Salman Khan’s statement on Saifai Mahotsav controversy

Salman Khan has released a statement to the media on the Saifai Mahotsav controversy, stating that whenever he visits a place for a performance, he looks at an opportunity to help the locals of the area.

The superstar has also that, his NGO Being Human has committed to fund 200 paediatric heart surgeries in Uttar Pradesh.

Whenever I visit a place for a performance or a promotion, I see it as an opportunity to help the locals in the areas of healthcare or education.

In Nagpur, on Sunday, Being Human pledged to fund 100 paediatric cardiac cases in Maharashtra State. And in Etawah, Being Human, on behalf of all artists who performed yesterday, has committed to fund 200 paediatric heart surgeries in UP (there is already a wait list of 81 children we have received who are being moved to Fortis Hospital Gurgaon and their surgeries will get done by month end and Being Human is in touch with local NGOs and hospitals for their lists also).

We have also contributed Rs 25 lakh to the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital for the purchase of an Echo Machine, Pediatric and neo natal ventilator and a portable X-ray machine for their paediatric cardiac ICU.

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  • @aeeyy – I don’t know about that, but there are certainly more people who donate money, and all of them deserve a lot of respect for that.

  • @Laila, please read it properly if you have time. It’s always good to do charity silently. But nowadays, reporters and paparazzi know what a celebrity does even in his/her bedroom. Almost impossible for them to hide anything.
    You think “if it were SRK in Salman’s shoes in this incident, I would say something different” because you, yourself, tend to be cynical towards Salman. If it were SRK in Salman’s shoes, I would neither Slam SRK nor support him. I would keep quiet. Because you guys are there to defend SRK.
    Don’t be cynical, Laila. Had I hated SRK so much, I would not have gone to watch CE in theatre. Understand that. Normally, I don’t bash up SRK but I defend Salman and sometimes, need to bash up SRK to counter some SRK fanatics. They are SRK fanatics that make me say things against SRK. Normally, I hold no grudge against SRK.

  • Oh really????
    Don’t u think I am also regular on this site?I had read ur comment too.I don’t know what u have found cynical on my comment …….don’t try to be saint.because what u wrote u never ever follow it and I don’t think u will ever follow it.

  • And we had to know about this when his film is abt to release nxt week? Good. Just remember charity or good works doesn’t have 2 be publicised. U don’t hve to do good to gain something. Last year he had no release @all & there was hardly any/or little publicity on him being human but this year when his film is abt 2 release, suddenly everywhere there’s publicity about his charities, even pictures croppin up evrywhere & nw this abt hw he donates all his money 2 charity. I dont say it’s a lie but it sounds as if it’s done 4 a purpose 2 gain smething & be popular. They say he donates 80Percent of his money to his charity in another news. How only 10 percent of his mosalary is what he takes. But he still keeps on manupulating the 2005 hit & run case. Why don’t he come clean if he’s really a golden boy with great heart. And just accept he ws guuilty for negligience. I know it isn’t easy buut isn’t tired of all these & then carryin a gult or does he have any guilt at all? I follow sallu’s wrk bcos i’m a fan but nt a deep one but smetimes i think what he does is done manipulatively. He does good with what he does but still feels like doing it for a purpose. With all ur goodness u could still find it in ur heart to throw a fan clickin ur picture even if it’s an odd time/situation. U cld hve called him & beg him 2 stop clickin those pix, delete d ones he’s taken & probably promise him an autograph or a nxttime. Even d boy wld be so elated & happy & feel u’re indeed a golden hearted boy. The little things you do is what makes u who u are not the extravagant things. And that makes u a great human being.

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