Salman, SRK and Aamir to reunite for Modi Government’s 2 year celebrations

There has been a lot of talk around ‘intolerance’ in the last few months, but the three major Khans of Bollywood – Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan – will come together to celebrate two years of the Modi government.

An event called ‘Zara Muskura Do’ is being organised at India Gate in New Delhi and an invitation has been sent to Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir. Other celebrities like Ajay Devgn, Hrithik Roshan, A.R. Rahman, Rajkumar Hirani have also been invited.

Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan will open the ceremony, the celebrity ambassadors of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Rural Electrification’ and ‘Digital India’ are expected to attend the event.

At the event, a series of short films on the government’s achievements in the past two years will be screened. Around 60,000 people are expected to attend the event.

The three Khans were last seen together during the 21st year celebrations of Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat.



  • All people’s will be expect non acting show from non actor salman in front of modi government…
    #Fasal kerala

  • Always bear in mind that all citizens of every country in the world greatest responsibility towards the government of their country is to offer prayers for their governments so that we as citizens live peacefully in our lands.
    Whether we like those in authority or not we must learn to respect them. These are commands from God, He chooses the government and He removes them according to His will.
    May this function be blessed by Him.

  • WTF BJP yaar this is like apne mun miyan miththo hona
    Celeb will gather bcoz they will face intolerance if they not come

  • I have not any problem with Akki… but moronic fans like @Sunny Akkiholic mocking against SRK in every articles.. And also he is giving more hated moments to Akki…
    #Fasal kerala

  • @Kaali 3.00 Pm
    he’s not got any invitation…Because He was busy with the promotion of crap House empty 3…
    #Fasal kerala

  • Any way The biggest U-Turn Fan less Aamir will face boycott for his upcoming mangal 2…
    #Boycott dangal

    #Fasal kerala

  • @ fasal u are wrong PM Modi always loved akki & his work akki has contributed money in Maharashtra .
    @ tiger what is ur opinion P M Modi has invited to khan trio are they bhakt .

  • King of bollywood – SRK
    King of Non actors – Salman
    King of flop – Fan less Aamir ( Without x-mas )
    King of 60 cr club – Akshay Kumar
    King of manipulation – Hrithik Roshan

    #Fasal kerala

  • Akki is not invited. He should sit outside the gate with a bowl to beg. Passerbys will give him 1-2 rupees.

  • Amitabh
    Hrithik all = Industry itself. Brilliant superstars who have made big impact to the movie lovers from childhood.

  • I wished they could have also invited south megastar / superstars like Rajnikant Mohanlal Kamal Mammoty Nagarjuna and Mahesh Vikram Surya.
    Latest updates sources say Tushaar Akshay and Sharman Jhoshi are on their way coming.

  • These 3 Are The Biggest Joke Of Indian Cinema…
    They often fight with each other, don’t leave any point to score any controversy, can do anything fake for cheap publicity, normally abuse each other even, utter fake personalities ever, We Indian have seen…


  • @aunny:

    Atleast read the article before blabbering nonsenses. It is clearly mentioned that government has invited them. Wo log jabadasti nahi ghuss raha hai, you morons.

  • Case of govt beating it’s own drums…. Let d media… D people talk abt Ur good work… And u continue doing better and better work…. Still so mny problems.. Issues… NO concrete solutions… People hv chosen wd so much faith now it’s ur Time to deliver…. And if u wish to let everybody know ur achievements…. Just release dat video showcasing it…. Have d pm address d nation…. Simple

  • Whatever Peoples said about the 3 super khans.They are actually why Bollywood earn 200 cr, 300 cr Any other come on 3 major festivals they won’t give 200cr, 300cr except Hrithik Because He can give 200 cr grossers

    Every one said Khans without Festive Can’t Give Huge Grossers But I Want to tell you all that khans failed on non festive season because of poor content movie either its Jai Ho poor content for Salman, Talaash had also Poor Content and didn’t touched with mass audience same for Fan.

    And By the way Salman Khan also gave Ready on non festive season and Srk also had MNIK and Aamir also had Taare Zameen Per

    Respect Khans Because They are True Legends of Bollywood

  • Aren’t Aamir and srk are Deshdrohi for our government???
    Fir aise Deshdrohio ko invite karnewala government bhi Deshdrohi huye ki nahin???

  • @fasal kelawala 3:35pm:
    If inability of giving 100cr grosser with content rich movies (eg- fan), inability of giving a HGOTY for longgg 9 years etc are the parameter then obviously srk is the king of Bollywood. And believe, we don’t want Bhai to bcm such kind of king…LOL.

  • @ Indicine, where is the First day prediction and other analysis of Baaghi, or you are giving it a miss, thinking it to be a small film? I don’t think so!

  • What kind of a moronic person this @Fasal Kerala is?
    Is he suffering from split personality disorder or what??

    On 1st page,writes positive comments about all 3 khans and says luv u all.
    On 2nd page,he wants to see a movie with all 3 khans in it.

    On 3rd page,again starts bashing Salman and Aamir!!!

    Praises Hrithik on one article and calls him King of Manipulation on the other ..

  • @Indicine : Glad to hear that. Hopefully, technical Team will fix it at the earliest.
    Thing is, you guys have improved your credibility in such a way, that “” is a single destination for me and many others, for all Bollywood related coverage.
    As far as I am concerned, my addiction to your website is equal to the addiction with social media or even beyond that.
    Hence any technical glitch at your end makes me restless :-)

  • @Harsh Dholakia
    This article has come out after the 3 khans have given their nod to attend the event and same in all others case. Perhaps Akshay cant come due to some reason. Mostly H3 promotions I guess.

  • Farmers are committing suicide, People are dying in drought affected parts of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh. And our government is celebrating success party investing hundreds of crores.
    Lagta hai ‘ASSCHE DIN’ isi ko kehte hain!!!

  • And @Tiger – the real dog starts barking again.
    When did the Government called them Anti-National??
    Only jobless bhakts called them anti national and they are not the part of Govt.

  • Lol @floppy(the most jobless user of indicine) is talking about stuff like aukaat and begging :0

    Everyone knows akshay is the highest tax payer of bollywood and

    1/100 x (Lowest Income Tax paid by Akshay) >>>> Lifetime earning of jobless @floppy

    The biggest chutzpah ever xD

  • @buddha ka ullu:
    Oye buddhji, yaddash kho gaya kya??? Aren’t Yogi Adityanath, Prachi Sadhwi etc MP’s of rulling govt??? Isn’t kailash vijayabarge the Gen secretary of BJP???

  • @Harsh. Don’t be so foolish. Which is more important promoting a comedy crap or attending a very important summit by prime minister? Akshay is like Priyanka. Priyanka busy abroad with baywatch could not promote gangajal 2 but your Akki is in india or wherever promoting he cannot spare even 7 hours? stop lieing he was not invited. Pm can be his fan but they are lawmakers senate house committees who also advices pm who to invite who not to. I don’t know of Hrithik but someone that is on a hilly icecold mountain abroad shooting for Shivay is invited why not Akki that’s the point. Find another reason not that one you mention.
    @Fasal Kerala. You are the biggest hypocrite. Hailing 3 of them then abusing the 2. Shame on you

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