Salman Khan talks about India – Pakistan relationship

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has spoken about the current political situation involving India and Pakistan. The actor said it’s better to have a peaceful environment, †but added that the action taken by the Indian government and army was “proper” because they were terrorists.

“Ideally it should have been a situation of peace between the two countries. Every action has a reaction and what happened now was our reaction to an action. At†this stage, I think it would be better if we stay with peace and spread love across the border. I think our action was proper because they were terrorists”

When asked about the controversy on the ban of Pakistani actors, Salman defended them saying they are not terrorists but artists who come with work permit.

“Terrorists and artists are different. Do you think there is no difference between an actor and a terrorist? Actors come here with a proper visa granted by government. They have a proper work permit” he added.

However, like always, the actor’s sane and balanced comments have been quoted out of context.†The mainstream media has headlined his quotes as “backing Pakistani actors” which could erupt into a new controversy.



  • first he supported yakub menon now pakistani artist. why salman why dont try to be pakistan’s bhaijaan as they dont deserves it. u didnt condemn uri attack but now giving your opinion. if our country is doing something good then you must support them. please salman dont make us hate you. talk sensibly otherwise keep quiet.

  • Indicine you are right, in Twitter these so called media showing this news as “Salman openly support Pakistani Actors”……..Salman said just in line in that interview that “these actors work here because they got work permit from our government”…….and media make the headline of it…..But they did not mention that Salman also said that he support the Indian army surgical strike and About “to maintain Peace between two country”……….If media wants then they can make headline as “Salman openly support Peace between two countries”…….But no they want the TRP…..Actually media is the main culprit who always try to spread hatred……

  • When Salman says something, usne aisa kyun kahan?
    When heís quiet, kuch kyun nahin keh raha hai?
    In short,

    Demand Govít for #PakArtistsBanned If Govít does, we are ready….

  • pak artist not saying anything about controversery??? just think once why??? unke lawyer jo h bollywood mai… pak artist apna stand le skte h, wo justify kr sakte h but wo kyu apni country k opposite jaenge.. or na hi yaha kuch opposite bolenge kyuki yaha se earn krna h… dono taraf ho gye maje …..indians ne pehle bi ese liberals k naam pe apni marwayi h , british se , neighbour se for land & water, raja log b pehle maaf kr dia krte the or phir maar khate the… ab to samjo or country ko support kro

  • First of all everybody has a right to freedom of speech today people are in so hurry to make a thing so big it’s not necessary that everybody think like a bhakt what salman said is totally correct and ha its not means that he is deshdrohi now and favouring any particular country like you blaming at the time when srk share his views on intolerance. It’s government who decided to whom he is going to ban and it’s not a solution war is not only a solution our fight is against terrorism and we doing it bravely now we have to set an example in front of world that we are peaceful people. And show good gesture to those pakistani who really want to friend with us that’s why we change there precipitation against india and against their own govt. like adanan sami now he blame his own country pak for terrorism. Make india gesture better in front of world. so War is not a solution at all. it’s neither work for Pakistan nor for india we have to find a solution bcoz we also know not all pakistani are bad they also love peace luv our actor &industry too but there government forces and some terrorist like hafiz saeed miss guide them against us and not want peace between these two countries and what he want exactly happen now. artist, singer, & players are only hope for well being for our relationship which is also going to broken now. you guys have not behaving like an immature kids can you tell me where was so called bhakt MNS when flood affect india heavly??? Why they not doing any step against unemployment, poorty, inflation they only came once in a year and that is for banning artists and banning north indians what can we expect with a party who banning his own people from a particular state.

  • @unmatchable makki

    “Canada govt give him Canadian citizenship”…. Abey dumbistani chichora bas itni hi hai gobar ka deshbhakti??? Koi bhi era-gera Desh ka citizenship le leta hai!!!

    Maybe Salman did hundreds of wrong things in his life. But he hasn’t gave Indian citizenship unlike ur greedy gobar. Being an Indian he has every right to speak anything related to India. But any Canadian or Pakistani citizen (as well as their fanatics) has no right to blabber on India and Indian issues.

  • @Salman Fan 7.20pm

    That’s bold but true…nice 1 ?

    Let d 2 movies release ,d public chooses what they want to watch period!! I would’ve used this opportunity to capitalize on “Advantage Shivaay” but that will be quite Chickening on me and my Icon Ajay sir!….both Raees and Adhm should be released …hard work being ruined due to some local political thugs ..”yeh kaha ki insaaf hai”?

