Salman Khan, the most handsome actor after Shashi Kapoor?

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who is one of the most active users on social media website Twitter, has said that Salman Khan is the most handsome actor that the industry has produced after Shashi Kapoor.

Rishi tweeted

Handsome. After Shashi Kapoor, think Salman Khan is the only one. What blessed looks!

Legendary actor Shashi Kapoor was recently honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award.

Salman Khan greets fans outside his house after returning from court

Salman Khan greets fans outside his house after returning from court

While fans of incredibly good looking and handsome actors like Dharmendra and Hrithik Roshan might argue, do you think Salman Khan is the most handsome actor in the industry today? Tell us!

Update (thanks to our reader ‘Challa)): Rishi apologised for not mentioning Hrithik and tweeted “Sorry. Hritik, my kid, how could I forget. Sorry Duggu you are The Greek God!!! Love you bachcha”

And Rishi did not forget to mention his son, Ranbir Kapoor, either “But mere liye mera beta mere aankh ka taara. Deadly combination of what is needed in films. Jai Mata Di!”



  • @Indicine please conduct a poll–who is more good looking Hrithik OR Salman…

    it will clear all the doubts of bhojpurians….LOL

  • Hrithik any day, any time. No dbout…
    Don’t forget he’s Greek God & 4 times voted as sexiest Asian.
    1700 marriage proposal in a single day and still recorded in Limca book of record. Don’t compare superhero with a 3rd class tapori hero

  • According to me sashi kapoor also not a so much handsome person.I think rishi kapoor is most handsome person in whole kapoor family.

    This is the list of handsome actors up to 90’s


    salman is outlisted because he was exactly looking like a saky during early 90’s and in AAA his beggar look also was too awesome,lol.but now he is looking like a swelled buffalo.

    KING KHAN is EVERGREEN HANDSOME ACTOR of bollywood and ONE and ONLY BIGGEST ROMANCE STAR ON whole EARTH in which place earlier MEGASTAR RAJESHJI was there.everyone can do ROMANCE MOVIES,But no one can be BEST like MEGASTARS RAJESH JI AND KING SRK.

  • See the logic of sss ,he must be drunk ,so i request u 2 not 2 comment when u r drunk .
    Seriously man u should have use ur brain .

  • * beauty is the wisdom of woman but wisdom is the beauty of man…….. !!!!!
    for me beauty does not matter for actors.
    srk has all when it comes to versatility.
    hrithik best dancer, has best body.
    best look…
    sallu is too little too old lol….????!
    he is not handsome at all…. ??
    for me he is as ugly as moneky.

  • @sss: For how many people you will say they are wrong ?? I hope someday you use your rustry brain n think about it !!!!!!!

  • @sss (senseless shameless srktard) hahahaha chtye what did u say , ur she-queen srk is the most handsome actor ? hahahaha even ur she-queen will laugh at ur stupidity, bobby darling, kjo & srk are of the same gender and both bobby & kjo are zillion times more better looking than ur she-queen who looks like a tranni with a monkey like face & a donkey like body , even TB & HIV+ patients look more better & healthy than ur cheap she-queen , accept it or not SRK IS THE MOST UGLIEST LOOKING SUPERSTAR EVER . period!

    @nipun & to other HR fans , I too agree that HR is more good looking than salman but HR never looks as macho & as charismatic as salman , salman will look good in any kind of dress or uniform be it in formals or in traditional wear or in casual dress and in every kind of dress , HR looks very good in cool stylish dresses but he doesn’t look that good in formals and casuals . Salman in police uniform is the best looking policeman on the silver screen followed by ajay d & akki , HR can never look as good as these hunks in a police uniform and Lol forget about srk he will look like a municipality worker in a police uniform Lol :D

  • Wht is wrong With the Ppl here
    i can understand as other heroes fan will nvr say anything brilliant about akki bt the truth is dat Akshay Kumar is the most handsome superstar of bollywood..even sallu bhabhi malliaika arora said Dat the most handsome actor ever :P
    kuch filmo m mustache nd beard bhda li toh bhul gye Akki k killer luks ko ! he is still the most gud lukin actor ever .

  • srk and handsome? what are you smoking mate?
    hrithik is handsome no doubt but his nose is a let down. looks wise Salman is the best esp during his early 40s and even now he looks really good for his age.

  • KING KHAN already won the poll of best handsome actor in India followed by john and salman is good in looks but not handsome.

    Some idiots written over there hr is more versatile than KING SRK,really?have you drunken,lol.

    List of handsomes from early 90’s up to date

    Shahid kapoor
    Neil nitin mukesh
    Amir khan
    Hrithik roshan
    John Abraham
    Varun dhawan
    Sidharth malhotra
    Ali zafar
    Akshay kumar

    This should be the right order.salman is out listed because he is looking like a tapori not as a hero so he couldn’t be added into the list and also he is called the bad boy of Bollywood.

    Still KING SRK and Shahid are my favourites in terms of handsomeness and great looks.

  • He iz most handsome actor in the world … no body will come like him in the film industry ..

    &.. i wants to be like Salman khan.

  • 2 min silence for those, who r still thinking, that srk can even come in the list of handsome guys… after seeing that pic at salman residence… lol… definetly he was looking father of all bollywood actors.. right now… hahahaha..

  • Salman khan is the most handsome actor not only in bollywood even in world. He was Seventh most handsome in the world. After him, then comes others. Salman also had good body building. Now a days good human.

  • Oh my god people please Hrithik Roshan has the looks that can make even Hollywood female actresses swoon over him whereas Salman is known as good looking man only in India but in worldwide there are millions of guys who are better looking than him who not only have the taller height than Salman but also exudes sex appeal onscreen that Salman lacks. whereas Hrithik is the toughest competitor for any hot Hollywood male celebrities like : Bradley Cooper , Brad Pitt , Channing Tatum , Zac Efron , Robert Pattinson , etc……………………………………………………….. Hrithik even looks dapper in whatever he wears because of his oh-so-stunningly great looks with a physique to die for whereas Salman looks better only in Indian attrires rather than western .

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