Dear Zindagi Monday Box Office Collection Report

Dear Zindagi was steady on its 4th day at the box office. The percentage of drop and level of business is very similar to Alia Bhatt’s last film ‘Udta Punjab’, which finished with lifetime business of 60 crore.

Monday collections of a few other films below:

  • FAN – 6.05 crore
  • Udta Punjab – 4.5 crore
  • Piku – 4.40 crore
  • Dear Zindagi – 4.25 crore
  • Neerja – 3.70 crore
  • Pink - 3.78 crore

Dear Zindagi will collect around 47 crore in its first week, if the film shows normal drops in the next 3 days. The second weekend business will decide if the film will recover costs for its domestic distributors.

DayCollectionsGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Friday)8.75-
Day 2 (Saturday)11.25+ 29%
Day 3 (Sunday)12.50+ 11%
Day 4 (Monday)4.25- 66%
Day 5 (Tuesday)4.00- 6%
Day 6 (Wednesday)3.25- 19%
Day 7 (Thursday)3.00- 8%
Week 1 Total47 crore
Day 8 (2nd Friday)2.25- 25%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)3.50+ 56%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)4.35+ 24%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)1.25- 71%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)1.17- 6%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)1.05- 10%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)0.92- 12%
Week 2 Total14.49 crore
Day 15 (3rd Friday)0.55- 40%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)1.10+ 100%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)1.30+ 18%
India Total Collections64.44 crore


  • If Dilwale is Varun Dhawan’s film , then Dear Zindagi is SRK’s films.
    Indicine is doing all this because it will hamper their position in Actor Rankings nd we all know Varun nd SRK are their favourites.

  • Its Already A Worldwide Hit And Will be WW Superhit Till The End Of Its Run In India It Will Be Either Hit Or Semi-Hit…So Srk Has Given Another Hit In His So Called Bad Phase..

  • This is actually a family film, very clean and homely, but people are unaware of this fact and I too realized after watching, if you go by the trailer it certainly looks a multiplex urban film… But it’s a full family entertainer and very thought provoking stuff… Everyone should watch it…

  • Honestly speaking
    its a good movie and the hype of raees is unprecidented here in NEPAL….SRK is the most loved actor in Nepal !

  • As per current trend which is very similar to Udta Punjab, this movie would also collect not more than 60 crores & if Kahani 2 comes out to be a good movie then Dear zindagi will have no chance to even become an average grosser.
    It will be Flop/below Average

  • When amir experiment result is mangal pandey dhobi ghat talash. When salman khan experiment result yuvraj marie gold veer God tussi great jail ho mrs khanna
    When srk experiment result chak de india swades dear zindagi my name is khan king. For a reason

  • I don’t know why whenever a movie starring srk is released then suddenly indicine becomes bothered about distributors.. This movie is already a success as per boi but still indicine is crying about distributors..

  • watched it…to be honest its not up to the mark.
    Disappointed by gauri shinde…at points it becomes unbearable.
    but one thing the movie excels in is acting department.
    Shahrukh n alia nailed it…huge applause for them.screenplay is wonderful.
    but the editing sucks…sometimes one scene stretches far more than required.
    music is below average…ali zafar’s track is a relief in between.
    kunal roy kapoor n and ali zafar were for a few scenes here n there…thats it.
    it will be a hit considering its budget and because of shahrukh khan’s star power but the movie is bad. two stars from my side…one for shahrukh one fore alia…none for film

  • I also estimate the collection of two movies
    Kaabil 102 cr superhit bcoz of small buget
    Raees 97 cr flop bcoz budget has increased due to delay and now it is 150 cr.
    And dont bark at me i show u that u seen in january.

  • rotdu indicine….movie is already a success – critically n commercially nd u r crying for distributors hahahahaha

  • @indicine. U have always confused us regarding hit or flop status of a film. Some times u take in to account the budget of the movie to declare hit or flop. Some times u take into account, how much is the film sold to distributors to give a verdict on a movie. Kindly clear the air.
    Where ever I have searched the budget of dear zindagi is not more than around 35 crores. And film has already crossed that in a weekend. And according to u earlier, if the costs of the film are recovered from theatrical revenue and it surpasses it, it’s a outright hit movie.
    Kindly explain

  • Why srk is the best actor ever so simple
    Music expert when they want to measure the voice of a singer they take the instruments and they hear the voice with no instrument. To judge the singer like wise if you want to know an actor is good or not take all the famous actors and put him alone with non famous actors and see the result in swades srk was put in this test and triumphanntly he acted the best performance ever in a very critial theme driven topic which is brain drain which gave him high. Ranking in imdb likewise we need to see salman and amir act alone without the instrument with non famous actors and see if they gonna act or no and let the formula talk

  • @wap 4. I too find that similarity Bro. When ever there s an SRK movie into consideration, indicine starts takin into account distribution share.

  • i remember one think SRK fans before going ga ga about 100 cr for DZ, but now youturn, like your own actor. . lol
    @Indicine post this its not order its request.

  • Indicine back stabbing SRK. His site truly works for SRK name. Not good bro first bad review and now this.
    Indicine can you work for Srk for his movies choice assitance then you will b happy he will select only your kind of success movies you think movies should be based on your choice.

  • If u start taking distributors share then movies apart from blockbusters and super hits, would be in red.
    For example if u take jai ho. The budget is 107 crores and obviously it would be sold to distributors with some profit. Say 120 crores. But life time of jai ho was around 110 crores. So it should be out right flop and not even average
    Shivaay. Budget of 120 crores. Sold for 135 crores. Life time of 95 crores. So it should be disaster and not flop.
    but for dilwale u took into account the distributors revenue. And if u could take the budget it should have been a hit.
    Budget of 120 crores. Makes 148 crores from Indian theatrical business.

  • If kahaani 2 is as gud as its part 1 den dear zindagi will wrap up below 60 CR’s.its result will be flop in India n avg worldwide .

  • Dear dadaji wil hav a disastrous 2nd weeknd….classic thriller kahaani sequel is coming…vidya aunty Rocks

  • Niche film never made 36 cr in 4 days and bhaitards crying over a movie released in 1200 screen wake up jabolani heads
    Anything like 75 cr or more is more than satisfactory the movie budget itself is 30 cr. so all the cost had been recoverd before release

  • Srk leading film floped again.

    Srk’s last five films
    Dear Zindagi .. 52 Cr max
    Fan .. 85 Cr
    Dilwale .. 147 Cr
    HNY .. 204 Cr
    CE .. 227 Cr

    Total .. ?710 Cr
    Average .. 142Cr max

    Srk career slow down continuously.

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