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Most families and couples in India dream of a big lavish wedding. But the reality is, the expensive wedding celebrations (and in many cases heavy dowry), ends up making the brides’ life miserable (and not to mention her family’s too).

The whole concept of marriage has been turned into a big fat business, with little or no value placed on the couple or the relationship that they share. This can change though. This week Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate raises the topic of ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ and why this has to change. It is up to the girls and their  families to say a firm NO to dowry and insist on simple wedding ceremonies.

The money wasted on such lavish weddings can be put to better use – could also be saved up for the couples future.

On the show Aamir has also asked an SMS question – “Do you think marriages have become a business transaction in India today?” Don’t forget to send in your SMS’s – the number 5782711 – SMS Y (if yes) or N (if no).

Watch online – Episode 3 of Satyamev Jayate and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below

Also, you can watch all episodes of Satyameva Jayate for free, right here on Indicine. Every Sunday by around 1 PM Indian Standard time. Below are the last two episodes. Do watch it, if you missed it.



  • I am so happy that Aamir Khan touched upon this topic. I have some personal views to share on this.. Do tell me if you guys agree or not.

    Here in North India, on an average, about 40 – 50 lakhs is spent only on the wedding ceremony (which includes all the arrangements and food for the guests). Additionally, a lot more money is spent on clothes and gifts to relatives.

    I have seen fathers of several brides, take bank loans just for wedding expenses and later struggle to re-pay.

    And what for? Most of the money is wasted on food, and at most weddings not many bother to even completely eat the food on their plates.

    The same money, could be spent on buying something for the couples future. Could be anything (car, household items or even an apartment) or like Indicine has mentioned, for the couples future.

    Will watch the show now, and write a little more later.

  • Bachon se bachpan na jaaye , Jawani se parwan
    Budhape ko hamdard mil jaaye,sahab Amir khan
    Aapko meri salam , Aapko meri salam ……………………….
    Bachon ke bakshak hai, rakshak ke mukhote me
    Ghar bhar rishte-nate , apne bhi angan me
    Astin ke saapo se bachana
    Bas itna karna
    Pal-pal ki bate puchana sine se chipkana
    Tumto meri jaan ho tumhi ho arman
    Tum to mere dost ho yuhi bana rahe muskaan
    Sahab Amir khan ……………………….
    Aab na koi bachapan khoye ,aab na siske roye
    Beraham kabhi pal na aaye, kuch aisa kadam badhye
    Sunaina apke sath hai , lakho ke hath me hath
    Aapko meri salam , Aapko meri salam ……………………….
    Satyameo Jayate chalte rahe, niwedan hai star plus
    Papi ko bhi laya jaai , vinti hai meri khas pahal
    Masoomoe ki masoomiyat par, ab na aaye anch
    Bal sosan ke sakth kanoon banaye mil ke sath
    sahab Amir khan
    Aapko meri salam , Aapko meri salam ……………………….

    _Sunaina Devi [HOUSEWIFE]

  • I am very happy this show I salut this show i seen several family spend plenty of money money money boyes family want more money after marriage girl is unhappy all the good luck amair

  • Really I loved the episode. Each & every tale of the girls who shared their experiences was painful, both to the ones who experienced & the ones who are the audience.

    I also want to highlight an issue, wherein the girls parents had spent lavishly on their daughters marriage to showcase their social prestige. After marriage the demands for the household items were quite alarming. Despite such offerings, on every festivals, expensive gifts are expected.

    Today even after 12 yrs of marriage, the girl is used as a carrot to the donkey, like we shall allow the girl to meet you only if….(the condition continues)….

    But the saddest part in this story is now the girl has herself become immune to such acts that she is hiding the mental pressure that she is facing & poses to be very happy with her husband & kids. She keeps her husbands demands in a polished way to her parents & still they are being satisfied.

    The girl has been taught by her parents that she should never go against her husband, so she is becoming a smooth aid to get money from her parents. Today her parents too say that my daughter is very happy with her husband, but the silent pain suffered by her is evident only by the family members. The girl is very polite & fears to come back home just as it may cause bad name to her family in society.

    The story can be put in a more descriptive way. But its OK. Sad Indian practice on marriages. May God save the precious girls & their emotions from this brutal social practice.

    Aamirji, thank you for your efforts.

  • In d first episode we saw people killing girl foetus and in d 3rd episode we saw people torturing girls for dowry… the population of girls is gradually decreasing not only because of female foeticide but also because of dowry deaths… according to me there is no difference between dowry and beggary… there is only one difference between beggars and the people who take dowry i.e “beggars beg because of some abnormality in d body or for some other unpredictable reasons but people beg for “dowry” just because of greediness…”

    we all know that we r in 21st century…. but just physically… mentally we all r still in 18th century…

    so join hands in eradicating these crimes and create an evolution which in turn brings revolution…

  • asalamalikum amir khan you are doing a great job i totaly appreciate your job,i just want to say i love you for what you are doing.

