Salman Khan, the most handsome actor after Shashi Kapoor?

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who is one of the most active users on social media website Twitter, has said that Salman Khan is the most handsome actor that the industry has produced after Shashi Kapoor.

Rishi tweeted

Handsome. After Shashi Kapoor, think Salman Khan is the only one. What blessed looks!

Legendary actor Shashi Kapoor was recently honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award.

Salman Khan greets fans outside his house after returning from court

Salman Khan greets fans outside his house after returning from court

While fans of incredibly good looking and handsome actors like Dharmendra and Hrithik Roshan might argue, do you think Salman Khan is the most handsome actor in the industry today? Tell us!

Update (thanks to our reader ‘Challa)): Rishi apologised for not mentioning Hrithik and tweeted “Sorry. Hritik, my kid, how could I forget. Sorry Duggu you are The Greek God!!! Love you bachcha”

And Rishi did not forget to mention his son, Ranbir Kapoor, either “But mere liye mera beta mere aankh ka taara. Deadly combination of what is needed in films. Jai Mata Di!”



  • I think he’s trying to please salman fans after criticizing them for their blind support of salman.

    most handsome is hrithik n john.

  • Ha ha.. The best joke.. What a killer one.. Indicine should post more jokes like this!!

    SRK n AAMIR looks much better than this South Remaker BHAI.

  • Obviously Salman Khan the most handsome actor in Bollywood after shashi kapoor..East or west ..Salman is the best…
    Waiting for bajarangi bhaijaan..

  • Not a single doubt about it, he is the George clooney of Bollywood or George clooney is salman of Hollywood, not only he is handsome he got personality n physique

  • Salman khan is most handsome actor not only in bollywood even in world most handsome is salman khan no one come close to him …..

  • There is No Doubt about it.He is The most Handsome Actor of Bollywood.Other Actors look Downright Stupid,tired and full of wrinkles when Clicked Normally.But Look at Salman Khan in all those Recent pics during Verdict.No Make Up,No Special Effects,No slow motion Effects But Still the Charisma,Attitude and Looks of Salman are to Die For.His Unbuttoned Shirt,That Beard,That walking Style,His Unique Wave to his Fans,His Unique way of Holding Mobile Phone and to that,add his Bracelet and you get Most Good looking Man Ever.

  • Yes, Salman Khan is the most good looking actor we have had in recent times. I’m not saying that there is no other good looking actors, but they are not as good as Salman Khan.

  • No doubt about that but even saif Ali khan is very good looking but at the moment hrithik roshan is most handsome because he came after salman khan..

  • I can’t tell if he is handsome or not but Iam sure he is one of the best good looking guys in Btown.

  • He is doing damage control because the relationship is very tense between ranbir and salman..

    And when was shashi kapoor so handsome..

  • Obviously Salman Khan the most HANDSOME actor in Bollywood but not after Shashi kapoor. He was not at all Handsome Sorry…

  • Smart move by rishi kapoor
    He knows that many of salman fans are so brainless that they will go to theaters to watch Bombay velvet on Friday because of this praise..
    Nice move

  • No salman its our king rishi kapoor is paid by salman and he wants the support of salmaniacs for BV. Rishi sir must see movies like paheli and ra.1

  • what is the need of question mark on his handsomeness? he is the most handsome beleive it or not. those who thinks hrithik or any other watch pogo tv.

  • Lagta hai indicine anti-akshay ho gaya hai na to collection ka news bata rha aur gabbar is back ka 2nd weekend collection 12.75cr. hai aur ye 11.5 cr. Upadate kar rakha hai.
    height of biasness!!
    hadd hai corruption ki

  • @indicine ? double u tee Eff ? y arent u allowing my comment ? there is nothing wrong in my comment..its the 3rd time u have done so.. while people like @sss and others speak abusive BS and u allow there comment..

  • Before release of welcome to Karachi he will tweet that Jacky bhagnani is the most talented actor after Raj kapoor

  • ofcousre in mentioning most handsome there is only name come is Salman khan after some thinking its hrithik and others so once again ptroof Salman is natural most handsome and others are fake.

  • Hr is handsome but his looks are artificial where as bhaijaan has natural looks and body his face is to die for Proud of you bhaijaan

  • Waiting for the powerful dialogues, dhamakey daar action and unique dance moves by Salman Khan on our favorite festival EID 2015 release Bajrangi Bhaijan.

    Except Salman Bhai i did not enjoyed any other Superstars movies on EID Festival, EID festival suits only on Salman Bhai.

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