Sakshi Tanwar to play Aamir Khan’s wife in Dangal

Popular television actress Sakshi Tanwar, famous for her role in serials like ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii’ and ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’, has been signed to play the role of Aamir Khan’s wife in his much-awaited film ‘Dangal’.

Sakshi has acted in a couple of small-budget films and also made a guest appearance in ‘C Kkompany’.

While Mallika Sherawat was rumoured to be playing Aamir’s wife, more than 70 actresses were auditioned for the role. Known for being a perfectionist, Aamir enacted a few scenes with almost all the candidates as he wanted to gauge how they looked on-screen and also the comfort level they shared.

Sakshi was finally confirmed after Aamir and his team were convinced that the two would look good together on-screen.

The actress will now undergo intense training sessions to get the Haryanvi diction and the body language right. She will also be meeting real life Haryanvi couples to better understand their mannerisms.

The attention to every minute detail and the effort that Aamir puts into each of his films is truly mind-boggling.



  • Does really care about box office numbers we will find out once dangal hits the box office … Fyi i ve seen dangal fights in mud on youtube, i cant imagine aamir in underwear this time showing his a$$ ………..first nude in pk and now underwear in dangal

  • Budget will be 30 to 40 crores and aamir will make sure that he recovers double amounts asap in order to avoid losses …….

  • But when aamirs movie flops it does hurt his ego and thats when he signs back to back commercial yet meaningful movies ……..

  • Well there is also a possibility for this movie to go taare zameen par way remember how darsheel was completely new however he stole the show aamir definitely connected the movie with the audiences ……

  • @ishan gulati
    I am not a sonakshi fan i was just saying that she is far better than sakshi in terms of popularity

  • Dangal has great actors and sakshi is definitely a worthy addition!

    For all those who have complained that Aamir has delivered hits only because of brands & Hiranis, Dangal should prove them wrong. Not to forget the Christmas holiday too falls on a Sunday on 2016!

    It was believed that Dangal would not be a massy film, but the fact that Aamir has chosen to release it during Christmas means that it would have a universal appeal!

    Box office nos aside, Dangal promises to be very high on performances!

  • Who cares about Sakshi? It’s an Aamir Khan film and he is a ISI mark of quality! Waiting for Blockbuster Dangal!

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