Salman, SRK and Aamir to reunite for Modi Government’s 2 year celebrations

There has been a lot of talk around ‘intolerance’ in the last few months, but the three major Khans of Bollywood – Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan – will come together to celebrate two years of the Modi government.

An event called ‘Zara Muskura Do’ is being organised at India Gate in New Delhi and an invitation has been sent to Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir. Other celebrities like Ajay Devgn, Hrithik Roshan, A.R. Rahman, Rajkumar Hirani have also been invited.

Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan will open the ceremony, the celebrity ambassadors of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Rural Electrification’ and ‘Digital India’ are expected to attend the event.

At the event, a series of short films on the government’s achievements in the past two years will be screened. Around 60,000 people are expected to attend the event.

The three Khans were last seen together during the 21st year celebrations of Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat.



  • @Kali@tiger i have read that idiots but plenty of ppl invites superstars but they don’t go to everywhere but here they will definitely go to show themselves India lovers.|

    & Don’t Bring Shit cmnts related to Akshay, everytime,I just said what truth is as a neutral user!

    Don’t know why he is not invited as PM Modi was supporting Akshay kumar in a video for increasing sports in India ,also they have met together in past .
    Maybe The invitation list was handed over to someone else by PM.

  • That’s good news yaar….now where is some yogi, vijayvargiya, shadhvi, shaksi, swami???????
    Who want to send khans to Pakistan.

  • Srk is being trolled immensely not bcoz of debacle of fan but bcoz of his idiotic n moronic fan @fasal lungi..fasal behave properly ..

  • The only reason @fasal changed the course of his comments is because some idiots like @ultron started barking against SRK. He started the comments section on a positive note without bashing Bhai, Aamir or Hro.
    @fasal Chill bro Chill !

  • There have been so many occasions where I have stood up for this @sunny akkiholic when Akshay was trolled for his box office performances prior to Airlift. But he has shown his true colors since the release of FAN, & has forced me to bash Akki whom I have always respected.
    Ab bass ‘House Empty 3’ aur ‘Chustam’ aane do, phir mazaa dekhna :)

  • No doubt these three khans r legends. Srk , salman and amir r pillars of bollywood. I will be waiting for this.

  • @thug you fool Akshay sir has himself clarified about his Canadian thing …….!!!! So it’s better for dumb whores like u to shut their ass up…!!!
    I know why are barking so much just because you saw that krk video in which he said Akshay Kumar has a Canadian citizenship … Lol a person who himself resides in Dubai is talking about somebody’s else … Lol..!!!
    Do you know this thing that alia bhatt and deepika padukone also have citizenship of Denmark and Britain…!!! Did you know..??
    Also imran khan holds a US citizenship..!!!

    Every actor weather it is akki , khans or even your bournvita boy owns property in other countries …!!!! So aren’t they patriotic towards their nation …???

  • WOW. Our real Champion King who is ruling BBC and CNN’s satyavaadi opinions of beibg reffered as biggest megastar kf bollywood, ruler of twitter, emperor of online polls, overseas, winner of all the NRi’s hearts, shehenshah of acting will be seen with 2 giant Box Office Rulers of Indian Cinema. Cant get more excited than that.

  • After the debacle of duniya ke sabse chote star ka sabse bada fan, this fatso male bimbo Ullu Kelawala is burning and showing a lots of frustrations. I am loving it. After all who can fail to cross 100 cr with 3600 screens on non holiday in 2016, then there is no other fanless star than him.

    King of Box office and bollywood- aamir khan

    King of masala movies and remakes- salman khan

    King of fanless actors, 80 c club and diwali star- shahrukh khan

    King of 60 cr club- akshay kumar

    King of looks and dance – hrithik roshan

  • @Kela bechne waali aurat, it seems after disastrous performance of duniya ka sabse bada fanless star, your mind is not working properly. Get a psychiatrist and get proper treatment. Dont worry about dangal, because dangal’s 3 days collectioms will be more than 20 c of bakri’s recent debacle’s life time collections. LOL, biggest U turn fanless star ka sabse bada disaster Fan – 81 cr life time. Ha ha ha. ROFL.

