Sanjay Gupta talks about Raees vs Kaabil clash

In an interview with Bombay Times, ‘Kaabil’ director Sanjay Gupta has spoken about the clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s next film ‘Raees’. The filmmaker is still hopeful that the clash, which a section of the trade is calling ‘suicidal’, could still be averted.

“I wouldn’t say I am in denial but I think the clash could still be averted. In all fairness, Rakeshji (Roshan) did announce the release date first. SRK is a man of principle, a man of his word, he is a Pathan. I can’t fathom SRK stepping on someone’s toes”

“I don’t know if the films will come on the same day or not but I definitely think they shouldn’t. If someone else had announced a film before him, there’s no way in hell that Rakeshji would release his film on the same date. That is the respect we need to accord one another” he said.

Gupta also said the lead star of his film, Hrithik Roshan, is not competing with SRK. He added that someone like a SRK should be looking at the ‘300 crore mark’ for his films and competing with actors of his generation like Salman and Aamir.

“Hrithik is 10 years younger than Shah Rukh. So I don’t see this as a competition. Shah Rukh’s competition are Salman and Aamir. Both the films (Raees and Kaabil) won’t do more than Rs 150 crore in a week because we have a Rs 300 crore box office window at best. When Salman releases a film solo, he gets Rs 300 crore. Shah Rukh should be looking at getting Rs 300 crore for his film and I’m sure he is looking at that possibility. I don’t understand why he would restrict the business of his own film. This clash is also going to be detrimental to them” he said.

Raees and Kaabil are both scheduled to hit theatres on 26 January 2017.



  • Waiting for kaabil….for musafir and kaante directr sanjay gupta, the theme….blind manz revenge story it will b intresting…nobdy wil watch girly gujrati don (meow bhai) liquor business

  • In any case clash is not good for both film. I also think raees can go for 300 crore without clash. Lets hope it will be averted.

  • So in near future Rakesh Roshan ,Hritik Roshan, and Sanjay Gupta will not clash to any movie.

    But They not be ethic at the time of Kaabil release date announce when There is already schedule Badshaho movie……

  • He is trying to scare shahrukh that is so lame, shahrukh is a businessman he knows what kind of film could collect 300 and what kind of films could collect 200 crore, thats why he released dilwale with bajirao because he must have been aware of its quality that it could have not reached 300.

  • “SRK should be looking at the ‘300 crore mark’ for his films and competing with actors of his generation like Salman and Aamir.”

  • I cant believe these two films are gonna come out on the same day on weekend that has one holiday. Absolute joke and both are going to mess their true potential up!

  • @Tiger -The Real Donkey

    Lol , Someone was struggling to deliver 10 cr grossers before 2010…And you are comparing him with SRK who was consistent for past 20 years…And mind you when SRK delivered his first 200 cr grosser Salman was yet to touch that mark…The only reason for Salman sucess is Eid Solo release…Anyone can do that. Get a life loser

  • @Rangil singh? Ha ha ha. What did you just say? Only salman has megastardom which even aamir doesnt have? Abe ullu, 2 kodi ke auto driver, jis school me tera non actor lallu stardom ki training leta tha na, us school ka principal hai Aamir. Dont you even dare to blabber against Aamir’s stardom. Your lallu failed to give a single ATHG since 1994 madhuri starrer HAHK and aamir has delivered 4 ATHG and ATBB in just last 8 years. So think 100 times before barking. Wait for dangal. Your lallu will once again take lesson from aamir about how to break each and every records at box office. Because for aamir the target is only the man himself, and for lallu, the target is 2nd spot behind one man induatry megastar Aamir khan.

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