Sakshi Tanwar to play Aamir Khan’s wife in Dangal

Popular television actress Sakshi Tanwar, famous for her role in serials like ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii’ and ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’, has been signed to play the role of Aamir Khan’s wife in his much-awaited film ‘Dangal’.

Sakshi has acted in a couple of small-budget films and also made a guest appearance in ‘C Kkompany’.

While Mallika Sherawat was rumoured to be playing Aamir’s wife, more than 70 actresses were auditioned for the role. Known for being a perfectionist, Aamir enacted a few scenes with almost all the candidates as he wanted to gauge how they looked on-screen and also the comfort level they shared.

Sakshi was finally confirmed after Aamir and his team were convinced that the two would look good together on-screen.

The actress will now undergo intense training sessions to get the Haryanvi diction and the body language right. She will also be meeting real life Haryanvi couples to better understand their mannerisms.

The attention to every minute detail and the effort that Aamir puts into each of his films is truly mind-boggling.



  • Itne din intizar mat karwao aamir bhai, ap wese bhi 50 ke hogaye ho, even megastar amitabh bacchan’s last hit of leading hero is Khuda gawah, when he was 50, uske bad amitabh ko koi lead actor pe accept nahin kiya, haan yeh alag bat hai ap aur salman dikhte toh 25 ke ho… I wish ap doon agle 20 years tak humein aur acche films de.

  • If Aamir and Nitesh have finalised her, I am pretty sure it would prove to be a brilliant decision. Aamir doesn’t need Deepika or multi starcast to give BBs/ATBBs each and every time unlike other actors.
    Combined with sureshot content and Xmas, this movie surely has the potential to break every record of PK if the release size(screens) is as big as PK or BB.

  • Dangal will be Indias first 1000cr grosser WW…!

    Xmas 2016 cant come around quick enough for me…! Super excited

  • Dangal Pandey will be all time disaster just like talash.
    Angoor khan is nothing without Raju.
    Mental Pandey lifetime : 30 crore
    30 crore is also huge it will sink like bombey velvet lol.

  • Haha @Sawanand
    Haven’t read more hilarious cmnt then this
    ‘He makes foolish cmnts & himself likes them through different ids’
    @Navin Chuusseer is it true ? 😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝

    BTW she is taller then amir shahb nd if they both will stand together then it will look like ” ghadi mein dedh baj rhe haiii” 😝

  • Srk fans, Aamir is not srk to cast Deepika, Katrina, Kajol to save himself. Aamir does not need big heroines or big directors to prove his acting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Same old story, now they are barking sureshot disaster and flop, after release, Christmas and Sakshi saved Aamir !!!!!!!!!! what hypocrites !!!!!! Lol

  • She may not lengthy role, I am sure Aamir has decided to cast her based on the script and the chemistry required for such movie. This is not a Romantic or Action or youthful or kujhiwale movie to see younger actors chemistry !!!!!!!!!!!!! Aamir will prove it again and shut hater’s mouths !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aamir Ki movies Me Log Heroin Ko Kahan Dekhte H.Log To Theater Me Aamir Ko Dekhne Jate He.
    Remember Lagaan.RDB etc

  • @james

    What Uday Chopra is to actors, Sonakshi is to Actresses.
    Aamir would kill himself before working with a non-actress like Sonakshi Sinha. She is the most hated and laughed at actress in Bollywood.

  • No matter how much Dangal earns, at least Aamir fans are not predicting like this:
    1. Charlie 400 cr storm coming.
    2. HNY 25000 crore Worldwide.
    3. Dilwale first day 100 crore with clash, 200 crore without clash etc etc. 😂
    And won’t trend shit like this: #HNYBestFilmEver 😂

  • Aamir follow the best funda ” work smart” he always wants to steal the show comes with less powerful actresses so he gets noticed, even comes with less strong actors so he looks superior. hats off smart fella. timing of the film and he knows Indian audiences little funny expression little emotions and do that same thing repeatedly and boom block buster. international collection from china increases value where on a serious note no one can audit. like other places.

  • @Haklu 12:03 pm:
    oh come on haktatd. Your haklu is the tingu in front of his baap aamir’s stardom and popularity. Your haklu’s Crappy new year was total washout in china and aamir’s PK’s opening itself was much bigger than crappy new year’s lifetime in china. Next year no one will save your haklu. Rice vendor and Ceilingless fan will be disasters. And don’t worry about dangal because it will shatter all records of PK.

  • @sunny Leone better worry about 2 upcoming flops of your Gobar makkhi. Your floppy doesnt look like a hero. He is 0 and looks like a ugly skeleton. Bhojpuri brothers credit will go to Sid and Sid will save this joker’s career. And SiB will be bigger disaster than Besharam. Wait and watch.

  • I dont know how this is going to work …but the general perception is the star cast does make a difference this is going to go dhobi ghat and talaash way

  • aamir always plays safe i will bet the movie budget wont be that high the cost will be recovered asap although now i doubt abt 100 crores …….

  • But this is aamir trend after lagaan he did mangal after 3 idiots he did talaash and dhobighat and now after pk he is doing dangal ……..

  • However he always does make a comeback too rightaway after mangal came range de after talaash came dhoom 3 and after dangal he l come in a commercial entertainer with deepika or someone in the top league ……

  • @Ishan Gulati, you are right. Aamir wont work with non actresses. But it was disappointing and surprising that he worked with the dumbest and most horrible actress katrina in Dhoom 3. I am still wondering why he agreed to work with her?

  • The only concern here is when aamir puts too much time into a movie mangal took 4 years talaash took 3 years and now dangal 2 years the gap and the time take in these movies was just abt too much thats why i have mixed feelings abt dangal which can go either way

  • Where aamirs contempraries like salman and srk choose only commercial entertainers i dont know if this is a challenging aamir or a foolish aamir to donsomething like this i bet no other actor would haved dared to cast ms tanwar lol

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