Salman talks about working with Aamir and SRK

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan had said that the 3 Khans could possibly feature in the remake of Ghostbuster (1984 – Hollywood film).

In response, Salman jokedthatthe film could star Aamir Khan, SRK and Saif Ali Khan or maybe even Kader Khan, but it would be difficult to bring all three Khans together in a film – during the peak of their career.

“Aamir, SRK and Saif can do it. Or perhaps some other Khan can also be taken, maybe Kader (Khan) bhai or Razak Khan” Salman said.

“On a serious note, its quite a difficult proposition. Who will produce it and who will finance it? More importantly, who will write the script? How will the roles be justified? Any two among the three of us might be able to do it, but that too not at the moment. I think the three of us might do a film together at a stage when none of us has any work. Maybe, will make a film like Shaukeen (1962) or China Town (1996). Buddhey log saath mein but main nahin (old people together, but not me)” he said.



  • he is on cloud 9 after a successful and n verdict of his court case.
    but not to forgot that karma is a bitch and everyone is gnna pay for whatever they did.

  • he is on cloud 9 after a successful year and n verdict of his court case.
    but not to forgot that karma is a bitch and everyone is gnna pay for whatever they did.

  • I think it is very to produce script for all three khans and all of them should get equal screen space in the movie two khans can be possible, all three cannot be at the momment.

  • what he thinks about himself ?? 4-5 years of superstardom and he is thinking himself as megastar of bollywood… he shud be ashamed of himself for bringing in this 100 cr race in bwood..bcoz of this quality is going down and stars like amir hrithik and srk are bound to do commercial craps like D3 bang bang hny dilwale etc… but salman wont stop until he remakes all south indian movies…come on yaar how can u remake south indian crap movie being a superstar…if it is a drishyam or thuppaki thn its ok…but he is remaking kick bodyguard and ready…shame on him..

  • I dont think its possible to cast even 2 khans in the same film because all three are at their peak and their worth is more than 50 Cr so its next to impossible to cast them together in a film, though its a dream come for audience and trades. When they worked together in 1990s they were not established superstars so it was not that big deal. But now all three are on top so its next to impossible to cast them in the same film.

  • If 3 Khans feature in one film, then I wonder what the box office collections would be. Probably a 1000 Crore club would open at the Indian Box Office. Add 1000 more to the Overseas collection. Worldwide 2000+ crores.?

  • It will be an epic moment for bollywood if 3 khans work together but at this moment it’s impossible because director have to choose such script it’s quite difficult but I think crores of Indian are waiting for this Maha Milan, anyway bhai eagerly waiting for Sultan another 300 cr on the way

  • Even if Salman & SRK come together, its more than enough, release date, genre etc won’t matter then .. People will just flock to the theatres, it would be hysteria, literally.

  • if it happens then it will be the biggest starcast on earth & will be the 1st 1500 crore movie only in dromestic…. not talking about overseas…
    par make aa fiilm with 3 khans mushkil hi nehi. na mumkin hai.

  • AKF bhaiya dilwale dekhe ka

    SKF -na re bhaiya hum to BM dekhunga

    AKF- kyu bhaiya

    SKF- Sala bajrangi ka record tod deti aisa to tailorva haipk ka bhi tod sakti ho

    AKF-dangal to der hai chalo amir ne a66a kiya sahi vakht par Commentva deke

    SKF-BM hi dekhenge Dilwale ko harane ka hai

    AKF-sahi hai bhai 20 sal tak aage tha ab kuch saal tumhare kuch mere…

    SKF-bhai BB ka record todne tak nahi jaogena Dilwale dekhne ???

    AKF-Na bhayo !!! only BM
    SKF-waise bhi saala do film dekh sakte hai ek saal me clash ki waja se teesra dekhna padega

    AKF- hum ko bhi ek movie dekhni padegi waise bhi amir ki movie nahi aayee hai aur clash me dilwale ko harana hai RANVEER ko jitane ka hai
    SKF-tum bhai ki movie bhi nahi dekhte ??? Kaminey ho
    AKF- PK aaye ho ka…


  • peoples are thinking too much collections for dream movie. most atbb in bollywood are solo movies so if someone make atbb kind of movie with them then collection should be in range of 350-500 crore because screens and audience will be remain same for movie plus three khans have many common fans.

  • Javed
    December 17, 2015 at 10:15 pm
    Dilwale has all ingredients to become one of the biggest hit of srk career !!!!!
    Dilwale has the potential to cross 250 crore ( positive wom )
    I pray that dilwale makes srk and his die-hard fans 100 times happy !!!!!

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    SRK makes his fans 100 times!

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