  • this show is very nice pleas end of the show last week voteing show how much say yes how much say no

  • Dear Sir,
    The second episode of satyamev jayate made me reach into the dark abysses of my own soul

    It was emphasised that a child is most secure in its own home with his her parents ..i regret to say this is not competely true

    Today I am 45 but still i have deep scars of the past my own child hood where i was abused by none other than my own father my family doctor relatives male servants etc in the family..even today i have afeeling of guilt y me amongst allfour sisters maybe i did sumthing to invite der attention..i dont understna dit n maybe never will

    Only raping or having sex isnt abusing… touching in the wrong places.. wid wrong intenton.. is equally disgusting pervertive n scarry

    kehate hain jab rakhshak hi bhakshak ban jaye to koi kahan jaye
    My mom was a patient of depression and i had to go through that phase between the age of 8-15 wen i needed to be loved n taken care of I was taken advantage of because i was a meek mild n an innocent child happy n talkative

    I always feel a deep abbhorance of men…. even today…. deep down inside the core of my heart…. so it has made me think n realise….. that i can use men as toys coz they desire me so ..i know its wrong but sumthing has snapped inside me…… n now im not able to turn back the clock nor forget or forgive…..

    I try to avoid men in general i cannot respect them nor feel anything forthem im veryv ery lucky my husband is a nice gud genuine person n ive never been able to tell him about my past how an i its so shamefull so sick so rotten…..i am aworking person but i work from my home away from people n that keeps me occupied n happy too i’ve twin boys and i tried to let them know to take care of themselves from a young age so they never suffer any such abuse at anyones hands

    I am happy you have brought this topic out of the closet n revealved the true facts of the so called society which is ready to point fingers at everyone but itself when reality is just the opposite of what it tries to project

    I am sure if you reach out to people like this you will get incidents in lakhs about people and their lives about their sadness n sustanence..i wonder will i ever be whole again will i feel free of that burden ever dat still akes me cringe n cry inside wen i see such episodes

    With Regards


  • Amir jiii is doing great job for society, this serial rocks the world we all are of your support keep going on sir jii…… regard mritunjay

  • Aamir ji it’s very good show i am so inspard .i also jion with you. becos i am also do something for this sub. ( dhej ).

  • Dear Aamir, liked your show .Its a thought provoking one.I feel that female foeticide and dowry abuse go hand in hand. People dont want girls bcos they will have to shell out dowry. Even after giving dowry there is no guarantee that their daughters will be happy.Its really a sad plight.I have noticed that all people so called educated also behave like their illliterate counterparts.Its only when we put our foot down in recieving as well as giving dowry the scenario will change.I know of a boy who was against the practice of dowry ,who went to claim it on his parents advice. They told him that if he refused dowry people will think he has some problem or defect.Your program will definately open eyes ,but some really hard core measures ought to be taken.Appreciate your effort in researching the ills that affect society today.All the best!

  • never mind any negative comments aamir sir!!! U rock as ur show does…some gets jealous and starts stupid comments…never mind …all iz well..coz everyone(>99.9% likes ur show) …..
    So never mind sir

  • Dear Aamir, again thanks for your 3rd episode on dowry system. Our Govt not taking seriously on this social evil. Our justice system is very poor, too many loop holes are present in this justice system & it saves only criminals not innocent. Even after 65 years of independence we are not able to educate our people mainly females. Because main cause for dowry is old thinking of people specially ladies. They show off the dowry brought by their daughter-in laws. They want to full fill their requirements with the cash or dowry. After one demand that is fullfill their greed increases, which becomes a major drawback in the society.

  • Respected Amirji, U r doing well…..I am going to suggest you two issues…..
    which can be treated as a separate episode for our ” Satya Mev JAYATE”
    If u r interested please ….

  • It is a heart touching serial.After watching this serial we cannot feel like talking for hours .I am a retired principal of a teacher training college and often used to talk to my students regarding developing moral values in children and of course about the sexual abuse in children. Though my teaching subject was mathematics and science I used to reserve 5-10 minutes for the interaction on general subjects
    Satyamevajajate’s second episode gave me shocking information Thanks Aamir Khan for your second episode.We can do a lot of social work to take children in to confidence and bring in a change in the society.But the accused should be punished severely though the saying”prevention is better than cure” is true

  • Hi, I have something very important to share with Satymevjayte’s team. Its on a girl child, her journey from childhood to her young age and much more, consists of the unbelievable pain she had of distrust, dishonesty……… from……… Its really shameful!!!

  • amir ji it’s very good show i am very much inspired .i also want to join this show and share my experience of marriage and want to save life of other girls

  • Respected Aamir ji,
    Thnx for jolting nation’s conscience…as smhw we-girls are usually suffering from dowry evil .I m also getting married recently and my husband doesn’t take dowry.I highly appreciate your efforts.

  • It is an Awesome Episode ,people in INDIA , our own society should wake up to the call made by Sir AMIR JI.I take my hat off for you Sir Amir ji the show must GO ON.

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