Kabir Khan heckled at Pakistani airport, amidst anti-India chants: Video

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ director Kabir Khan, who was in Karachi to attend a conference, was heckled and mobbed by angry protesters at the Karachi airport on Wednesday.

A large group of protesters shouted angry slogans when he arrived at Karachi airport to board a flight for Lahore. While many chanted anti-India and pro-Pakistan slogans, few protesters turned on Kabir and questioned him why he never made a film depicting the role played by the Indian intelligence agency RAW in Pakistan.

Words like “Pakistan ke khilaf filmein banate ho, sharam aani chahiye tumhe” (You make Anti-Pakistani films, you should be ashamed of yourself) “ghuss ke marenge” (we will come to your country and attack / hit you) “saare musalman marr diye wahan hindustan mein” (all muslims are getting killed in India)

In the video, we see the director stepping out from the car and heading for the gate when the protesters surround him. One person is seen holding his shoes and chasing him down.

“You people send Jhadav and kill hundreds here. Why don’t you make a movie about it?” a protester asked Kabir.

Check out the video.




  • Lol! How many Pakistani film makers (if they exist) are making films in Pakistan on Pakistan’s terrorism in India? What makes them think a filmmaker will make a film against his own country? Joke indeed lol.

  • The sad part about India is.. most of our enemies are within. If we unite, we can take on anyone.

    People like Kabir Khan should be praised for making films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan.. instead he gets threatened in Pakistan. Shame.

    Who were the muslims that were killed in India? How many Hindus have survived in Pakistan?

  • @Neeraj, apne sahi kaha. Who were the muslims that were killed in India? How many
    Hindus have survived in Pakistan?

  • This is a big lesson for those morons (as well as their ideology) who think Indian Muslims are more Pakistani and less Indians…!!!

  • And none of the security guards tried to stop those protesters who threatened him on his face…that too at an international airport where you expect security to be hyper active!

    And these Pakis were crying for security during the T20 WC even after the govt assured them.

  • I am a Pakistani, and I am ashamed at what happened, also please correct your article as there was not a large group of people, they were 6-7 idiots only. In the same video you would see how Kabir was walking freely at the airport and in general he got great respect and appreciation in Karachi, he will confirm it himself.

  • Saaee musalman maar diye Hindustan main…!!!! Seriously.????
    During partition there were 15-16% of Hindu population in Pak … Same goes with
    Sikhs , Christians and other non Muslims…!!!
    Now it is less than 1% and here in India you have Muslim population growing from 10% to 16% ….

  • He made BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, a film which was most loved film in India as well as Pakistan and this type of behavior is not at all justifiable!!!! SHAME

  • I think india should get rid of Kashmir and Aruna chal pardesh and build economic regional group with China Pakistan and central Asian republics. Poority is our biggest problem . let us stop sending terrorist / agents in each other teroritory. The goraz are selling arms and making us fight like dogs.

  • This doesn’t happen in India, we treat Pak artists with respect. But Shahrukh only thinks India is intolerant and won’t speak a word against Pakistan.

  • “saare musalman marr diye wahan hindustan mein” ..Hahahaha.
    Pakistanis should increase their knowledge…a simple question.. Agar saare musalman maar diye phir Kabir khan kaise zinda Bach gaye (against whom they were protesting)???

  • I don’t understand why are people crying over this? These people were simply protesting which is their right #FreedomOfExpression. They didn’t even touch him even though there is no security no nothing. It was a peaceful protest..


  • Im An indian living in italy and here pakistani and indians are very friendly infact i usually play cricket with them and eat kebabs with them. ..
    I wish there was this fraternity even there in India And pakistan :(

  • Is this cricketer injamam ul-haq in this video ? BTW all Muslims love every Muslim no matter what his country is .
    That was just due to the film phantom.

  • Very unfortunate.

    All such extremist reactions (be it Pakistan, India or elsewhere) shall be condemned.

    My observation is that these extremist elements remain in minority and the majority of population anywhere wants peace and care and regard each other be it Pak or India. It is just that the bad things are highlighted more by the media usually.

  • @deadpool:
    Little correction… During partition India had around 12% Muslims and now 14.5%.

  • This video is nothing but a disgrace . The way Kabir Khan handled the situation really hats off to him . Any other person must have replied them back with abuses or must have even slapped them . This video proves why people all over the world don’t want to visit Pakistan as they know it will be a bad experience . In 2009 Sri Lankan team got attacked outside the stadium and since all the international matches in Pakistan have been banned . If you look at the performance of Pakistan you feel it is a absolutely weak team that has no chance if winning against India . They are bound to insult and criticize Kabir as Phantom was anti-pakistani but he showed the reality and we need more such filmmakers who are fearless enough to explore such genres . These people damage the identity of Pakistan all over the world .

  • Real face of pakis they didn’t like the mirror shown by kabir khan ! Pak se jada muslim india me hai shayad bhul gye pak ne hinduo ka kya haal kiya

    jaahil Qaum

  • Indicine seriously,, a large group of protesters??? And its not happening for first time.. incidents like these happens all the time around the borders but that does not mean every paki hate kabir or every indian hate ghullam ali..

  • pakistani goverenment is busy in bying arms and poor people still struggling for food there. i mean how much safty you want from other countries? make true friendly relationship with other countries then you don’t need worry about safety and you can use that money in poors welfare. its my suggetion to all countries.

  • What was the need2 go Pakistan and get threatened by shoes,chappals all…that moron paki is telling all Muslims killed then whoz kabir khan…srk..salman khan..amir khan about whom all indians r crazy…v indians alwayz gave high respect for APJ sir. Because v indians think v r one..may b hindu..muslim…Christian etc

  • “Saare Musalmaan maar diye” …?
    Really ???
    It’s a proven fact that India is the safest country for muslims , still these morons are taking a dig on us ??
    Hypocrites, first look at your own country, where you discriminate within muslims (let alone Hindus) based on Shiya and Sunni.
    Many lives (specially women and kids ) were lost in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. What was the religion of those people who died in those attacks?
    Weren’t they muslims? How many of you went and protested against Taliban (responsible for most of the attacks).
    First go and lick the ass of China and US then talk about us.

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