Salman Khan’s Best film 2010 – 2015

We are more than half way through the current decade and the Post-2010 period has clearly belonged to Salman Khan. Good or bad films, when it comes to box office superstardom, Salman is head and shoulders above most actors in the industry. His worst performing film in the last 5 years, Jai Ho, not only opened well at the box office, but also went on to do business in excess of 100 crore.

But which is Salman Khan’s best film in the last 5 years? Read on, as we pick our Top 3 Salman Khan films this decade.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Inspite of all the success that Salman has achieved in the last few years, he has always been criticised for either remaking south Indian blockbusters or opting for ‘masala’ entertainers. All that changed with ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. The story of a simpleton who ensures that a young girl from Pakistan reaches home safely, won over both the critics and the audience. ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is the biggest blockbuster of Salman’s career after ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ and ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’.

Dabangg: The Abhinav Kashyap directed film didn’t have a particularly gripping storyline, but the film was entirely riding on the shoulders of Salman Khan, who delivered arguably the most charismatic performance of his career. Chulbul Pandey was a massive hit with the audience and a major blockbuster at the box office.

Kick: Veteran producer Sajid Nadiadwala made his directorial debut with Kick. Salman’s co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui stole the show with his inimitable performance, Jacqueline Fernandes was at her glamorous best, Salman and Randeep Hooda were in fine form too. Result? An entertaining film that went on to be yet another box office blockbuster.

Which is your favourite Salman Khan film since 2010? You can pick 3 films! Vote.

Note: In the next few days, we will have polls of best films of other actors, actresses and directors in the industry too.

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  • Salman khan last non holiday hit-2011
    SRK last non holiday hit-2010
    but it’s been 10 years Aamir the PerFaketionist didn’t give any non holiday hit….


    this ‘Azhar’ ID is being used by none other than ‘Sambuddha’ alias ‘Arjun Kapoor Fan’… It is him who is irritating ppl from past 5 days… Also this ‘Emraan Superfan’ ID is also being used by Sambuddha…

  • Hands down Bajrangi bhaijaan is his best movie in his career and also his best performance so far. Also loved his performance in dabangg.

  • depends on choice of movie but all r entertaining although Dabang & BB is best for me……I even like ETT & KICK ….Salman worst movie ready ,bodyguard ,dabang 2 ,jaiho even crossed 100 cr easily & almost every1 got blockbuster tag(expect jaiho) this is show his dominance…..srk messed with d wrong man in 2008(remember Katrina birthday party) ….Salman came back & made him pee on his pant…..

  • @Slave of King, I don’t know whose fan you are. You must be a chameleon.
    While others’ movies work due to many factors such as banner, directors, casts, contents and sequels, Salman’s movies work only due to his presence and stardom except for BB. In BB, content has also played a big part.

    Well Amir is a perfectionist and a living legend. But he does one movie in two years, Salman does two movies in one year. Both become blockbusters. Thats why he is called BO king.

    @Indicine, is more well versed than you are when it comes to Bollywood. So, digest the bitter truth.

  • We have decided on the Salman Khan films which we like and voted for, as far as I am concerned I have enjoyed and loved all his films because each and every one had something in them for someone and is a matter of preference.
    Now let me list the Kings of Morons who are the best commentators who responded to this article,we have Fasal, Darr, Shahenshah, Neeraj Karayat, Khawar, Muscat, Sundar, Baap of King. These morons are bigots whose parents have not taught them to be human of any kind, their only interest in life is to spread their hatred against others. Jealously is at the root of their comments because in their hearts they know they could never, never, ever come close to being as successful as Salman Khan in this life or the life here after.

  • Some idiots says PRDP is Nil Nitin’s movie. So as BB & Kick are Nawazuddin’s.

    So i tried my hand on some records & data.

    These guys are the Srk fans who frustated because many says CE is Rohit & Deepika’s film.

    Actualy i want to write an article on it but posting comment here with requesting indicine to post it or consider it as a guest article.

    First i want to clear that i am a Salman fan but i am also not from them who says CE is Rohit or Deepika film.

    So lets clear all facts.

    Note few things:-

    *In CE & HNY Deepika has comparetively same role as SRK…little short in HNY.

    *Rohit is director of CE.

    *In BB & Kick Nawaz has very small role in comparison with Salman & comes on screen in second half only.

    Still i am taking SRK fans poor allegation in count.

    Now few more points.:-

    *Rohit Shetty highest grosser without SRK is Singham Returns 142crs.

    *Deepika highest grosser without SRK is YJHD 178crs.

    *SRK’s highest grosser without Deepika & Rohit is Ra.One 115crs.

    *Nawaz’s highest grosser without Salman may be Manjhi 15crs.

    *Salman’s highest grosser without Nawaz ETT 186crs.
    & if SRK fans cry that ETT is due to Kabir then D2 156crs.

    *Kabir without Salman New York 28crs.

    Deepika Solo > Rohit Solo> SRK Solo

    Salman solo > 5*Kabir solo > 10*Nawaz solo.

    If SRK fans find highest collection of Nil Nitin then please compare it with Salman solo yourself.

