Salman Khan to work with the writer of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’

Writer Vijayendra Prasad, father of director S.S. Rajamouli, is in huge demand after the worldwide success of his two films ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

According to a report on DNA India, Prasad flew to Mumbai to narrate his latest script to Salman Khan. The actor liked the script and felt that it has the potential to be as big a success as ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

“Salman loved the story that Vijayendraji narrated to him. He feels it has the potential to be another Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Salman will now scout for the right director for the film. It won’t be Kabir Khan this time.”

Vijendra Prasad confirmed the same and said the film would be about the concept of humanism, much like Bajrangi Bhaijaan

“Yes, Mr Khan heard a story from me. He really liked it. All I can tell you about the story is that it is again based on the concept of humanism above all other values” Prasad said.

In recent times, after the record-breaking success of typical Salman Khan masala films, the actor has opted for films with a good storyline. Sources say, the script of Sultan has also shaped up very well and Salman is excited about starting the film after his Diwali release ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’.



  • @james r u playing games
    ghajini was a blockbuster no hirani/dhoom
    i think ur a SRKAY fan
    respect aamir if u r a salmaniac

  • @james’s games
    either respect or ignore aamir
    dnt try to insult aamir if u r realy a salman fan
    mediamade artificial actor SRKAY is our target

  • Looking like another ATBB on the way
    Salman’s stardom + Good Content + Festive Period == All records shattered

    Also Salman khan will grab other’s Festive release as well
    Eid 2016 Sultan
    Eid 2017 Devil
    Eid 2018 Dabang 3
    Meanwhile Atul’s next and the above script of Vijayendra Prashad will go on floors, so Bhai will certainly grab others Diwali or May be Christmas if Aamir will not have any release after Dangal

  • Oh it means once again Guilty Bhaijaan will be overshadowed by 6 years old girl like Harshali and Nawaz like in Nawazuddin Bhaijaan… Cool .

  • Bhaijaan has realised that his Megastardom+Script/Content= ATBB. I believe he will continue this.
    Let his his brothers and other family members produce his films is fine. But don’t let them direct your movies. :)

  • Vijendra prasad is one of the most successful screen writers in Tollywood and almost all the films that he has written have been commercial BBs Baahubali & BB being the latest and he has particularly written this script exclusively for salman keeping his stardom, screen image , charm and mannerisms in mind so without a doubt the movie would have all the ‘salmanisms’ required in it to become an another mega BB, it just needs a good competent director , how about the man s.s rajamouli himself directing salman in this movie and releasing it during xmas or eid or diwali periods, wow! It would be just insane! If it happens then be rest assured that this movie could gross 900 or even 1000 crores worldwide , the genius of rajamouli , megastardom of salman and the holiday period would be one hell of a ‘history-making ‘ combination!

  • @James I have been noticing u taking digs at aamir since few weeks, chill bro , if I am not wrong u have been on indicine from a long time and u r a huge salman fan and I never saw u say anything bad against aamir earlier but suddenly what happened now, u seem to be doing it intentionally without any purpose ?

    Don’t want these silly useless fights & arguments between aamir & salman fans, stop talking bad about aamir , chill bro :)

  • all those who are saying i am a srk fan then i am sorry you all are wrong.
    I think i am the greatest salman fan on earth
    I have been his fan since my childhood when i watched Karan arjun for the first time in 2003 i was 7 years old that time Ask me any thing about salman and i will give u detail answer
    In this website i saw some aamir fans posting against my bhaijaan so i cannot tolerate and decided to do same for aamir Talking about SRK, he is my worst actor after abhisek

  • It is Good that Salman is open to good scripts. He has proved that if he mix his stardom with good content it can do wonders and unimaginable business at Box Office !!!!!!!!!!!

    @james : Stop creating rifts between SAL-MIR fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Srk upcoming film Fan & Raees looks like classic movie both film will collect over 1200 crore worldwide . Srk haters just wait & watch .

  • @6:16pm

    When you saw Karan Arjun in 2003 for the first time you were wearing a lungi that day n you became a Lungiwala…!

    You are not a Salman fan but a Sartk fan.

  • @NVS

    No offence but I dont know this lungiwala JAMES but then again I dont know you anymore as I suspect you are also a chameleon but I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you returned afew months back. I dont feel salmir fans should extend that same courtesy to this JAMES orc creature- fake name/ dake ID/ fake fan…!

  • This @Eric is a Chameleon Amir Fan who may also have IDs like @gj007 and @Komal Nahi Nahata.
    There are also IDs like @DST and @David.

    This guy is an intelligent chameleone who hates Salman like Panauti Babaji ki Ghanta!
    I hate intelligent chameleons.

    But I can tolerate and ignore dumb fans like sss, Iamakn and nipun!

  • @James, stop bashing Amir yaar. I can’t see this. Be patient a bit. And I am with you being an emotional great Salman fan.

    And.. There is this @Eric a Chameleon, an Amir Fan who may also have IDs like @gj007 and @Komal Nahi Nahata.
    There are also IDs like @DST and @David.

    This guy is an intelligent chameleone who hates Salman like Panauti Babaji ki Ghanta!
    I hate intelligent chameleons.

    But I can tolerate and ignore dumb fans like sss, Iamakn and nipun!

  • I hope he continues to give movies like BB. It was a masterpiece. Cant wait for PRDP. It will definitely break manipulated opening record of Crappy new year by big margin. And after that sarookh will not have a single record of his own. Varunwaale will chase PK’s opening as this time there is no deepika, holiday release and clash with BM, so even 20 Cr opening will be difficult for varunwaale. Next year dangal will break all records. So no HGOTY of srk for 9 years in a row.

  • @Anand_the Chameleon, so there you are. I caugh you. So You are @James. First you started to bash Aamir by this @James ID and now you are talking about me. FYI I have huge respect for Salman and I never hate him. He is my 2nd favorite after aamir. But I am big aamir fan so I cant see anyone writing any shit about him. Now come to you, dont even dare to be saint. You have also bashed aamir many times before. So it wont be wrong to say that you are an intellegent chameleon. And FYI I only use this Id. Read my comments and read all comments of @gj007, @komal nahi nahata, @David and @DST. You wont find any similarity. So better stop judging others. And I never abused Salman, I only responded when Salman dans tried to bash Aamir. Understand this Mr. Chameleon AKA Anand_the Fake!!!

  • How insane this @Eric is!! ha ha ha ha!! @James will be ROFL reading your assumption that @James is me.. So good assumption I should say.
    @Eric, don’t portray yourself as saint. I’ve seen you bashing Salman even under the articles in which no Salman fan had bashed Aamir.
    You just simply can’t tolerate the fact that people mention him as BO king in India.

  • Stardom is beyond imaginatn.
    Result minm blockbuster.
    For salman blockbuster era already finished ,its tym for ATBB & HGOTY era to begin.

  • Doosra and teesra khan’ scans are fighting,too much fun.come on decade struggler untalented papa’s boy fans,KING IS COMING to RULE BO from THIS CHRISTMAS to FOREVER.

  • @Anand you idiot the way you are supporting James proves that ots non other than you. You seriously need to wear glasses đź‘“ before you read the comments. I haven’t bashed Salman without any reason unless his fans like you AKA James, @yuvraj started to bash Aamir. I am at least not a chameleon like you.

  • @sss dont even for a movement think that third khan will take. Dont forget he has consistently failed to deliver HGOTY since 8 years in a row. This year will be included as eighth year for him having no highest grosser of the year. Lol. Even if we have some little misunderstandings, we are still not cheap like you queentards. So font even think that your chameleonism will work either.

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