Salman talks about working with Aamir and SRK

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan had said that the 3 Khans could possibly feature in the remake of Ghostbuster (1984 – Hollywood film).

In response, Salman joked†that†the film could star Aamir Khan, SRK and Saif Ali Khan or maybe even Kader Khan, but it would be difficult to bring all three Khans together in a film – during the peak of their career.

“Aamir, SRK and Saif can do it. Or perhaps some other Khan can also be taken, maybe Kader (Khan) bhai or Razak Khan” Salman said.

“On a serious note, itís quite a difficult proposition. Who will produce it and who will finance it? More importantly, who will write the script? How will the roles be justified? Any two among the three of us might be able to do it, but that too not at the moment. I think the three of us might do a film together at a stage when none of us has any work. Maybe, will make a film like Shaukeen (1962) or China Town (1996). Buddhey log saath mein but main nahin (old people together, but not me)” he said.



  • I think it is very difficult to produce script for all three khans and all of them should get equal screen space in the movie two khans can be possible, all three cannot be at the moment.

  • If
    Salman-aamir in a film, liftime-400



    LT-below 150 like dulwaale

  • forget about all 3K’s together…even if they made Karan Arjun 2 or Andaaz Apna Apna 2 then it will be milestone for India cinema and not less than festival season for audience !!!!!!

  • Ha ha ha… Rofl!
    You have a very good sense of humor.
    On a serious note, like he said, they three can try to do a film at the stages of their lives when their solo films don’t work anymore.
    So, they can give a hit by featuring together.

  • @aryan 4or 5 years stardom? he is ruling the industry since 1989 he has given two highest grosser of the decade in 80s 90s most by any actor in bollywood so do research.

  • However, Salman bhai is not insecure actor. He has appeared with almost all Hindi actors of his generation. He is a confident actor.
    He has worked with SRK, Aamir, Akki, Ajay, Sunny, Ajay, Saif, Anil Kappor, and senior actors like Amitji Dharamji Mithunda Chintuji Vinodji and all.
    He has not only worked with Hrithik who is not of his generation.

  • very good joke by our beloved bhaijan,……what he think of himself??????? so much ego ……he is suckkkk big time ……even he cant make his movies blockbuster with almost 5000 screen no protes, no boycott, no negativity, no clash…..and all the favour following him but still cant cross 200cr what is this? this called stardom??????? my foot…..?????

  • lol… he serious??? Salman and Shahrukh maybe together. Maybe!!!!! But no Aamir Khan with them because nobody can afford making a movie with all 3 Khan’s together!!!! And seems that Sallu and SRK are really big friends right now !?!?!?!?

  • Top10 movies at the End of 2015:-
    1.PK(335C) Aamir
    2.BB(316C) Salman
    3.D3(271C) Aamir
    4.Kick(213C) Salman
    5.CE(208C) Deepika
    6.3Idiots(202C) Aamir
    7.PRDP(197C) Salman
    8.K3(191C) Hrithik
    9.ETT(186C) Salman
    10.BM(180C) Deepika Expected LT or
    YJHD(178C) Deepika

    Total Count – Salman 4 Aamir 3 Deepika 2 Hrithik 1

  • Well they can make the following movies together on the line of The Avengers:

    1) Pk Bajrangi Khan

    Starring Aamir as PK, Salman as Bajrangi Bhaijaan and sarook as rizwan khan

    2) Dhoom Macha Kar Kick Maar Don ko

    Starring Aamir as Sahir, Salman as Devil and sarook as don

    3) Partner 2

    Salman teaching Sanjay Singhania and Suri to woo new girls


    4) Dil Chahta Hai 2

  • @ vek- what do you mean is their course of acting in watching movies? show your certificates otherwise enjoy your z grade stars movies.

  • Yashraj Banners
    Directed By Rajkumar Hirani

    Staring Sharukh Khan with Anushka

    Salman Khan with Priyanka

    Aamir Khan with Dipeeka

    Release Date- 25_Dec 2017…..

  • Salman-Srk patch up is best thing happened in 2015.

    But frankly Srk’s friendship is not good for Salman’s professional career.

    Because Salman do it from heart but Srk does it from brain & he uses it only for personal agendas.

    So i think Salman should be friend with Srk but incase of professional life he should stay away from Srk.

    Sultan-Raees clash is the biggest test of this new formed friendship.

    Salman is in driving sit & Srk will now try all his Shatir plans to melt down heart of Salman for shift Sultan.

    yrf knows the market well & they will stay on their plans unless Salman make any mistake by mixing Personal & Professional & takes a silly decision making big heart for his friend.

    so Salman should stay away from such things & make clear in mind that Friendship at a place & profession at a place.

  • For the 1st time this senseless man has spoke sense.
    srk and somehow aamir rule the overseas market while salman is a domestic star hence the film could be a huge success

  • Yes, it’s almost impossible to cast all three Khans in the same movie.
    First, how will they manage the script? That’s the biggest challenge for producer and script writer as they can’t cut short the roles of any of these 3.
    Second, who will be financing a movie with such a big scale. And here comes the most interesting part.
    I saw many comments (perhaps made with more of excitement than anything else) that it will collect 1000 CR.
    I mean how? What’ll be the footfall? Definitely, fans of these three will go gaga to watch them together on big screen but as it happens with every big movie, the entire havoc will get over in a weekend or say a week. Post that, collections will entirely depend upon content and I think no script writer in this world has the potential to give a cult classic balancing the role of these three superstars.
    So even producers will think twice before investing in this movie as they will have every chances to lose their money.
    The Max they can do is, one should act as lead and other two can give an extended guest appearance. But all three Khans in a movie as a lead , is like fairy tales.

