Salman Khan, the most handsome actor after Shashi Kapoor?

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who is one of the most active users on social media website Twitter, has said that Salman Khan is the most handsome actor that the industry has produced after Shashi Kapoor.

Rishi tweeted

Handsome. After Shashi Kapoor, think Salman Khan is the only one. What blessed looks!

Legendary actor Shashi Kapoor was recently honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award.

Salman Khan greets fans outside his house after returning from court

Salman Khan greets fans outside his house after returning from court

While fans of incredibly good looking and handsome actors like Dharmendra and Hrithik Roshan might argue, do you think Salman Khan is the most handsome actor in the industry today? Tell us!

Update (thanks to our reader ‘Challa)): Rishi apologised for not mentioning Hrithik and tweeted “Sorry. Hritik, my kid, how could I forget. Sorry Duggu you are The Greek God!!! Love you bachcha”

And Rishi did not forget to mention his son, Ranbir Kapoor, either “But mere liye mera beta mere aankh ka taara. Deadly combination of what is needed in films. Jai Mata Di!”



  • Indicine@ — Not Surprising…!!! Salman has been voted as 5th best looking Man in the World and 1st Best Looking Man in Asia in Times Magazine. He is very Handsome, with a Killer Smile & Great Physique. He has started the trend of Body Building and the whole concept of being Super-Fit in the Glamour Industry of India & has become a Role Model for all the new Actors.

  • Hrithik is the most good looking actor followed by salman @pokeman seriously srk and aamir hahaha!

  • if any one want like to know most handsome man by people,s vote then do a proper of India and i am 100000% sure Salman will get 80% vote that,s why he has biggest fan following despite average acting his looks can crazy any people due to his looks and style he is the biggest star of this country.

  • ni doubt…prem …. or chulbul with beard without beard…he looks fab…a moron above said he is trying to please him on u mad..he is rishi kapoor….
    my special mention srk here…nt gud luking .. byt still he become king of romance….

  • @ rock – john is most gud looking??? OMG…. john is gud but best? cm on… there r deep holes in johns face like ur brain…

  • salman was voted as 7th most gud luking man on planet in 2007..
    in above pic luk how gud a 50 yr old sleepless n depressed person cn luk like..

  • I have seen so many people as good looking as Salman. Hrithik is the most good-looking actor! Have u seen Hro’s looks in Kites!! He looks like a Greek God while Salman looks ordinary!
    Many actors like Sid Malhotra,Neil look better than Salman.
    It was an unnecessary article by Indicine! . He has later mentioned @iHrithik’s name which shows Rishiji had forgot about Hro and later rectified his mistake. So what’s the point in making a title like “Salman is the 2nd handsome man after Shashi Kapoor”?
    Also what about Rajesh Khanna? Isn’t he always admired for his looks? Same goes for Dharamji.

  • haters thinks that salman’s father helped him in bollywood but reality- the filmmakers were originally toying with Vikas Bhalla (later actor and singer) forthe role eventually done by salman Khan in maine pyar kiya ? Other contenders included Deepak Tijori and even Piyush Mishra!*. Salman Khan came in, recommended by model Shabina Dutt, who was herself rejectedas the female lead?

  • every one knows in b-town that rishi is not having good relation with ranbir kapoor otherwise he wouldnt have said this.
    he would have gone for ranbir instead of sallu.

  • Without a shadow of doubt it is Salman Khan but I would put Dharam ji in a close second- both are Macho but with killer looks to boot- deadly combination but throw in charisma n a gawjus smile then its unbeatable…!

  • No facial feature of Salman or Dharmendra looks odd but take one look at Jadoo Boys nostrils n mosquitos will fly 100mph in the opposite direction- that hooter (nose) is a death trap…!

  • if salman is ordinary then why he declared asia,s most handsome man by people,s magazine it was decoded by votes lol on nipoon

  • My list top 3 best looks in Hindi cinema
    Macho stylist dashing killer looks
    1. Salman
    2. Dharmendra
    3. Hritik
    4. Akshay

    Best chocolate boy looks
    1. Dev Anand
    2. Amir khan
    3. Rishi kapoor

    Average looks but great personality yet charming
    1. Bachchan sahab
    2. Shahrukh khan
    3. Dilip sahab

  • Salman is without a doubt, the most naturally handsome hunk of Bollywood. Perfect blend of macho and coolness which both classes and masses like. HR is good but artificial.

  • Bhojpurians are talking about Salman being considered as d 7th handsome man in the world! Should I show them how many such titles Hro has won? Lol

  • No doubt ..salman is most handsome with unique pesonality ,his charming and attrative attitude and luks ,and hrithik also luks handsome but he lacks in pesonality and attitude.
    And i know the most jealous people are srk fan , they are burning too much after reading this post and they r the only 1 who doesnt want 2 accept it .

  • Everyone knows that hrithik is most good looking actor ever born in India…..Salman also looks handsome but please don’t compare him with Greek god…

    and @indicine in your previous article you conducted a poll in which hrithik won by huge margin…75 % of your readers think that hrithik is most good looking actor…

  • it’s just insecurity n jealousy of Salman fans that they think Salman is better than hrithik which is not true…

  • He is better than Salman in looks.
    He is better than aamir in acting
    He is better than SRK in versatility
    He is better than all in dance
    He is better than all in physique


  • Shashi kapoor is never been handsome. He is very ugly. And no salman is not handsome. There are many actors who has better looks then him . They are john abhram,dharbendra,aamir khan, shahid kapoor, ranbir kapoor, varun , sid, vidhyut jambal, ritesh deshmukh, neil and so on.

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