Salman talks about working with Aamir and SRK

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan had said that the 3 Khans could possibly feature in the remake of Ghostbuster (1984 – Hollywood film).

In response, Salman joked†that†the film could star Aamir Khan, SRK and Saif Ali Khan or maybe even Kader Khan, but it would be difficult to bring all three Khans together in a film – during the peak of their career.

“Aamir, SRK and Saif can do it. Or perhaps some other Khan can also be taken, maybe Kader (Khan) bhai or Razak Khan” Salman said.

“On a serious note, itís quite a difficult proposition. Who will produce it and who will finance it? More importantly, who will write the script? How will the roles be justified? Any two among the three of us might be able to do it, but that too not at the moment. I think the three of us might do a film together at a stage when none of us has any work. Maybe, will make a film like Shaukeen (1962) or China Town (1996). Buddhey log saath mein but main nahin (old people together, but not me)” he said.



  • Thanks @Rew1. You have really ended it. Both Aamir and Salman are equal and even though not the same because the way they work and choose scripts.
    We have no qualms in accepting the truth. Thanks again. Be always positive like this.

  • “during the peak of their career”
    i dont agree with this above line of yours indicine. cuz srk has always been in his peak since his debut (as in top 3 spots) only salmir are on their peak from 2008 & currently.

  • @Arjun aamir doesn’t need to work with srk or Salman. His own presence is enough to shatter all records and make his films ATBB and ATHG. But srk and Salman surely need to work together to compete with one man army megastar aamir khan.

  • Salman is right because the 3 khans can’t be in the same movie
    The budget of the film will be too high(200cr+)
    And the film might won’t work well on Box Office
    Its a huge risk for any filmmaker

  • I think it is only the matter of script which justice the role of each three khans equally.Since all three khans are on their peak,they can’t compromise the role.So films like of AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY can justice the script of the film but I personally think its MISSION IMPOSSIBLE to gather all three khans bcoz their projects are already booked for 2018-19 likes of RAEES,FAN,DANGAL,SULTAN,NO ENTRY ME ENTRY,PK RETURNS,ATHARVA,DABANGG-3,BEFIKRE etc…. but can’t sure 100%.

  • @Shehenshah khan I agree with your feelings and emotions. I am not targeting you but I agree that Indicine is anti Aamir site and many people try to do so due to jealousy. When someone is no. 1 then of course media would be jealous. But that doesn’t affect aamir’s credibility and stardom. My only point is you should support aamir without talking bad against Salman. Because aamir and Salman are both on top and also good friends. And we don’t want to ruin our relationship turn dirty. So its my humble request to be calm and dont fight with Salman fans. If they initiate then you can surely reply but without reason dont start. I am just asking you that dont take this fake website indicine personally because we all know that aamir is on top. So we should just feel proud and stay happy.

    @Anand thanks. I agree with you. sometimes some misunderstandings happen. So forget it and lets move on.

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