Salman Khan gets bail till May 8

Breaking news: Bollywood superstar has been granted 2-days interim bail at the Bombay High Court on Wednesday.

Noted Supreme Court lawyer Harish Salve, who was called on very short notice, challenged the sessions court order of a five year sentence.

He said “We have received only operative part of the order. You cannot put someone in jail without a proper court order,” Salve argued.

The Bombay High Court has granted bail till May 8, which also means Salman will be allowed to go home and spend time with his family.



  • Indicine : please if you see Salman, Sanjay suggest them to make ” Saajan Return in Jail ” but without Madhuri how? Chalo madhuri nahi toh…… oska bodyguard hi sahi.

  • Not Aamir ,Not Katrina ,Not Sonakshi .. its SRK who preferred to spend time wit his old frnd Salman on day bfore judgement !

  • SRK was banned from wankhede for 5 years , Bhaitards were laughing
    now Salman Khan is banned from the rest of world for 5 years ..

  • harish salve on short notice or harish salve for 1 crore rupees, what a shame, if an ordinary common man was in place of salman, would he have been given bail like that, this proves money can buy anything, justice can be buyed how sad but true

  • he will not be sent to jail i can bet on that. Coz he has power, he has money, he has fame so he can change the law. He can buy….

  • Harish salve is best…this is power of Salman khan…
    sallu will get bail properly on 8th may…
    within 3 hr sallu get bail wow…

  • What hell is this? Is this law or joke?
    Once they say sallu is sentenced five years in jail now he is freed …. doesn’t make sense !!!! Hide and seek play.
    I want sallu to go to jail as sooon as possible.

  • Ha ha ha ! Nautanki started ! Ye hai hamara mahan judiciary system !after hearing, within 1-2 hours he gets bail. Ab 5 saal to aise hi nikaal jayega agar saza huyi to . ( b/c they go to high court and then supreme court)! After 25 more yrs when bhai became dadaji maybe he declared guilty . Tab tak #welovesalmankhan

  • Now sallu will appeal in high court n supreme court and he has political support…he has money power…
    this process will take another 7 to 10 years
    so just chill sallu fans…

  • It takes 13 yrs to probe that some1 is guilty & within 5 minutes that man gets bail. Thats called The Great Indian Circus #SalmanVerdict

  • The rapists ratio is increasing in our country and they r roaming freely and raping more n enjoying there life

  • I am sure that megastar salman is not goin to spend 5 yrs in jail. Picture abhi baki hein mere dost

  • @Iam AKN : He will definitely say ‘Kick’ once he is back with a Bang !!!!!! Dont worry !!! you will feel that on your face. Today is your time so bark as much you want but one day tum sab haters ki phatti gi !!!!!!!!!!

  • Now I have immense respect for SRK but some haters like @sahir @sss @javed @Iam AKN are born haters and pretend to be fan of Srk. They are proving Srk wrong here. It means they are no one’s fans but haters !!!!!!!!!!!

  • I dont understand why so many ppl in here commenting and celebrating on this matter. A legendry actor being jailed we all should support this kind of ppl don’t look from one side of the matter look at how much he helped and donated for poor and needy ppl

    You ppl are seriously disgusting

  • now i get some releif. haters thinks it is end of salman but what if their favourits faces such case? i dont think they can enjoy box office success like salman.

  • The judiciary sucks big time… It takes 13 years ….13 years of mental torture and anxiety is too much..

    One week before an additional district sessions court in Karnataka‚Äôs Hubli had acquitted 17 persons arrested on charges of their India (SIMI), among them a few from Kerala. Those innocents people lost their good 7 years from their life….

    On another case in kerala court released 13 people who were charged under UAPA after suffering 3 years without bail…

    We should not forget there are lakhs of people especially from minority community, human right workers,daliths, young people from Kashmeer are suffering in jail without bail and even unknowing their crime!!!

    ,It seems ludicrous that in a civilised democratic society like India, a citizen may be practically abducted by police, charged with perfunctory offences and incarcerated without bail on mere suspicion for an indefinite period of time. But this is indeed the situation in present-day India, with duly passed legislation sanctioning the inhumane state of affairs .

    “Ban UAPA”…

  • Salman & Aamir are two very different actors in my view. .
    I like Salman as a person but not his movies.
    Whereas. …I like Aamir’s movie but not him as a person.
    The reson being he is not a helpful guy at all.
    Shame on him as he even not consulted Salman till now.
    His old friend SRK went yesterday to his home and spent time with salman & his family.
    SRK & SALMAN are two nice humans not Aamir.

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