Salman Khan talks about India – Pakistan relationship

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has spoken about the current political situation involving India and Pakistan. The actor said it’s better to have a peaceful environment, but added that the action taken by the Indian government and army was “proper” because they were terrorists.

“Ideally it should have been a situation of peace between the two countries. Every action has a reaction and what happened now was our reaction to an action. Atthis stage, I think it would be better if we stay with peace and spread love across the border. I think our action was proper because they were terrorists”

When asked about the controversy on the ban of Pakistani actors, Salman defended them saying they are not terrorists but artists who come with work permit.

“Terrorists and artists are different. Do you think there is no difference between an actor and a terrorist? Actors come here with a proper visa granted by government. They have a proper work permit” he added.

However, like always, the actor’s sane and balanced comments have been quoted out of context.The mainstream media has headlined his quotes as “backing Pakistani actors” which could erupt into a new controversy.



  • Totally agreed wd his cmmnts….
    But, paki actors must be boycotted after wat has taken place now….
    Dnt let them work in future now,,
    They even refuse to condemn TERRORIST ATTACK…. SHAME

  • Nope, I don’t think he was backing the Pakistani artists by any means.
    But I do feel that he was very cautious while chosing his words and considering his recent controversies, thatt is well justified.

  • Not going to watch ADHM and Raees. Pakistan has banned our films, why shouldn’t be boycott Pak actors.
    #True Indian

  • Only stupids like mns rss shivsena vhp say actors are terrorists.. Both countries have good and bad people. Pakistan has more bad people than India. That’s it.

  • /*
    Actors come here with a proper visa granted by government.

    Perfectly correct. That’s what my stance was, when a Salman fan ‘Hrithik’ asked my opinion on Uri attack and Pakistani artists.
    Whether Pakistani artists should be allowed or not, that’s a decision of government and any individual cannot interfere in the same.
    If you don’t want Pakistani artists, just cancel their visa and don’t approve any new visa requests.
    But this decision should be taken by government and not by an eunuch called ‘Raj Thakrey’.

  • Well said, they are artists, one third of their income goes to Indian government’s budget as taxes. Whatever MNS are doing is as an act of terror. Suppose, I allegedly charged in a murder, how can my bro be guilty of this. All this is not fair, they are using their power improperly. This is not called democracy and secular.

  • Exactly, I have been saying this for a long time. Keep these differences between artists and terrorists.
    If these artists are threats to India, the Gov’t of India won’t have issued visas to them at first.

  • Gora arm sellers want more war so let MOdi call Nawaz and solve Kashmir issue in a way that ALL India Pak and Kashmiri become happy. Our life is small so why we keep million Kashmiri humans under curfew for sake of few RICH & corrupt Indian army GENERALS

  • Why Indian media didn’t show full news?
    Why only for TRP they add mirch masala? I hate this type of media

    But I like Indicine they show the real truth

    Salman has not backed Pakistani artists he said government has granted proper visa

    He also supported Indian army and surgical strike

  • Salman, The artists and the terrorists are ddifferent You don’t need to tell us, Even a child knows it…

    You supports those artists then listen, The protests and ban their visits to India is due to their no reaction or comment on Uri Attack…

    There is no doubt that You cannot understand such type of situations coz, giving just a statement as a formality is not first time for You, WE INDIANS DON’T NEED YOUR STATEMENTS AND JUSTIFICATION ON WHAT THERE HAS BEEN DONE…


  • And those who think Pak artists earn money from India and contribute to Pak’s economy, then it is your right and responsibility to demand the government of India to stop issuing visas to them.

    Gov’t issues them visas. Bhakhts here and there rant on Twitter on banning Pak artists instead of demanding the govt to do so. But they won’t ever dare to do so!!!

  • Our media is Faalatu… Media is the actually reason why there is so much hatred in the Country…

    Faalatu I Repeat Faaltu..

  • As I just have replies to @New Era SRK, it happened something so similar.

    “First thing first, I am very happy that Salman hasnt tweeted anything about it.

    Hence because nowadays he gets bashed up by the media and the haters even for the noble deeds like becoming a sport ambassador and promoting the sports using his brand image, that too without charging a single penny!”

    Now, some media have got delicious foods and enjoy for a few days. They along with bhakts will keep ranting on boycotting his films.. Lol
    Naya Kya hai?

  • Yeh fake peace film banana band karo..In reality our soldiers were brutally killed
    And our army has given Jaw smashing reply ! And will continue to do that till Pakistan gets divided again into Baluchistan

  • We Sri Lankan suffered 30 years because of War
    So Salman Is Correct… Well said Salman sir…..
    Proud Salman fan in SL
    ” terrorists and artists are different”

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