Phantom Tuesday (Day 5) Box Office Collections

Phantom has dropped at the box office on Tuesday. Usually, films that hold well on Tuesday, after a good Monday, are the ones that go on to do well in the long run.

In recent times, collections on Tuesday and Wednesday have also become crucial, because not only does it show encouraging trends, but exhibitors tend to allot more shows for films that do well during the weekdays.

Phantom is now looking at first week business of around Rs 47 crore. With ‘Welcome Back’ releasing this weekend, Phantom will do well to cross the 65 crore mark at the box office.

DayPhantomGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Friday)8.46 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)12.78 crore+ 51%
Day 3 (Sunday)11.94 crore- 7%
Day 4 (Monday)4.40 crore- 63%
Day 5 (Tuesday)3.63 crore- 18%
Day 6 (Wednesday)3.31 crore- 9%
Day 7 (Thursday)2.88 crore- 13%
Day 8 (Second Friday)0.93 crore- 68%
Day 9 (Second Saturday)1.25 crore+ 34%
Day 10 (Second Sunday)1.82 crore+ 46%
Day 11 (Second Monday)0.42 crore- 77%
Day 12 (Second Tuesday)0.35 crore- 16%
Day 13 (Second Wednesday)0.31 crore- 11%
Day 14 (Second Thursday)0.25 crore- 19%
India Net Collections52.73 crore


  • good movie but lack of entertainment playing role for less collection. but afghan jalebi is superb song, bhai waah.

  • Phantom isn’t a good movie.. It will flop in longer run.. Katrina is pulling the audience whenever possible with afghan jalebi

  • So phantom is flopping at box office..

    Now further waiting for Dilwale, PRDP, sultan, raees and azhar biopic..

    Hope they aren’t disappointing as phantom ..

  • As I said
    Below 70 ??
    I m a criminal cos I bunk for a boring nd Senseless movie like phantom

    Downfall in collections clearly showing that its really a boring movie …!

    Waiting 4 welcome back , hero ,katti batti,SIB nd shandarr ..
    All above movies look fun & entertaining nd that wat cinema should offer not boredomness like phantom …!

  • so phantom wl be average grosser but its blockbuster for saif whose last movies could nt cross even 25 cr .now waiting for WB n Hero

  • It’s collection index is way better than brothers at least!! After the AIRLIFT??? the BROTHERS in the plane immediately crashed after 3 hours bolle toh after 3 days??? @sunny leone sorry for the loss??? loh bachu tum aur tumara ksitji should calm down and have this ??? so that you can control your frustration and leave Saif article alone . Just because brothers flopped big time you want other movies to flop too? Next on the disaster list is Sing is joking monkey!!!

  • @Saink
    Wattta gyi guzri soch.
    It’s a bad film that’s y OK
    Otherwise I want every movie 2 be a hit .
    Even as an akki fan , I still want welcome back 2 ▀e a HIT, also hero nd wht khistj ??

  • I liked phantom.. I don’t know why films like Baby,Drishyam and Phantom don’t achieve the kind of box office success the deserve..very sad to see this situation

  • This shows even a good movie of kabir khan without a top actor ( in kabir’s case read salman) , cant even get to 100 cr, forget 200 or 300 cr.. no matter what a few say .. it’s all salman khan who made his potentially 80 cr movie ( ek tha tiger) a 200 cr movie n his 150 cr movie ( bajrangi) a 300 cr movie!! .. phantom deserves 100 cr as a movie n wld have earned sumwhat in that region if marketed well n with good release date n wld have earned much more than 100 cr if with salman khan or other 2-3 ace actors!! Instead it luks its gonna be a flop!! Kabir to blame for less marketing and poor release date which cld have atleast made it a plus film !! Otherwise the movie is well shot n good!!

  • Emraan Hashmi wouldn’t have promoted his film as much as this @Azhar Biopic guy is.Stop it dude it’s damn irritating.I’m am Emraam fan too but there’s a limit to everything.
    As for Phantom,I liked it.Those who haven’t seen Baby will like it even more.Collections seem fairly OK for a Saif starter.Fingers crossed!

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