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Most families and couples in India dream of a big lavish wedding. But the reality is, the expensive wedding celebrations (and in many cases heavy dowry), ends up making the brides’ life miserable (and not to mention her family’s too).

The whole concept of marriage has been turned into a big fat business, with little or no value placed on the couple or the relationship that they share. This can change though.This week Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate raises the topic of ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ and why this has to change. It is up to the girls and their families to say a firm NO to dowry and insist on simple wedding ceremonies.

The money wasted on such lavish weddings can be put to better use – could also be saved up for the couples future.

On the show Aamir has also asked an SMS question – “Do you think marriages have become a business transaction in India today?” Don’t forget to send in your SMS’s – the number 5782711 – SMS Y (if yes) or N (if no).

Watch online – Episode 3 of Satyamev Jayate and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below

Also, you can watch all episodes of Satyameva Jayate for free, right here on Indicine. Every Sunday by around 1 PM Indian Standard time. Below are the last two episodes. Do watch it, if you missed it.



  • sir u r doing well job keep it up and we also suport to stop this dirty custom of our soceity……………

  • jabardast sir aap ke is serial ke vajah se kitno ko predrna milege aur aap ke tamam episode ke sath mai humesa rahunga, aap eise he aage badrte rahea….

  • Awesome are making is one of the useful program that we can watch.great going…..

  • haan good one..

    but who is the responsible u,me and our families , our peoples , we are the responsible persons..

    ham yeh sounch te hain ki , eki bar shadi karte hain kyun shadi dhum dam se kare…haan sahi haina..?

    yeh duniya badaene vali nahi hain…….sorry yeah insan go ham haina badalne vale nahi hain….

    apni sounch aisich hain.. just posting,kuch batane ke liye………

    No Implementation only for post/shows…..haaaa

    agar badalna hain to apne se shuru karo .. i mean aap se , tumari family se, tumare khandan se….




  • Amirji u r doing a great job see many dogs are barking onon back of u but i appreciate u and i want to join u for this things r going with many people nearer to me

  • Ananda Marga is also an organization, who organizes such ideological, intercaste, revolutionary marriages free from dowry, caste and nerroness.

  • i appreciate to Aamir Khan for his initiative to spread social message to all of us. He is very genius and very honest man. We all INDIANS have to proud that we have this kind of quality person in INDIA. I really inspired from his social movement. I thanks to him and his team members. I have seen all the episodes of Satyamev Jayate with my family and will continue to see remaining episodes without fail. Keep it up Aamir Khan we all are with you to give all kind of sopport.

  • sir through your episode i want to say to the parents that instead of giving dowry they should give a share of their property . then we can stop the dowry death.

  • Dear amirji salaam
    I saw your show on big fat Indan wedding, I felt it was very biased .I am other of 2 sons and I live inToronto we migrated in 2000 I believe marriage is 4 wheel drive vehicle which has to pulled by both partners equal strenght gone are the days of front wheel cars where the man was the bread winner and the wife stayed home to look after the family tday only the very very rich can afford this
    Luxury ther the girl also has to to highly educated and work hard with devotion and sincerity to pull this heavy load by contributing equally and not just supplement the income besides the house hold chores ain your a programme you touch marriages in US CANADA UKgirls doget very glittery and parent want to marry them to NRI but life here is very hard and difficult therefore you have to be prepared before you come just like when you participate in any tournament you make lot of preparations then only you may survive here you have to study more because your Indian degree is not equivalent ,there is no maids to do housework ,you have to drive even if you have to grocery shopping and you haveto go out and earn your living , we have so many horror stories of girls getting married and comming her and make life so difficult for husband then ofcourse it ends bitter divorce the girls shud now look at marriage institution very differently and only get. Married if they are ready to pull the cart and not hide beside the old sordid stories of Dehaj

  • Aamir sir,

    You are doing a great job.Its really awakening and soul touching and i think people should wake up now and stop all these non-sense.
    I pay my heartiest gratitude to you for bringing this show.I also hope this scene will definitely change someday.

  • Dear Mr.Amir Khan
    Your show is excellent.I request you to show two sides of a coin. The family laws like 498 (A)dowry laws and domestic violence act have been misused and not yielded fruitful results. There are many innocent husbands who have suffered mentally,psychologically,socially,morally,emotionally,physically and financially due to false allegations filed against their husbands and family by their wives.This should also be brought into picture.Rgds.

  • wedding being a sacred affair & simple ceremony at religious places is worth of its kind .bond should be strong enough rather it be a money game young boys &girls should come forward with innovative ideas of less expenditure on these ceremonies & should save money for their future.both parents & inlaws should contribute to the newly wed as shaguns if so desire rather wasting on food & unneccessary decors & on guests .both families should sit together for sharing love rather to talk on how much is to be wasted on this event. they should councel the couple by giving guidelines for their happy married life. once parents stop talking about taking or giving money /dowry, future children will imbibe this tradition &transformation will definitly happen & the word ‘dowry” willbe eradecated from our society.

  • Dear sir, I see all your episodes very encouraging,keep it up . We all love your programs because bottom line is we are also very much Indians and are proud to be an Indian first. All the best for your program. Thanks. Melba.

  • Pranam Amir Bhai,

    I love ur show verymuch.I want to join ur satyameva team.can i join with ur team ?Because i want to change my India.
    Thank u Sir
    Odisha,Puri(Jagannath Dham)

  • the whole WOr1d conspires what u desire The WholeWorld Is not but half of the world Is with you great going aamirji.Go on I am with U

  • the whole world conspires what u desire.the whole world not but half of the world is with u great going aaamirji i want 2 be part of ur audience

  • hi i would like to say u one thing dat u do a good job by showing dis shows to india but i would like to recommend to make a team of the sum guys if dis bloddy doctors and any 1 who does a wrong with indian people need to bring out on the road and be bitten with dis team and dis shud be shown on television dat dis guy did so and so…..strict action is to be taken against such beggars … we shud use some bhai giris against dis people…. ye laato k bhut hai baatoon se nahi maanenge inhe phatke chahiye tab jaakar ye sudrenge…. .. thanks

  • i would like to say komal from new delhi who got married wid American guy and laater she was been torchured for money i relly feel very bad for her… komal u wud had sue him at america , y cud have went to police der, u could have taken him to court,, y did u came back here wid ur parents, u could have taken all the money and all the expenses from him whatever ur parents gave him,,, i hope so i did it , we shud not let such a beggars to go away….. tell dat guy to come here in india and u jus show me dat guy see what i am gonna do with dat guy,, do it if u can ….

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