Salman Khan’s Best film 2010 – 2015

We are more than half way through the current decade and the Post-2010 period has clearly belonged to Salman Khan. Good or bad films, when it comes to box office superstardom, Salman is head and shoulders above most actors in the industry. His worst performing film in the last 5 years, Jai Ho, not only opened well at the box office, but also went on to do business in excess of 100 crore.

But which is Salman Khan’s best film in the last 5 years? Read on, as we pick our Top 3 Salman Khan films this decade.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Inspite of all the success that Salman has achieved in the last few years, he has always been criticised for either remaking south Indian blockbusters or opting for ‘masala’ entertainers. All that changed with ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. The story of a simpleton who ensures that a young girl from Pakistan reaches home safely, won over both the critics and the audience. ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is the biggest blockbuster of Salman’s career after ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ and ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’.

Dabangg: The Abhinav Kashyap directed film didn’t have a particularly gripping storyline, but the film was entirely riding on the shoulders of Salman Khan, who delivered arguably the most charismatic performance of his career. Chulbul Pandey was a massive hit with the audience and a major blockbuster at the box office.

Kick: Veteran producer Sajid Nadiadwala made his directorial debut with Kick. Salman’s co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui stole the show with his inimitable performance, Jacqueline Fernandes was at her glamorous best, Salman and Randeep Hooda were in fine form too. Result? An entertaining film that went on to be yet another box office blockbuster.

Which is your favourite Salman Khan film since 2010? You can pick 3 films! Vote.

Note: In the next few days, we will have polls of best films of other actors, actresses and directors in the industry too.

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  • and having said that Salman Khan’s best and my mine favorite film of him in last 5 years is “Hit and Run Case.” ( sorry to classic films – Ready/Bodyguard/Jai Ho/Veer/Dabangg 2/Kick/Ett etc ) as that is the only thing where he has given his 100% in terms of script as well as performance, The Topper… and it is mine favorite performance/Movie of him not just since last 5 years but since 2002 .

  • Don’t know about Salman Khan best films but my favorite Salman Khan’s Bhojpuri films are Dabangg 2 , Ready, Kick , Jai ho, Veer, Bodyguard, Ek tha tiger.

  • Bajrangi bhaijaan was surely his best film in last 5 years but dabangg was also a great film loved salmans performance in the movie

  • The best think happened to salman khan is, BB became blockbuster in oversees.
    Now if PRDP is as good as BB. and perform well in oversies than he will be the biggest start of indian cinema.
    even now in stardom he beat rajesh khanna’s and amitab bachan’s stardom.
    hail Bhaijaan

  • @ Indicine.. For ur kind information, veer v 2010 me release hua tha. . . . Wo 6upa diya gaya poor perfmance ke liye yeah u dnt knw about veer?? Veer- 37 cr

  • Kya zamana aa gaya!!!!!now sites are putting a list of worst actor ‘s worst tortured movies of Bollywood just because these movies are successful.

    @indicine,instead of doing this why don’t you again continue your voting for best films from 2010 again by adding bb.because everybody be including salman fans too know salman can’t act and he can’t compared to A-LISTED actors of bollywood.

    Anyways this time bhojpuris star’s success period is going on and after EID 2016,@indicine will forced to list films of KING KHAN.

  • @hrithik 7:48 pm dont try to act so cocky and dont use the words slap and bla bla bla. There is no such thing as slap that has cone to me. First read my comment @6:25 pm on 2nd page on this article and keep your nonsense aside. Thanks.

  • 2010- 2015

    Salman: Film- 9, Atbb- 1, BB- 6, Semi hit- 1, Flop- 1
    Succes ratio- 77.77 percent. ( HIT or better)

    Film- 4, Atbb- 2, Semi hit- 1, Flop- 1
    Succes Ratio- 50 percent.

    Srk: Film- 6, Atbb- 1, Superhit- 1, Hit- 4
    Succes Ratio- 100 percent.

  • In the era of smart phones, catch up tv n Blockbusters some are still content with regular public tv broadcast stations, motorolas and HIT films….!

