    (1) ilaaj ke liye Rs. 250 nahi hone se bachha mar jaata hai.
    (2) Ye baat batane ke liye Aamir Khan Rs. 3 crore fees leta hai!

  • hello Aamir sir, u r doing a good job by making aware
    the people through your show satyameva jayate.

  • I loved this episode. …Aamir you r doing a great job by addressing these taboo topics through your show. It touched my heart..Hope it will make the older men in all these KHAPs or whatever shit to rethink about their centuries old beliefs.

  • Salute to Aamir Khan
    You are really doing a great job.Our Indian society is very orthodox.Shows like Satyamev Jayate is the need of the hour.. even more than shows like coffee with karan or jina isi ka naam hai.Referring to this episode on love marriages I may like to ask the parents of that girl who married a handicapped man that what would have been your response if your son-in-law had lost his leg after marriage.Then would you have forced your daughter to leave her husband to marry other man with both legs?

  • HAHAHAHA OMG you guys are too F*cking funny! Great field trip even though well it sucekd on the actual field trip. I have been waiting for this video since the blog post for the trip.I could go on about my favorite parts but instead I will sum it up by saying How enjoyably inappropriate! Keep them coming!

  • sir

    mai ek ladke se pyar krti hu or hum marrige bhi krna chahte hai but prentens bilkul bhi agree nhi hum kya kr skte hai ghar se bhag bhi nhi skte becoz choti 2 sister hai jinke liye problem ho jayegi

  • sir

    mai ek ladke se pyar krti hu or hum marrige bhi krna chahte hai but prentens bilkul bhi agree nhi hum kya kr skte hai ghar se bhag bhi nhi skte becoz choti 2 sister hai jinke liye problem ho jayegi

    plzzzzzzzz give me some sugetion

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