Dear Zindagi Monday Box Office Collection Report

Dear Zindagi was steady on its 4th day at the box office. The percentage of drop and level of business is very similar to Alia Bhatt’s last film ‘Udta Punjab’, which finished with lifetime business of 60 crore.

Monday collections of a few other films below:

  • FAN – 6.05 crore
  • Udta Punjab – 4.5 crore
  • Piku – 4.40 crore
  • Dear Zindagi – 4.25 crore
  • Neerja – 3.70 crore
  • Pink - 3.78 crore

Dear Zindagi will collect around 47 crore in its first week, if the film shows normal drops in the next 3 days. The second weekend business will decide if the film will recover costs for its domestic distributors.

DayCollectionsGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Friday)8.75-
Day 2 (Saturday)11.25+ 29%
Day 3 (Sunday)12.50+ 11%
Day 4 (Monday)4.25- 66%
Day 5 (Tuesday)4.00- 6%
Day 6 (Wednesday)3.25- 19%
Day 7 (Thursday)3.00- 8%
Week 1 Total47 crore
Day 8 (2nd Friday)2.25- 25%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)3.50+ 56%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)4.35+ 24%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)1.25- 71%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)1.17- 6%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)1.05- 10%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)0.92- 12%
Week 2 Total14.49 crore
Day 15 (3rd Friday)0.55- 40%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)1.10+ 100%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)1.30+ 18%
India Total Collections64.44 crore


  • @Anand

    Couldn’t agree more! If there was no yrf-dhama backing this yrf-dhama boy would have entered into Big Boss’ house as contestant and fighting with guys like Krk, Rakhi Sawant & Dolly Bindra there….hahaha

  • Indicine is the favorite of ROSHANS / KAPOORS / SINGS / SALMAN & AAMIR but always against SRK nothing new when people start talking from the back you should understand they are jealous and SRK is the only well known Indian actor across the Globe

  • let the audience make it steady. we dont want any manipulative figures. i’ve seen right away the no: of people in each mall, queue yesterday. it was just handful. its time to focus on better things. move on.

  • @Sayantan : you cannot call this a SRK movie. its a hit for Alia. He was hardly there. even Salman had lager role in KKHH den SRK in Dear Zindagi.
    If u r calling it a SRk film den to me this is big failure by his standard…SRK movies should target 36 crores in day 1 not in 4 days.

  • I saw this movie yesterday and I Must say I’m totally disappointed!!!

    there is no entertainment, it is missing completely.

  • srk’s stardom is like seeing a ghost. you can only here about it in stories but will never see it in real life.

  • Hrithikian from Nepal u r so annoying. I am nepali too but I don’t say so much crap. I too like hrithik but stop hating on other actors. Plus what has hrithik achieved in the last three years?

  • @TUBELIGHT – 400Cr 1st Ever;
    Bro in Salaam-E-Ishq he even had 20 min role but in Hello he had only 10 min role and that too Indicine add to his Filmography……..Everyone knows that Hello is Sohail Khan, Sharman Joshi, Gul Panag movie but they call it Salman movie in which he did only 10 min role……

    But Dear Dadaji is not Srk movie where he did 50 min role……Height of Hypocrisy INDICINE……This shows how much biased you are……

    PRDP crossed 400cr WW according to Producers and even Taran Adarsh tweet it but you show it below 400cr and still don’t bother to give the reason……LOL

  • It’s a flop movie, and those who are barking on 1200 screen, idiots don’t look at the screen count, look at the occupancy of movie, that’s important……

    Dear Dadaji:
    Screen: 1200
    Occupancy: 40%

    Screen: 4100
    Occupancy: 80%

    Just double even with high occupancy, if Dear Dadaji occupancy is in the level of Sultan then you can say it’s doing great….But 40% is below average…..

  • How these fools fans of bhaai doing this types of cheap things with dear zindagi common guys be a man you all also know doing extend appearance in a neach movie like dear zindagi is not a cup of tea for a big star . It’s needed soo much guts and i think we had already some of examples full fledged role of bhaai’s did earlier like yuvraj, mai aur mrs khana, marigold the epic and long lists

  • Means its flop….hahahahahaha
    And some srk fans were dancing after weekends collections….. it11 will not collect more than 50cr……surishot flop…

  • Last week on Friday, we saw the release of the much talked about and highly anticipated film Dear Zindagi. Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, the slice of life film directed by Gauri Shinde has managed to entice the viewers despite the ongoing demonetization that has affected the previous releases. In fact Dear Zindagi has shown an exponential growth in the business over the weekend, emerging stronger than ever.

    In this box office analysis, we take a look at the economics behind Dear Zindagi to understand what made the film profitable to its makers. Interestingly, despite featuring popular stars, Dear Zindagi was made on a rather controlled budget of Rs. 33 cr (Cost of Production Rs. 22 cr + Print & Publicity Rs. 11 cr) . Released across 1200 screens in the domestic market and 600 screens overseas, the makers of the film opted for a targeted release focusing mainly on their target audience residing in major metros. Keeping the screen count in sync with the genre of thefilm with a focussed approach has altogether paid off for the makers.

    Another factor that helped in keeping overall production cost of the film relatively low is the fact that Shah Rukh Khan opted to forgo his usual remuneration and instead opted for a 50% profit share, while the remaining was split between Karan Johar 25% and Gauri Shinde 25%.

    If that wasn’t all, the makers of the film took it a notch higher by selling the all India distribution rights to Narendra Hirawat of NH Studioz on minimum guarantee royalty of Rs. 32 crores. This figure comes across as a rather modest amount considering that Dear Zindagi features the presence of Shah Rukh Khan in an extended cameo. Simultaneously, the distributor’s share from overseas markets would accrue to Dharma Productions and Red Chillies.

    With the above factors in place, at close of the opening weekend, the profit stands at approximately Rs. 45 crores, which indicated a 137.43% Return on Investment. However, considering Dear Zindagi continues to run in theatres, we estimate the final profit to be approximately Rs. 60 crores which means Shah Rukh Khan, with a 50% profit share, will walk away with around Rs. 30 crores as his share of the profits.
    Economics Of Dear Zindagi

    Cost of Production – 22.00 Cr.

    Cost of Marketing (P&A) – 11.00 Cr.

    TOTAL COST – 33.00 Cr.

    India Theatrical Box Office (A) – 32.00 Cr. (Sold to Narendra Hirawat of NH Studioz on MG basis)

    Overseas Theatrical Box Office – 27.45 Cr. (At the close of opening weekend)

    Distributor’s share from overseas (B) – 12.35 Cr. (Approximately)

    Music, In film Placement, Digital and Ancillary right (C) – 12.00 Cr. (Approximately)

    Satellite Rights (D) – 22.00 Cr.

    TOTAL RECOVERIES (A+B+C+D) – 78.35 Cr.

    PROFIT – 45.35 Cr.

  • hi Sagar. I am also from Nepal. As far as I know the highest grossing film ever in Nepal is Sultan.The record itself shows who is people’s favourite here. indicine plz post this comment.

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