  • @complaining complan boy 10:40pm

    Your real gripe is that bhais crap films are being declared Blockbusters n you only have Koyla Queens HITS to shout home about…!

  • @Muscat, oi lucky Muscat, life is up n down, like kabhi kushi kabhi gham, aap ka bura waqt aayegana tab samaj aayega ki making fun of some1’s low phase moment.

  • Salman will be more successful if he does more content base films like bajrangi bhaijan. Masala n mass entertainer earn good but doesnt do wonders at boxoffice. Content films i.e 3 idiots, p.k n bajrangi proves it. More content more family audience more business more success.

  • @Iam Dhakkan @bitter heart @sss :

    Chal beta burnol ley ley rey …. ey ey ey !!!!!!!

    @Eric : This is what happens when you unnecessarily provoke us. See still I have not written a single word against Aamir but will continue to write about you unless you accept the truth n admit that calling Aamir as perfectionist is not an abuse !!!!!!!

  • Some Dhakkan (specially Srk fans) believe that Salman movies are all poor n crap. The majority of people enjoyed Salman’s movies n made them Blockbusters and the majority of their king’s movies are only Tiny Hits shows audiences appreciation is such low when comes to Srk movies. Despite releasing all his movies on holiday since 2010 Srk have only one BB that too thanks to Salman’s absence !!!!!!!!!! Still shameless faggots barking blindly !!!!!!!!

  • @Slave of King, who are you to ask me to make my mouth shut?
    He is the BO King in India, not in your Bhojpur. You are not a neural fan but a chameleon using a fake ID. What happened to your foot, stepped on the shit in your slum?
    So, his films worked because of masala genre? You moron! R..Rajkumar, Khiladi 786, Boss, etc are masalas but they were not blockbusters.
    And Salman is also the king of Entertainment. His sheer screen presence entertain people. SRK has said this on award show.
    Tum jaise Kalke Bache Kya Jaanenge Ki what was Salman before 2010. Because you were born in 2010. He ruled 1990s. He ruled 1989.
    But since 2000 to 2007, SRK ruled. And Salman faced his worst of his career 2006 2007 2008. Yet he gave a blockbuster in between.
    Now, I dont want to bash Aamir because you are a lungiwala chameleone using IDs like @DST, @David, @Eric.. Shame on you!

  • For me ; Bajrangi Bhaijaan > ETT > Dabangg > KICK > Bodyguard > Ready > Jai Ho

    In that order!
    BB : It was an exceptional movie. A great experienece! Finest film, finest performance <3

    ETT was a slick action. Salman & Katrina looked ravishing together (How I wish they would make more movies together) They shared a terrific chemistry! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope there's a sequel.

    Dabangg was a very good film but it was Salman's exceptional performance which made the film it is today. And I can't tell you how much I loved Tere Mast Mast Do Nain & or course, the sfloor breaker Munni :)

    KICK & BODYGUARD were good entertainers with good chemistry but not watchable again & again. READY was just about averge. and JAIHO, well, it was clearly Salman's worst film in last 5 years (Actually one of his worst ever) I don't even know what went wrong. I can't even point out. It had a good subject but the execution was very very poor. Salman should be careful about making movies like Jai Ho.


    Good content + Salman Khan means SKY s the limit. Eagerly waiting for PRDP & SULTAN. His career will reach new heights!!!! Cheers!!

  • I voted for READY just to prove that bhais crappest BB movie is still miles better than Koyla Queens bestest HIT movies….!

  • My top 3
    1) BB
    2) Dabangg
    3) Ready
    @indicine Veer was also release in 2010. you should include that in the poll too

  • @Rohit…
    can you please explain the same logic with SRK ON NON HOLIDAYS

  • I think the post 2010 era belongs to Aamir Khan. Because he gave the 2 all time grossers in Dhoom 3 and Pk. Salman had a lot of hits but they weren’t good films. Aamir made the 250 n 300 crore club and Pk made 100 crores in CHINA.

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