Salman Khan’s statement on Saifai Mahotsav controversy

Salman Khan has released a statement to the media on the Saifai Mahotsav controversy, stating that whenever he visits a place for a performance, he looks at an opportunity to help the locals of the area.

The superstar has also that, his NGO Being Human has committed to fund 200 paediatric heart surgeries in Uttar Pradesh.

Whenever I visit a place for a performance or a promotion, I see it as an opportunity to help the locals in the areas of healthcare or education.

In Nagpur, on Sunday, Being Human pledged to fund 100 paediatric cardiac cases in Maharashtra State. And in Etawah, Being Human, on behalf of all artists who performed yesterday, has committed to fund 200 paediatric heart surgeries in UP (there is already a wait list of 81 children we have received who are being moved to Fortis Hospital Gurgaon and their surgeries will get done by month end and Being Human is in touch with local NGOs and hospitals for their lists also).

We have also contributed Rs 25 lakh to the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital for the purchase of an Echo Machine, Pediatric and neo natal ventilator and a portable X-ray machine for their paediatric cardiac ICU.

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  • salman is so pressurized to give this statement by media…media so biased…my question all journos who did exclusive programmers on thy celebrated new year few days? yes thy did all channels times now,zee news and ndtv celebrated new year with wine and non-veg sent huge on it do they dont hav social responsibility??
    even shah rukh supported salman,deepika,madhuri,alia and ranveer

    On Thursday, Shah Rukh told the press: “I’ll just say two thing about this. One, I will not take a moral high ground and comment on the reasons of my colleagues working or taking on a job. I think it extremely unfair. We don’t know the details as to why they have taken it or why they have done it, should they have done it. I can’t take a moral high ground, I’m a performer myself. At times I’ve gone ahead and performed not even realising that there are issues surrounding the area I’m performing in.

    thn why media is targeting one star esp salman?huge number of twitter accounts opened to create negativity against jai ho! who are doing this they did it for dhoom-,krissh-3 also which fanbase is doing it/

  • Thoughtful donation and informing the hell bent on bad mouthing media persons that there was a valid reason for doing such a show was pivotal…! I knew bhai would charge for such a performance only to donate it back to charities via his NGO as he himself said so last year on Bollywood Business with Komal Nahta- “I only do performances, hosting to charge fees which go to Being Human…,”
    Tussi great ho bhai jaan…! ;-)

    @haterz ie lungiwalas Bhai jaan has a bade dil and doesnt need the money or cheap publucity but your lungi king is still hungry for more monies hence he still performs the lungi dance in his lungi at anybodys wedding in Paglapur for any amount…! Cheap tactic indeed as lungi dance isnt exactly a peppy wedding song but I guess the lungiwala folk of Paglapur have no taste…!

  • @sakhi rawant Thakur can peform to lungi dance song at your wedding along with Criminal song for a small fee ie brown envelope…!
    You just need to double check with your groom ‘nipun alcoholic’ if thats okay with him as hes more a fan of chartbuster numbers from Lunchbox, Lootera, Nasha and Jackpot…! ;-)

  • A few Qs to the people claiming to have high moral ground,
    1- Salman could refuse to participate in the event, couldn’t he? It looks so on the first thought. Think deeper and in his shoes. Had Salman Khan refused to participate, what would SP of UP have done to his movies?? Do you think they would allow to run his movies in UP smoothly? Or you want Salman to commit a career suicide??
    2- Had he said the celebration was wrong, what would have been the consequences? Do you have any idea? It means he would be going against the government of UP and SP, a party backed by millions of people of UP. How could Salman go against the tide of a Tsunami. Tell me frankly what you would do if you were his place?
    3- Do you think either Congress or BJP sympathize the victims of Muzzaffarnagar? No! They are just playing political blame games. I am not saying the government of UP is not corrupted. But all are corrupted.
    I think you will understand now. Salman does what he can for the people. I think you know it. I want to ask the people who are talking about the moral compass of the participants that what they have done for their society besides playing blame games like politicians.

    @SAKHI RAWANT, a poor chaap as usual. I don’t know why he considers English Language to be standard to measure one’s intelligence, talent and skill. How many English can speak Hindi, you English pimp? By the way, Salman speaks very fluent English only when he wants to. Listen to his speech in Zee Award 2004 and his speech (together with Jean Claude Van Damme) during an IIFA award function

  • @Rohit and sachin11 other actors make donation but it is not in the news.why always salman for donating,is it unusual of him?

  • not really fan of salman why media need to target him all the time?? this happened to salman next it can happen to akki or hritik…and why media projecting salman in tv clips?i came to konw ranveer, deepika and alia were also there…media can enjoy and have fun with family.

    Did the media stop eating after those riots?? stop breathing after riots?grow up…

  • @indicine,you always allow others to post abusive comments even with abusive i.dthan I didn’t use any abusive words.please post my comments,I request you to show my opinion in front of others.