    @Ally ..6.06



    Pls,calm down…let’s not be sentimental…India is way bigger than Maharastra (mind you I have Marathi blood in my veins). Let’s be honest ,Raj T is f..k..g up big time!!! Support d truth friend.


    That’s very transparent and humble of you. I can’t point a finger on any errors in your write up…be it negative or positive impact at the end…i hardly miss out reading all @ANK,@Aashish and your comments. Kudos ?, India 1st while the rest follows!!

  • Didn’t play cricket with Pak since long but no cricketer make foolish demand as Sallu. Difference betwn Hero & Non Hero. The awkward moment when you find that MNS chief Raj Thackeray making more sense than these intellectual Liberals

  • Why the double standards people?? Had it been Aamir or Srk saying those statements,people would be screaming out of outrage by now,protesting in front of their houses,rioting but cause it’s coming from Bhaijaan the masses just shut their mouths up and go blind and ignorant.Double standards kyun?? #BeingNumb&Dumb2Bhai

  • Salman dznt say anythn- controversy
    Salman comments- controversy
    Media knows how to milk salman
    But us fans hv a connection …we know …
    Alas sm people were criticising him for no tweets/comments…. hope dey got dr ans and wat ans by salman….hit d nail on d head…..but haters will always twist and i m sure criticise ds also on some pretext ….kp on hating….tum log jalte raho…..
    For a guy whose md fun of ki he has no brain …and alike… an idiot mk ds valid points …..smone cmmntd he thinks world is simple or issues r simple 4 him …
    If u see problems solutions are easy only …its tough to walk dat path …..ideal world is wat we all wld want sane people ….no violence ..peace but every action has a reaction …we wld lk friendly relations wd pak but its difficult coz of dr support to terrorists ….
    Well said salman
    Superb job INDIAN ARMY

  • Good points @xzone on regarding ds issue …..also in reply to rajesh kulkarni….abt Thackeray’s xactly wat i feel ..u hv nicely pointed it out and i m sure dr r mny who think alike…..its not nationalism wat dey do …..
    And as i said earlier on adhm and raees article ….dey shld gt a normal release and govt and police shld tk action against anyone disrupting screening…..dose r INDIAN films and dey deserve a normal release ….aftr dat upto public …to watch or not……and i hope if screens r disrupted dn public comes out in full support and stands against dese morons and demands to watch dese mvz in theatres so dat dese morons can know dr rightful place and know dat we dnt support such thinking …bullyng ……and to rajesh kulkarni …seriously raj Thackeray is a grt man??…..wat great deeds hs ds man done ….and MnS and shiv sena ….first dey dnt want north indians in Maharashtra ..dr its all about regionalism …..whr ds nationalism go at dat issue??? …politics of convenience…. dz people mk our country weaker…

  • @ Tamed Tigress,


    Tere Non Actor ki film ka ye dialogue hai na, Achchha hua aaj Tere hi kaam aa gaya…

    What did you say above?
    “Maybe Salman did hundreds of wrong things in his life.”

    Abey Dhakkan, Usse wrong things nahi CRIME kahte hai aur uski sazaa usse mil rahi hai baari baari, Ek baar aur jaayega jail aur zindagi issi cour ke chakkar aur jail mein beetni hai Usi…

    I have not seen a fool like you in my whole life who is putting above the thing of having citizenship of other country above the crimes, murder, torture, abuse, hit n run case, blackbuck hunting, supporting terrorists, etc.

    Claps for you, MORON…!!!

    Listen loggerhead,
    If Akshay is having citizenship of Canada then tell me how many time he spends there? Do You have any proof? I WANT REPLY FROM YOUR SIDE NOW…

    Akshay has been living here by birth, doing acting here, releasing 4 films a year for his fans, paying taxes to Indian Government with loyalty, strengthening women of India by opening self defence academies, promoting martial arts in india as initiating to make it a subject in schools, without any publicity he has been doing charity, giving support to martyrs families, supported to drought affected villages…

    Are you pointing to AKKI? Arey, Khud ke girebaan mein jhhaak aur dekh, AAJ WO INSAAN YAHA STATEMENT DE RAHA HAI KI, PAKISTAN KE ARTISTS KO SUPPORT KARTA HU…
    Wo artists jinhone Uri attacks mein maare gaye soldiers ke liye kuchh nahi likha…


    Tu Akki ko point kar raha hai, Abey dhakkan, Akki ne Uri Attack mein shaheedo ke liye react kiya hai tab kaha tha Ye Bhai Jaan?

