Salman Khan to work with the writer of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’

Writer Vijayendra Prasad, father of director S.S. Rajamouli, is in huge demand after the worldwide success of his two films ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

According to a report on DNA India, Prasad flew to Mumbai to narrate his latest script to Salman Khan. The actor liked the script and felt that it has the potential to be as big a success as ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

“Salman loved the story that Vijayendraji narrated to him. He feels it has the potential to be another Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Salman will now scout for the right director for the film. It won’t be Kabir Khan this time.”

Vijendra Prasad confirmed the same and said the film would be about the concept of humanism, much like Bajrangi Bhaijaan

“Yes, Mr Khan heard a story from me. He really liked it. All I can tell you about the story is that it is again based on the concept of humanism above all other values” Prasad said.

In recent times, after the record-breaking success of typical Salman Khan masala films, the actor has opted for films with a good storyline. Sources say, the script of Sultan has also shaped up very well and Salman is excited about starting the film after his Diwali release ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’.



  • Excited.. This will be movie to watch out for..if they start shooting soon, it will release in 2016..

    Looking forward to this epic film and also Azhar in 2016… Excited

  • Awesome… If so then Salman would be way ahead than his contemporaries in both the markets(India and overseas )

  • some silly aamir and srk fans say salman is due to south remakes and yes i also agree with that But now i am asking a question to all of them
    Salman +south remake=blockbuster
    Salman +no south remake(Bajrangi)=ATBB
    It means salman has that power to give blockbuster both with remakes and non remakes Thats what i call a power of megastar who can turn anything into gold
    Srk acted in masala in CE which became blockbuster but can aamir act in such remakes and make it huge Blockboster as salman did?? I bet you he cannot becoz he is only a star of hirani and dhoom

  • salman + south remake= BB
    Aamir+south remake= megaflop
    Salman +1 gud film>>> aamir all gud films
    Reason Bajrangi almost broke PK record but couldnot unfortunately due to some reasons like Baahubali,drishyam,china release,holidays

  • PRDP Diwali2015
    Sultan Eid2016

    After that Salman should do Film on Vijendra Prasad’s script.
    Article says no Kabir Khan this time but Salman said in recent interview that he will work with Kabir for one more film.
    So i think this will be on V.Prasad’s script.

    So i hope Salman+Kabir+V.Prasad once again Eid2017.

    My humble request to Salman please dont work with Arbaaz or Atul.
    Yes with Sohail is acceptable but not with Arbaaz.

    We want Dabangg3 but not directed by Arbaaz Khan.

  • Wow.. this combination again will turn out to be deadly.. Same like Salman-Sooraj and Salman-Kabir combo.. With Right director at its helm this movie will be another game changer…

  • It is good to see that Salman is opting for good movies after BB . In PRDP Salman will play a double role . In Sultan Salman is playing the role of a Wrestler and also a Father according to reports . It will be great to see Salman doing a movie which will be written by Vijayendra Prasad . If Salman will do good movies then it will do excellent business . Waiting for the official announcement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @james,

    I am a Salman fan, but don’t ridicule Aamir. Did you forget Gajini? It was the first 100 cr movie in history of hindi cinema. He started the trend of 100 cr movies when it looked impossible.

    Salman and Aamir fans are not here to fight.

    Most of the name calling and thrashing of Salman and Aamir are done by fake IDs used by fans of srk, and it is well known that they just cannot see the rise of these two stars to the level no has even dreamed of.

    I bet they creatd all the bitterness between Akshay and Ajay fans too. Majority of srk fans have the policy of dividing other fans using tactics of belittling other stars with fake IDs.

  • @james

    dont know whose fan you are but you are not a Salman fan.

    Salman fan not insults Aamir & Aamir fans not insults Salman.

    & for your information Aamir did a south remake Ghajni & its ATBB.

    Also Salman’s Dabangg,Dabangg2 & ETT are also not south remakes still all are blockbusters.

    So dont try to make fight between Salman & Aamir fans.

    @All SalAamir fans.

    Please dont respond this guy.He is trying to start fight betwenn Salman & Aamir fans.

  • @james:
    If you are a real Bhai fan, not a chameleon id then don’t bash Aamir and concentrate more on loongiwala. Because both Bhai & Aamir are great actors unlike some 2rs overactor fake king.

  • @tiger 2:38pm

    Well done buddy- you are a chameleon hunter just like me- we can spot their underlying treachery from a mile away…!

  • On the other side Hollywood superstar sylvester Stallone wants KING SALMAN in expendable 3.
    Let’s see if he signs that Hollywood project or not

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