  • So many times I have tried to Respect salman, Aamir , Hrithik , Akki etc…… but their fans always keep barking against SRK in every article.. And also I am a opend mind person… I have
    to say everything about what I feel.

    When they learn to respect to SRK.. then I will not bash Any actors.. Because I love SRK more than my life..

    #Fasal kerala

  • Guys stop heckling SRK for a comment which is been blown out of proportion what else do you guys want him to do to prove he is a true patriot kill himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @tiger -the real king
    when did i say ‘wo jabardasti ja rhe hai’ ,i am saying that they have to accept the invitation
    they don’t always go to every invitation as i never heard in a recent past
    btw i’m not pointing out salman khan
    so don’t just read the comment ,understand it u moron

  • @Indicine
    Thankuu so much for ur editing…
    one and only website @Indicine theye are doing more friendly with users…Appreciating ur hard work…
    @Admin keep Rocking dude….

    #Fasal kerala

  • @Abhay malhotra
    SRK 2010 Non holiday off beat movie MNIK collected
    72 cr…
    Aamir 2010 Non holiday off beat movie Dhobi ghat
    14 cr…

    Dhobi ghat × 5 = MNIK
    Aamir × 5 = SRK

    #Fasal kerala

  • I like the double standards in your reaction @tiger.

    When Aamir/Srk get bashed:
    – Government is intolerant/anti-muslim …

    When Aamir/Srk invited for a coveted event:
    – Why is anti-Muslim government even inviting people they hate?

    Basically, whatever be the Governments reaction you are firmly rigid on the stance that the Government hates Muslims. & you have the same, radical brigade (4-5) Radical Hindu fundamentalists to cite while making your claim.

  • @Faiz, Aamir’s TZP was a christmas release, but his other non holiday releases like Rang De Basanti and Fanaa were super hits. So yes, its a slap on those people who say khans are not giving big hits on non holiday. And though i hate salman and srk, but they have given my name is khan, ready, chak de india which were non holiday released but still they were hits. So those who bark that akshay is king of holiday should get a slap on their face.

  • @Kelawala, if you count dhobi ghat as aamir’film though it was a prateek babbar lead and aamir was not a lead, then why ignore sharukh’s epic Dulha Mil Gaya which took even lower opening than uday chopra’s pyaar impossible? LOL.

    So better comparison would be
    Dhobi ghat- 14 cr
    Dulha Mil Gaya- 4 cr

    And if you still want to compare dhobi ghat to my name is khan, then take a look at this. How about this?

    Aamir’s non holiday off beat Talaash- 93 cr
    Srk’s non holiday off beat dulha mil gaya- r cr.
    So, dulha mil gaya X 23 = Talaash. Have fun kiddo!!!!

  • Is there any agenda in PM Modi inviting these people? in 2014 in Aap ki adalat the dignitaries presence were same Aamir Srk Salman Ajay Shatrughan Sinha. Still same aam sal srk aj new entry superstar Hrithik. Anything we don’t know?

  • @sunny jokerholic:
    You andhi ki dukan, When did I say anything against Akki (in this article)??? Ilzam laga hi raha hai toh Abb bolta hoon…..yes nobody cares about that 60cr sry 80cr club’s superstar. That’s why even Hrithik is invited but not flopshay.

    What!! You didn’t point out Bhai!!! Tumhara ye andaz mujhe pasand aaya. Chalo maaf kiya tumko..!!

  • Indicine admin. This sunny who has been bashing Srk ajay Salman hrithik Aamir is ridiculing this site. Check comment 8.53 Akshay bodyguard slaps fan and see two identical comment with different user name. @Yogi and @Sunn Akkiholic. Warn him against next time. You guys are the best movie site I love keep rocking

  • It’s just reminding me of Silver jubilee functions of films… But can’t understand why govt has to do this circus…

    With this functions and gathering celebrities doesn’t prove the success of the govt… Let the public judge them…

  • Indicine please anytime you have time.. Post an article on top 5 highest distributor shares each of Aamir Salman Shah Rukh Ajay Hrithik. Then you can add those of Saif Akshay and Ranbir. Thanks n hv a splendid wishes for Bhaagi!!!

  • Im glad Aamir n Salmar were invited but why is King invited when he thinks India is intolerant towards him under Modis regime/ reign…?

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