    Also i am ready to write Aamir without R.Hirani & R.Hirani without Aamir so as Aamir without Dhoom brand & Dhoom brand without Aamir.

    Just note Aamir without Hirani & Dhoom brand has Ghajani ATBB.

    Whereas Dhoom brand & Hirani without Aamir are max hit to blockbuster.

    At the end again i am saying CE & HNY are SRK’s films & not Rohit or Deepika.

    But the calculations shows that SRK need Rohit or Deepika’s support.

    Where as Salman & Aamir are one man show.

    Hope SRK fans stop these kind of foolish things.

    Because in future SRK is coming with Rohit & Nawaz wheareas Sultan & Dangal are solo Salman & Aamir films.

    So stop fooling & trolling yourself.

  • For me :

    1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

    2. Dabangg

    3. Ek Tha Tiger

    He is a phenomenon now, I wonder is there anyone or will there be anyone who can reach such peaks of stardom. Hail Super SALMAN KHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This article is hard sl@p on those morons (@Phenom, @sss, @I am Dhakkan, @Eric, @Babaji, @Challa and @fan pk) who said Salman is not even Superstar. Even Indicine has started this series (Top 3 movies in last 5 years) with arguably Biggest Megastar of Bollywood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for king kong gorilla srk’s next film fan to be disaster at the box office next year. Also hoping raeeshit will also tank at the box office.

  • @Anand the parody ha ha ha. Salman box office king? When and where? In bhojpur? My foot? He gave blockbusters only in masala genre. No stardom. It is a fact. Where was his so called stardom before dabangg? Ans. 404 Error. If now he will do any more craps like ready and bodyguard then it will easily flop. Jai ho was example. Kick and BB had good story and entertainment and that’s why they were blockbusters. So keep your mouth shut. Salman has a way long way to go to match legend aamir khan. Aamir is true box office king weather you like him or not. I just stated the facts and you dont need to over react like this. I just indicine to be more precise before posting any rubbish. The fact is aamir’s stardom can not be matched by anyone in Bollywood. Period. I am not aamir fan nor I am any other actor’s fan. but I am neutral viewer. And my point Is valid.

  • without any doubt bajrangi bhaijaan, kick and dabangg.
    All India Six Weeks Comparison Bajrangi Bhaijaan v PKWeekBajrangi BhaijanPKOne1,83,52,00,0001,81,26,00,000Two86,28,00,00096,37,00,000Three28,76,00,00041,32,00,000Four10,65,00,00012,72,00,000Five3,78,00,0004,17,00,000Six1,49,50,0001,13,50,000TOTAL3,14,48,50,0003,36,97,50,000

  • dabbang gave the boos to salman’s career…which he needed at that time but bajrangi bhaijaan to me his best performance til date

  • All are superb films
    from wanted to bajrangi bhaijaan . Ruling box office every time, the real king of kings salman khan.

  • I want a CBI level inquiry to find out who is behind this Azhat biopic ids.I have a strong doubt on sajid as he had posted similar comments during raja natwarlal but my team will come out with the culprit very soon

    keep watching newshour.thank u

  • ‘‘Salman khan and his best film?’’ Even the question it self looks so funny more than a scripts of his Legendary films like Ready, Jai ho, Veer, Kick, Bodyguard, Dabang1/2, Ett etc ( & now Kick 2, Bodyguard 2, Dabangg 3, Sultan which will most probably will try to chase his last 5 years films records in terms of making it more crap and cheap.) None of any performances & films he has done in last 5 year is worth watching and he has never impressed me with his acting and Movies in his entire career so forget about last years as in these years he has done only the crappiest movies ever which every know including their Bhojpuri idol and his Bhojpuri fans though Nawazuddin Bhaijaan was lil bit better than his other films in last 5 years but in terms of performance he shown to the World once again in Nawazuddin Bhaijaan that he is ab actor who still doesn’t know ‘A’ about acting even after spending countless years in the Cinema which proves he is untalented and he was born to be the worst actor of India that’s the reason he was even overshadowed by 6 years old girl & By Nawaz as well after Kick that too back to back, and that’s the reason he is still award less in terms winning best actor award but is on top when it comes to Ghanta and Kela Awards.. that’s why i really believed it would be an insult for the word ‘best’ it self if we use it for those movies which he has done in last 5 years . the only word which can be used for it is ‘‘Crappiest , Gatar Chap, Classless, Bhojpuri, South remake Masala’’ Films.. I’m being Kind .

  • Bajrangi bhaijaan was a very very fine movie. And I found Dabang to be extremely entertaining. Apart from these 2, it was very difficult to pick a third good Salman film. That is the problem with Salman. He chooses too many ordinary movies with sole focus on box office. I am hoping after the praises received by Salman for BB, he will improve his choices. Sultan seems interesting. I just hope he does not opt for Dabang 3 or Bodyguard 2.

  • and having said that Salman Khan’s best and my mine favorite film of him in last 5 years is “Hit and Run Case.” as that is the only thing where he has given his 100% in terms of script as well as performance, The Topper… and it is mine favorite performance/Movie of him not since just 5 years but since 2002 .

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