  • he just trying to get escape from murders he did before . if actually u want to help people y ur making publicity of ur work ? when biased indian jedury system will give h punishment ? koi aur hota to abtak latka dete

  • @aeeyy, No other actors in Bollywood have Charitable NGOs like Salman has. An NGO needs publicity to receive funds and donations. Otherwise, how is it going to grow? Salman alone can’t run an NGO. And Salman never publicizes donations he made personally. They are paparazzi who suck up to them for stories and publish them in media.
    But I know you are not expecting any logical answer. You are just slamming him. You like to do so at every given opportunity. Hence, my answers won’t satisfy you.

    @Shaktiman aka Human Scum, OMG! Mentality of some people like you! Too much hatred and venom in your hearts!!!—-It is true that one can’t please and satisfy all. Even Mahatma Gandhi was not liked by all. Uski Saamne Salman Kya Cheez Hai?

    Salman wants to reform and tries his best to not commit mistakes like he consciously or unconsciously did in his past. But some people like you have problems with that. You want to see him committing more mistakes. Accha Kare Bhi Toh Problem, Nahin Kare Bhi Toh Problem!! Incredible India!! The same people (who don’t give others opportunities to reform) dream of an India free of corruption and crimes.

    Human is to err. We all do mistakes in our lives consciously or unconsciously. The most important thing is not to continue committing mistakes. If anyone wants to repent, we should let him/her do it.

    According to, average 18.7 people of every 100,000 people in India die due to the road accidents every year. Are they all because of Salman Khan??? Why are those cases taken so lightly? It is Salman Khan. If we can put him in legal mess, we can squeeze a lot of money from him. In the end, who benefits?? That’s why the son of the late accident victim’s son said he doesn’t want Salman Khan to be jailed but some monetary compensation. Besides, logically, pavements are neither for sleeping nor for driving cars on. The men who slept on the pavement, Indian govt that could not provide a proper house for its citizen and Salman Khan (if he was driving the car) are all guilty for the accident.

    The species of Chinkara Black Buck has become so rare that hunting them has been declared to be illegal. How the species have become so rare? Are they all because of Salman Khan? Or were those people who had been hunting the animal were the servants of Salman Khan? Or why were not those hunters sued? Why only Salman Khan?

    And no other celebrity helps the poor people as much as he does. Besides, his NGO helps heart-patients and poor people who can’t afford to give education to their children. His charities can be genuine or for showing off. At least, poor people are benefitting from it. At least, wealth is redistributed to the poor. Accept it! He is just a normal responsible citizen as you are. What have you done for your society. Are not you obliged to work for your society instead of criticizing? Somebody has rightly “criticizing is the easiest thing to do in the world.”

    Reform yourself and let others reform themselves. Do good deeds and let others do so. Learn to appreciate others’ good deeds. Think good of others and others will think good of you.

    Open your heart and spread your love.

  • Salman got beaten up by a girl in a party because he misbehaved with her….Salman lost his temper and thrown the phone of a fan who was trying to click his photo recently……..A fisherman also given complaint against him for making him vacate his house near the sea because his house was obstructing the sea view from salman’s house……….
    I don’t know when this criminal go to jail…his case has been dragged to 10 years because of his money power…he spend only 2 weeks in jail… Indian law become a joke??… it a toy to play for celebrities like salman??……every citizen should be treated equal whether he is a celebrity or not

  • I didn’t like the idea of spending taxes of people on enjoyment but neither I can point finger salman.he could have refused it but he was just doing his job

  • @anand,I didn’t read ur comment properly,but some point I agree with u.I don’t have problem if salman donating making huge noise or srk doing it silently.most important is that there is somehow anybody getting helped.
    but problem is that we still didn’t learn to look at things same way.if srk would havedragged in this controversy ,u would have answered completely different way.u would have closed ur eyes and pretend to think another way .just yo hurt him.

  • frankly speaking i also thought its not good deed of Salman to perform there, but i realised that in this case UP govt. is faulty here and Salman is just doing what is his job and that is earn money and we his fans or haters can’t stop him, a person who already doing good work by Biggest NGO Being Human which is solely started and run by A superstar in India, he knows better what is good for him right now and i said many times and will say again “he might be did crime earlier but his good work definitely blessing him right now from even GOd” if someone thing its publicity than let it be, because its a good publicity and for good work.

    @sakhi @aeeyy @shaktimaan thanx genius people you told us that it is publicity stunt varna hume to pata hi nahi tha btw aap log sochte kaha se ho,sochte bhi ho yaa yunhi time pass ke liye kuch bhi likh dete ho.
    the biggest of all is @shaktimaan “d3 watched by aamir,akshay,salman and other actor fans-collected 500cr+, srk fans alone make CE-420cr, how cheap” he was there in every cinema hall at the time of ce releasing and given advice to cinema owner please allow only srk fans if you will allow other actor fans than movie will collect 20000cr and its not good for industry”

  • hyprocrites!!! Even srk defends Salman. @Sakhi : What have you done for society you moron? Are you a witness to Salman crimes ? Why cant you testify in court n send him to jail ? You can only chatter n spread negativity. But dont worry, for every 1 hater like you there will be 10 Salman fans made thats the power of Salman charisma !!!!!

  • @ Aeeyy, Salman is running a foundation, and hence anything done by it get publicised.

    Other actors too does donation, but they are not directly involved and hence it can be kept discreet.

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