Salman to shoot dangerous action sequences in Poland

Salman Khan is in Poland to shoot the climax of his Eid release ‘Kick’. Since the action sequences are some of the bravest and most dangerous in recent times, Warsaw  (Poland capital) was selected for its tall buildings and many river bridges. The tallest building in Warsaw is the Palace of Culture, which was built as a gift by Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, in the early 1950s.

Sources close to the film’s unit say, Salman will be jumping from Gdanski bridge on the river Vistula. The source also added that the crew will soon be shooting for an extremely dangerous and fast-paced helicopter crash scene.

“We have been urging Bollywood producers and directors to use Poland for their outdoor shooting for the past three years. Now they have seen the virtue of using Poland’s natural beauty, which is no less than Switzerland,” said Monika Kapil Mohta, Indian ambassador to Poland.

“Poland is a business-friendly country and people are also appreciating Bollywood movies in a big number. Shahrukh Khan is a well known figure and now Salman may become the next famous star in Poland,” added Kapil Mohta.

The last film to be shot in Poland was Aamir Khan’s Fanaa, which released in theatres more than 8 years ago.

Salman Khan on the sets of Kick at Warsaw City

Salman Khan on the sets of Kick at Warsaw City

Salman Khan in Poland to shoot Kick climax

Salman Khan in Poland to shoot Kick climax



  • Now waiting for Bollywood’s biggest Action movie ever #KicK
    Shatterd all record nd make own new record.
    Minimum 300cr+
    Maximum 400cr+
    worldwide Gross 600cr+

    My prediction
    1st day 35cr+
    2nd day 35cr+
    3rd day 40cr+
    weekend 105cr+
    week 170cr+
    2nd week 50-60cr
    3rd week 20-30cr
    4th week 10-15cr
    5th week 5-10cr
    6th week 3-5cr
    Therefore total 280cr+ (not accepted by audience)
    If accepted by Audience then no one can stop to making 350cr+

  • Don’t know what they saw in kick that they wanted to remake this crap. .it was a mindless brainless senseless valueless meaningless logicless useless tasteless smartless movie . .

  • Its certainly dangerous for all people not only in Poland but worldwide. Salman’s film can dangerously lower ones IQ.

  • Hope he doesnt eat paan and spit here and there in Poland. Such habits are common in bhojpuri films. It will be shame for India if it happens.

  • Salmanias! Get ready 4 something big on Eid 2015. Box office king is coming back with a bang. All records will be shattered.

  • People u’re wrong. .only 400 crores? ? Please. .it will break avatar record.
    My prediction
    1st day 100 crores
    2nd day 150 crores
    3rd day 250 crores
    weeked 500 crores
    1st week 1000 crores
    2nd week 650 crores
    3rd week 350 crores
    rest 500 crores
    total 2500-3000 crores(at minimum) and 5000 crores at maximum. . Time to leave dis world. .huh

  • Looks like Salman khan is back in his fearless Dabangg avatar after playing serious character of Jai in Jai ho which was not much catchy.But his character in ‘Kick’ is looking very catchy and when his dialogues,dance,comedy and action will add in that character then that character will become more powerful like Chubul pandey or Tiger and will kick all lungi wearing people

  • polish people are not friendly really.i went Warsaw last year but didnt like it.btw i hope Sallu and mr Sajid make an entertainer movie better than joi ho

  • In poland too shahrukh khan is the most famous bollywood star.. Inspite of not shooting there.. Think what wil happen if he will make a film dere

  • It will be all in one and family entertainment bonaza during Eid! I mean WOW!! Comedy, Sleek Action, Stunts, Romance……Can’t wait…..Salman should do more films with sleek actions and stunts….Last film with sleek action was ETT. Everyone saw the result it didn’t have an attractive story…

  • no film can even cross 150cr if its not accepted by audiences and even if its accepted by audiences its not easy to reach a number like 200cr..250cr..300cr… no matter who is in the film!!

  • In Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Prem as an actor delivers hits like wanted, dabangg, ek tha tiger
    while ratan delivers non hits like marigold, veer, lucky no time for love or lucky no time for hits and both are big bhojlugu stars.

  • Daniel Day-Lewis saw Salman’s superb acting acting in dabangg 2 and had no choice but to give our bhaijaan his award.

  • Kick will do good business but i doubt if it will cross ETT due to Singham 2 and Its Entertainment, hope Salman gives me a kick this Eid.

  • Salman is currently the undisputable #1 juggernaut at the boxoffice but in the coming time Akshay will give him a tough competition with all time blockbusters like Holiday and Gabbar.
    And we should remember during 2005-2010 Akki was the biggest boxoffice star bollywood had ever seen.
    4 Hits in a single year is impossible for any other star, even Salman.
    Noone can beat Akki’s 2000 crores all movies gross record.
    Beware all fake stars, Akshay is coming back to take the #1 position. He is the King, Khiladi and Ace of Bollywood.

  • this is indeed funny…..ROFL…… one knows criminal Salman outside India….Salman could not even beat the record of “KABHI ALVIDAA NA KEHNA” in overseas which released 10 years before……by luck he got 2 -3 hits by doing same masala action crap but after the debacle of flop “JAI HO” ,I thought he will learn a lesson……but he is still continuing the same copy paste from telugu…..”KICK” also gonnma be a flop just like Jai Ho……I am wonderng where those people who predicted 200cr for Jai Ho is hiding…..It’s funny to see some people illiterate fans of lallu bhai is predicting same for this copy paste telugu movie also…..LOLZ

  • the film is getting bigger n better by the day.. one thing you never do in life is to underestimate salman khan.. remember salman is salman.. he has this uncanny ability to rise from the ashes n bury his haters n critics.. kick has a very large scale mounting, entertainment value, production grandeur n last but not the least it has salman khan.. kick is gonna rock big time.. u can just sense it.. i will not be surprised if it breaks all bollywood records.. atbb all the way

  • After the most stylish action movie Ek Tha Tiger salman sir back with another stylish action movie Kick.
    Best of luck Sallu.
    We are waiting

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