Salman to shoot dangerous action sequences in Poland

Salman Khan is in Poland to shoot the climax of his Eid release ‘Kick’. Since the action sequences are some of the bravest and most dangerous in recent times, Warsaw  (Poland capital) was selected for its tall buildings and many river bridges. The tallest building in Warsaw is the Palace of Culture, which was built as a gift by Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, in the early 1950s.

Sources close to the film’s unit say, Salman will be jumping from Gdanski bridge on the river Vistula. The source also added that the crew will soon be shooting for an extremely dangerous and fast-paced helicopter crash scene.

“We have been urging Bollywood producers and directors to use Poland for their outdoor shooting for the past three years. Now they have seen the virtue of using Poland’s natural beauty, which is no less than Switzerland,” said Monika Kapil Mohta, Indian ambassador to Poland.

“Poland is a business-friendly country and people are also appreciating Bollywood movies in a big number. Shahrukh Khan is a well known figure and now Salman may become the next famous star in Poland,” added Kapil Mohta.

The last film to be shot in Poland was Aamir Khan’s Fanaa, which released in theatres more than 8 years ago.

Salman Khan on the sets of Kick at Warsaw City

Salman Khan on the sets of Kick at Warsaw City

Salman Khan in Poland to shoot Kick climax

Salman Khan in Poland to shoot Kick climax



  • kick and p.k. will take top honours for the year 2014. there is no inch of doubt about it. and talking about kick i must say there is something huge in offer. it has become the biggest action thriller film coming out of bollywood. it has definitely taken me by surprise. the amount of work put in is evident. it has a very smart script which has been reworked and improvised by chetan bhagat. the script and screenplay is done by him. the film has thrilling robbery sequences, chase sequences and the best of action sequences coming out of bollywood done by international fame stunt choreographers. the film has a charming and beautiful leading lady as well. the film is high on entertainment therefore it has comedy and romance as the backdrop throughout the movie. the movie marks the return of himesh reshamiya as a full fledged music director so expect a chartbuster album. just the apt music for a festive season. the film is high on production value as well and since it is sajid nadiadwala’s directorial debut he is leaving no stone unturned. and offcourse it has salman khan returning on eid. the film has all the ingredients of a eid entertainer. kick is definitely by far the top contender along with p.k. for the year 2014. all time blockbusters already.

  • @nipun bournvitaholic time to leave this world but u will not leave this world so easily.Atleast u will watch ‘Krrish 10’ and u will do comedy again by saying that ‘Krrish 10’ is better than ‘Dhoom 10’ by going against box office

  • Salman would jump from a bridge to the river!!! lol. Glad that Salman learned a lesson from Jai Ho that not to make low budget film for easy blockbuster status. Btw, Kick has a good plot, hope Salman’s acting skill coupled with his intelligents doesnt turn a movie in to a crap.

  • Kick will be huge, its production value and action will be on higher side great. We are waiting for that. @loki you shouldn’t care about others IQ as you himself lost your Iq, my suggestion to you join the complan club and instead of drinking complan you should drink Loki ka juice (pumpkin juice), @damnn lol despite of shooting many films in India srk never become the most known and popular actor in India than why to care for Poland, don’t include complan club theory of 3.7 billion fans, @nipun your comments is also too valueless for us as what you think about kick and for Avtar collection record don’t ever dare to say for Salman films as owner of Complan fan county club our complan boy @sss already predicted 185 billion collection of upcoming HNY and till 23rd complan 5 times milk power force him to multiply 185 with 5 so result will be 925billion worldwide as the logic he applying with his club to declare 3.7 billion fans worldwide.

  • @sachin11. That’s the problem wid u .box office is everything for u. .u people think quality of a movie is always studied by BO. GROW UP BHOJPURI. !

  • Kick will break dhoom 3 records nd set new records which will remain unbroken…best of luck salman……

  • I am a fan of srk bt i must admit that salman is a biggest star than srk…i also sincerely request to all srk fans to accept this bitter truth as we r king fans so we have to be honest…

  • After seeing all dis now i’m feeling tense for my idol akki as his film it’s entertainment going to release on 8th august, if kick gets accepted by audiences den akkis film will go unnoticed.

  • @dammmnnnnnnn Yes if Srk makes a movie in Poland then it will send Poland back to the Soviet Era by bankrupting it….!

  • Lolzz! Again salman doing some bhojpuri shits on poland and named them action …. Lolz
    first try to break KANK’s 8 years old box office collection because jai ho missed it lol

  • Its just a news about shooting haters gone mad. wait morons until movie is wrapped up n a trailer comes out. Some srk fans knew srk cant do such or even have dangerous stunts as he keep getting injured even to stand inside a train or on a wood door !!!!!!! KICK !!!!!!!

  • #hrithik
    forgot srk
    even imran khan will not do such cheap bhojpuri action with chasma in hand and a buddha look :p

  • only for Chennai express u all srk fan r very exited but u all should remember that before Chennai express what was the position of srk? skr struggle to get a level like salman and amir. so u can’t claim salman after only one hit film like jai ho. its like sachin tendulkar’s 50 runs is bad performance because expectation from sachin was very high. in recent time same expectation from salman khan. think about this. if i m right indicine please react for my comment.

  • @IMAM : Who cares about your opinion when people love Salman. You know buddha srk cant do stylish action n keep getting injured !!!!!!

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