    Paksitan Artists ko ban karte hi bahar nikal aaya Apne bil se…!!!

    Ye to support karega na, Jakar puchh Unn 19 martyrs ki families se, Unn par kya beet rahi hai? Aur Ye Non Actor Unn logo ko support kar raha hai, Jinhone kabhi react nahi kiya…

    Laanat hai Tujhh par aur Tere aise 2 kodi ke actor par jo Being Human organization chalata hai, Apni buraiyo par parda daalne ke liye, BOL USSE KI PAHLE HUMAN BAN FIR YE SAB KARNA…

    Get lost…

  • @Sk fan you were being sarcastic right? you meant to talk about either Aamir or Srk right! Cause I don’t see that much of a reaction/controversy around now opposed to if it was these last two saying those same words or not saying anything.In this country there’s only Bhai who can get away with anything,everybody know it

  • Yesterday all salman fans were acting like deshbhakt when mns want to ban pak artist just because srk movie has one actress but today everybody favoring Salmans statement on Pakistani artist. Hypocratic at its best.

  • If u r real man fight with army! not boycott iskooo, boycott oskoo, nonsense!!!! Actors are not responsible,,, !! don’t behave like girls,,, sallu right,,,, “!”

  • @vytus … man if i wld hv bn sarcastic ….everyone wld hv got d sarcasm…..i wrote wat i felt…..and yes hv supported both srk aamir on dr intolerance controversy on various platforms……
    And to others who say salman fans changed dr stance once salman came out wd his statements….i wld say nope dats not d case …and personally bfr ds article ..i xpressed sm thing on article abt banning adhm/raees mvz …..d issue here is much bigger dn a salman v srk fan club fight and tsking potshots …..
    Hope ds clarifies @vytax

  • @vytus… on the basis of ur comment salman is the biggest megastar of bollywood and India even bigger than some politician coz even on politician’s remark some start protesting.

  • thanks for d info…most indians thought they are working for jaish e mohamad…and hume laga ki woh bajrangi jaise border cross kar ke aa gaye…aapne toh knowledge bada dii hamari sir..

  • @unmatchable makki

    Abey dumbistani dehati where did he support Pakistan here??? You ANDHI dukan…read article at first. There is clearly written that he condemned Uri attack and praised Indian Army. Still you bloody morons see him supporting Pakistan.

    BTW, if your gobar is such a big deshbhakt then WTH he accepted the citizenship of other country??? Bas itnisi hai gobar ki deshpremi??? Waaak thu…..!!!

    Chichora makkians (Until Salmanís statement): Salman is a pro Pakistani, terrorist supporter and blah blah blahÖ.thatís why he hasnít condemned Uri attack and hasn’t praised Indian army.

    Chichora gobarpurians (After Salmanís statement): He has court cases, recently he made wrong comment on rape, he beated Aish and blah blah blah. Hence he has no right to praise Indian army.

    Abey idiotic gobarpurians…Ö proof kya karna chahte ho??? Wo kuch naa kahe toh galat kuch kahe toh firbhi galat!!!

  • @ Tamed Tigress,

    Keep braking, You cannot hide the truth, YOU ARE A SUPPORTER OF CRIMINAL AND ACCEPT IT…

    You are as equal responsible of killing of our 19 soldiers by terrorists as the Pakistan artists are, who even did not comment for those martyrs even they had been requested to only tweet as, IT WAS DISGRACEFUL…

    They even wrote this even and You Bhai supporting such bastards, Chullu bhar paani hai to abhi bhi sharm kar le, Dhakkan…

  • @Rajesh : So according your bhakt and chaddi army logic anyone who condemns your comment is a congress pro and MIM chaa tu ? Did I name Rahul or Congress or MIM or Owaisi ? Are you hallucinating ? Your comment show how hatred is filled in your mind. WTH are you to decide who is Indian and who is patriot ? India belongs to all its people who live here and contribute towards the nation building and growth irrespective of place, color, religion, language, party. First be an Indian instead of chela of MNS or Thackreys. MNS is not Indian Govt to issue warnings and call the shots, get this thing in your mind !!!!!!!!!!

  • Well said Salman bhai. If his statement is not correct then it only means that our govt had been giving visas to the terrorist for many years. & this is d bitter reality of media in taking mileage from d big famous personality’s comment n twist it to anti-nationalist way.

  • The whole indian want to touch of Salman. Salman Khan is not only a Star but also A BRAND name.
    for this reason, everyone uses his name.

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