Sakshi Tanwar to play Aamir Khan’s wife in Dangal

Popular television actress Sakshi Tanwar, famous for her role in serials like ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii’ and ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’, has been signed to play the role of Aamir Khan’s wife in his much-awaited film ‘Dangal’.

Sakshi has acted in a couple of small-budget films and also made a guest appearance in ‘C Kkompany’.

While Mallika Sherawat was rumoured to be playing Aamir’s wife, more than 70 actresses were auditioned for the role. Known for being a perfectionist, Aamir enacted a few scenes with almost all the candidates as he wanted to gauge how they looked on-screen and also the comfort level they shared.

Sakshi was finally confirmed after Aamir and his team were convinced that the two would look good together on-screen.

The actress will now undergo intense training sessions to get the Haryanvi diction and the body language right. She will also be meeting real life Haryanvi couples to better understand their mannerisms.

The attention to every minute detail and the effort that Aamir puts into each of his films is truly mind-boggling.



  • Superb Every movie Aamir Sir trying to do different this time Sakshi Tanwar it is unique thing she is pretty talented woman and perfect for the role.

    Dangal makes 500 crore in domestic and 1000 crore worldwide without Japan and China.

    Christmas 2016 we have a lot of time to wait for it.

  • Sakshi is a good actress, but for Dangal, we expected something different. It will definitely a good movie but its not exciting us like other Aamir Khan movies.

    Now, not interested in Dangal.

  • I am highly disappointed. it’s worst choice for the makers. they should have cast someone else. it’s worst combination.

  • too much fun to chrimish 2016 tingu wrestler i think rampal yadav must be cast for aamir,s son because father and son will be equal in hight … both are chhotu in high……. i think this will be comedy due to chhotus in this movie

  • sakshi is good….and much better than others…when come to saas bahu serials…but for a serious type role movies….i don’t think she is a good choice…but amir khan known as perfectioist…lets see…how good sakshi is…when movie releases..

  • If dangal a aditya chopra film then sarook n kajol

    if dangal a rakesh film then jadoo boy n kangana

    likd this casting aamir

    and sakshi

    casting shud b done as per the role

  • Next year as usual aamir will show haklu what class is. Haklu’s 2 RS craps Ceiling less broken Fan and Bhojpuri Rice Vendor will be total washout and aamir will shatter each and every record of PK in India, overseas and worldwide. Haklu’s both 2 RS craps will be washouts and will finally take retirement.

    Crappiest fanless overrated garbage actors in Bollywood.
    1.Haklu Srk
    2. Flopshay Gobar
    3. Harman Baveja
    4. Uday Chopra
    5. Tushar kapoor

  • very good.2016 looks very good.
    excited for Dangal in 2016 also for raees and azhar biopic on 13 may 2016.

    dangal(xmas),raees(eid),sultan(eid),azhar(13 may 2016) – excited.

  • Kahaani ghar ghar ki was an extremely popular serial.i used to watch it when i was a little kid bcz of family who loved the serial

  • At the end of the day only Aamir Khan matters the most…if its his film,it will open huge and then lets see what kind of a biopic Nilesh Tiwari has made

  • Now nothing can save Dangal- The Disaster. Also Aamir could have casted Imran Khan as one of his daughters in the film. That would have been “PERFECT”.

  • The moron called Navin is the most funny creature that I’ve seen.
    He makes foolish comments and himself likes them through different id’s.
    Biggest Moron ever.

  • Christmas khan is afraid of releasing dangal Pandey on non holiday otherwise 50cr is difficult,even now 100cr is not possible

  • Sakshi Tanwar is a brilliant actress . She was absolutely brilliant as Priya in Bade Achche Lagte Hai . Aamir is a brilliant actor and a intelligent person and i hope Dangal will be a brilliant movie and will not be disappointing like PK . I hope Aamir and Sakshi look good on screen . Nitesh Tiwari is a good director who has given good movies like Chillar Party and Bhoothnath Returns .

  • Aamir is going to have sakes with her in the movie lolllllllll !!!
    stay away from aamir khan becoz he doesn’t spare anyone lolssssss !!!
    poor aamir dangal will be a sure shot disaster ?

  • Challeging film for aamir
    less popular heroine,director and a biopic
    ghajini was directd by muragadas a gud n experiencd directr from south
    if aamir makes dangal big like pk then he wil reach the next level the top level leaving others far far behind

  • Pretty interesting, actually the film revolves about a aged person so we can’t expect that any leading lady of b town should be cast opposite Aamir. Also Aamir wife’s role is also not much long. Sakshi is a good choice but I think they should select an unknown face or less known actress. Sakshi image is different.

    Waiting for Dangal.

  • Good breakthrough for her
    Next here top 5 highest grossing movies
    5.Housefull 3

  • Being a huge aamir fan, its disappointed for me too, I wasn’t okay with even malika sherawat being paired with aamir. His decision always proved to be successful, will c wt hpn tiz tym.

  • Its good decision of not taking any mainstream actress in Dangal and now full focus will be on Aamir and his daughters which are main characters of Dangal..

  • It does not matter because story will be about Aamir and his daughters and Sakshi will be just like supporting cast but hope her character in movie will also play important part..

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