    @Lunatic : By putting SRK below Kadar Khan, you proved that you are the biggest retard on this site. Get a treatment soon before it’s too late.

  • aamir-salman = andaz apna apna, flop in theaters but a cult classic comedy film of bollywood
    srk-salman = karan arjun, kkhh, & HTHS. 2 blockbusters 1 semihit
    aamir and srk never being together on screen, not even for deewangi deewangi lol

  • y the hell shehanshah khan will chose to work with srk-salman….? shehanshah khan has his own league n these srk-salman always doing masala craps…if they both will act..they will ask for same shitty script..?? and such scripts honesty don’t suit shehanshah khan….so better he will stay out of it…?

  • @ultron – frm where this ranking is cuming…?? even a 8 years old kid knows amir is no 1 in india and foreign…u guys won’t change? u won’t give amir his due respect? ? tell me clearly….this is heights….?? salman fans..see the act of ur partner..n if i say something against it then come call me chameleon …but i ll be fighting until u give shehanshah his position…?

  • Well bhaijaan said so true.he fears to work with KING KHAN,if will happened he’ll be overshadowed badly and his career will over in overnight.well decision.

    But KING KHAN said HE CAN work.because HE knew overrated perfaketionist and NON ACTOR Bhaijaan can be easily overshadowed by HIM.


    salman is eligible only to work with tushar,Harman.even though Zayed overshadowed him in yuvvraj and akki overshadowed him in mujhe shaadi karogi.his fear is justified ,what a coward non actor.

    but now a days Buddha Bhaijaan is showing too much arrogance after getting one big success that too with Harshali Malhotra.

    Still everyone knew he is a record less star.neither HE can BE THE BIGGEST CROWD PULLER IN DOMESTIC+OVERSEAS KIKE KING KHAN,nor cannhis movie can cross perfaketionist’s lifetime collection.

    Bhaijaan is the biggest loser of the world.

    Last but not least salman is the 2nd most flop giving star after akki followed by ajay(the most disaster giving star).

    @jay,but no one can give as much as flop like our Bhaijaan.yeah he gave BIGGEST grosser of those decades as those movies are family oriented BHAI as supporting character which attracted 90’s family generation era you dumb.

    salman +amir—-will be another aaa

    So let these decade struggling disaster stars them together to made it’s part-2.


  • @Shehanshah Khan, my dear, then, you rank Aamir at No.1. You have your own right. Who is stopping you dude from doing so? We won’t fight with you for doing so.

    Obviously, being a Salman fan, Ultron will rank Salman first. So will I. It doesn’t mean we don’t give his due credits.

    You can’t force others to rank Aamir at No.1. Why are you being so assertive and forcing? Can’t really understand.

  • @Shehanshah Khan, my dear, then, you rank Aamir at No.1. You have your own right. Who is stopping you dude from doing so? We wonít fight with you for doing so.

    Obviously, being a Salman fan, Ultron will rank Salman first. So will I. It doesnít mean we donít give Aamir his due credits.

    You canít force others to rank Aamir at No.1. Why are you being so assertive and forcing? Canít really understand.

  • @Anand_The Original you missed Govinda and Sanjay dutt. Salman worked with govinda in partner and deewana lasts a and with Sanjay in saajan, CMB, dus, etc.

  • @Shehenshah khan one request to you, if you are true aamir fan then stop these comparison between aamir and Salman. They both are biggest stars. And stop fighting with Salman fans.

    @Anand dont take every comment personally. Most aamir fans respect Salman. We dont want fight but piece. Sirf ek do ne kuch keh diya to kya farak padta?

  • @rew1 – bro..first day first show…almost all shehanshah movies i watched after 2006…so i don’t need to give proof to anybody if i m true Amir fan or not….if i would not have been a true fan…i would not have been argued with so many ppl…but i m not understanding y aamir fans are behaving like this with me….and when did i fight with salman fans buddy? in fact i don’t have issues with salman srk or anybody else….my only pain is…everywhere you see…from media to websites..they silently ignore aamir…at indicine u see…they publish thousand of articles on srk salman…but did they ever bother about aamir….but still he creates records..y? because of his mega stardom and fan following…and on top of that..if someone comes and tell that aamir doesn’t have syardom how does it feel? i m just fighting for that spot of aamir…we have supported salman and his fans always against srk and even a kid knows that salman is far ahead of srk in terms of stardom…but these salman fans why chant always salman no 1…y they don’t talk about aamir…we both comprise that means only we should support them? y don’t they gracefully accept that aamir is no 1, salman no 2 and srk no 3….after all imthis ranking happens based on movie colection and previous aamir movies record u can check in india n foriegn..even i tell that salman aamir r two biggest megastars…but then aamir is no 1…and bro..u scold me or yell at me…i will continue struggling for aamir’s top spot until these ppl accept him as no 1…have a great day..

    @anand – if u respect aamir…u will put him on no 1…n i m nit forcing u…but records r forcing…

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