If you’ve had a good year, you’ll get awards: SRK slams cynics

Actor Shahrukh Khan has slammed the media and the industry, who have accused him and other actors of performing at award ceremonies and walking away with a trophy, saying those who have had a good year will obviously get the awards.

“If they have had a good year, they will obviously get the awards. So, there is a logic, but some people look at it cynically” SRK said at a press conference to announce the Zee Cine Awards 2014.

The superstar also said that those who haven’t had a good year are usually not invited to perform at the popular award ceremonies.

“Those who perform are mostly those who have had a good year. Those who haven’t had a good year are not normally invited to perform.” he added.

Out of the 13 nominations (two in 2005), Shahrukh has won six Zee Cine awards for Best Actor in a leading role.

Shahrukh Khan at ZEE Awards press meet

Shahrukh Khan at ZEE Awards press meet



  • Salman had last 5 good years,has he won any award?????

    Hrithik had last good 2 years,any award???

    Akki had good 2012,any award??????

    Aamir has’nt had a bad year since 2000,any awards????

    Why only SRK gets award????
    And now you have got one more buddy Ranbir Kapoor….

  • srk should be given an oscar for his overacting in chennai express lol if he deserves to be even nominated for ce then i think himmatwala should win best movie award.

  • SRK is talking about megastars Aamir and Hrithik — who ruled 2013. It was a great year for them.
    Cynics like Sakhi, sss, Laila, Megha, etc. Your own king slammed you!

  • Yes Srk has a good last year in which he has given 3rd highest grosser of bollywood and 3rd is way better than 1st or 2nd.lol

  • Srk should win the best actor award for CE bcoz he really worked hard in the movie by running here and there when goons were after him.lol

  • Well said Shahrukh. it only goes to show that people are jealous of u. ….. and respect.. not coz u said all this but for what u have achieved…from zero to what u r now…

  • @Babaji Ka thullu: Actor who has won an award for his work was the best performer of that given year undoubtedly.. If some one has not Won it only means someone else was better den him.. U know that don’t u?

  • @sachin11 very funny comments “he really worked hard in the movie by running here and there when goons were after him”.
    there is no doubt that srk is very good actor and he also deserves awards but there are also some awards which will deserve by others, but i am completely disagree with statement “those who has good year will win awards” i haven’t seen most of the time same thing btw congrats srk for popular awards in screens and zee cine awards.lets see will he win for CE in Filmfare but i think Farhan will get in filmfare best actor award, lets see.

  • @Babaji Ka thullu , I think ranbir deserved for his filmfare award and other awards. he didn’t win for movies like anjana anjani or bachna ae haseeno. he won for movies like barfi, rockstar, wake up side and rocket singh.

    And i don’t think ranbir win any awards this year, because there were many better performance from farhan, irfan, ranvir, rajkumar, dhanush and even from aamir.

  • @I am vest universe…what is it?????
    First of all,I love hrittik not as much as nipun and if k3 has got really much success ,I am really happy for him.amir is goodbut somehow don’t relate to him.I don’t really care …and I don’t think I have ever unnecessarily comment on your fav star page that hurt your feeling.ur name is really good,give positive feelings but ur thoughts are really low.
    Losers can’t be choosers.they don’t really give any way.neither they can do hard work nor they can accept failure. So,this is the only way they can be happy …

  • @I am the vest universe,
    I love rittik not as much as nipun but still love him.if he has got really that much success from ,i am really happy for him.amir is good but somehow i don’t relate to him.i don’t like too much calculating person.i don’t really care …
    and I don’t think I have ever unnecessarily comment on ur favstar page unless it related to srk.

  • still SRK haters are finding a way to get any award for their favourites.they said first,all these are fake but now seems they want it badly for rohit3 and crap3.the worst succesful franchise’s film.one is with out underwear superman unnecessarily getting power from sun and can pass power through them.and another crapiest overactor no.1 tingu khan in crap3,sky was limit for him,he almost think himself as arnold and make jump from earth to sky,building to sea,bank to building and yhe most interesting thing,oscar should be given to mr.perfaketionist for his TAP DANCE.really few of his fans got heart stroke.also his overacting knew no bounds.

    whatever may be fake collections/extra screen,free run collection.but CE is the spectacular film of the year.unlike rohit3 saved due to SRK’s VFX and tingu’s d3 saved due to YRF/DHOOM.but INDIA likes most always their KING due to his finest acting and rocking the whole nation with lungi dance.true entertainer of the year.so we Indians want to win SRK the most popular actor award of the year.though best actor should be given to FARHAN AKHTAR(the DON3 director).thank you for feeling jealousy to INDIA’S NO.1 SUPERSTAR KING KHAN.

  • @sachin11 bro that was funny…. Oh god you too funny…

    So Thakur thinks he deserves his awards and I say let the buddha be happy as a content buddha will be able to control his lungiwala fans for if he was not to win/ be nominated for any award then the lungis will be aloft and they will go on the rampage and ransack the entire state Paglapur….! The green scenic landscape will be lost for all ages with only left behind lungis visible from high above…!

  • in 2013 salman won best award for dabbang 2 not ranbeer for barfee…if srk won for jthj than amirfans have really problem…corrected as i say 2012

  • @sss:are not u the same person who told u like hr. But now u’re showing ur double face. Not a single hrfan has commented on this page,but u’re abusing hr and k3. Grow up. U are a hr hater and show that openly rather showing your double face.

  • Best actor award nominations :
    Hrithik roshan
    Amir khan
    Farhan akhter
    Ranveer Singh
    Shahrukh khan……
    And the award goes to
    Hrithik roshan……

  • He should have avoided saying “Those who perform are mostly those who have had a good year. Those who haven’t had a good year are not normally invited to perform.” It sounds little disrespectful to those who have been unsuccessful, and they should be encouraged by successful stars.

  • SRK acted much better in CE than Aamir or Hrithik. Aamir in D3 was nothing in front of Srk in MNIK. Even his height was low.
    Hrithik will start shivering if he compares his acting in K3 with SRK in MNIK.

  • If you can bribe the producers of the award functions or agree to endorse them, you will also get an award!!
    @adz, the films that have gone from Salman to SRK have always proven to be lucky for SRK. SRK takes it as Aashirwaat from Salman. Pray this time too proves lucky!!

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