Rustom Trailer

It’s here finally! The much-awaited trailer of Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, written by Vipul K Rawal and directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. The film also stars Ileana D’Cruz, Arjan Bajwa and Esha Gupta.

Rustom is based on real-life incident of Naval Officer K.M. Nanavati.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think. Stay tuned for the trade and audience response to the trailer, will be published tomorrow evening.



  • Breaking News: After watching Rustom trailer Ashutosh and Hrithik have organised a success party of Mohenjodaro.?

  • The only actor i know from Bollywood is Akshay Kumar who’s giving us back to back inspirational movies now days. thank u sir

  • Nice Trailer…Game is On :-) let’s see who will be the BO winner!! just 1 thing Trailer is bit too long for a action thriller according to me!!But i like this type of movies…seeing this ‘Right Yaaa Wrong’ comes in my mind(that was a fav movie)!!Best of Luck to all Rustom Team :-)

  • @Hrithikian from Nepal
    Have you considered something called time of release? MD trailer was out at prime time whereas this one is out at 9 AM which is a working hour.

  • Ab Dekh Le Rustom Ki Aisi Ki Taisi Hogi
    Iss Trailer Ko Jeena nhi dunga Bakwass Shure Shot
    I wonder If Hrithik Roshan Mohenjo Daro Shooting Finishes in Two or Three Months like Akshay Kumar Rustom Then Hrithik Ki Dullayi Itna bekar hoga ki kissi ne andaza bhi nhi kar sakhta. Waise Akshay Kyun Dusron Ke Release Date Pe atti ho Movies ko Control kar Nhi Toh You will Be Like a Player Messi in a football match where you goal for self rather giving a opportunity to others !!!?

  • All the best Akki, The trailer is outstanding..Absolutely loved it..Eagerly waiting for 12 August…Earlier was rooting for MohenjoDaro but the trailer was disappointing…Now will definitely watch Rustom in theatres

    From Salman Khan fan :)

  • Excellent, Impressive as well as interesting trailer. Akki is looking Awesome as always. It is perfect watch for this Independence day.

    court sequences looks as good & Interesting as they were in Aitraaz.

  • Fantabulous trailer……. 41days to go for a nail bitting thriller….. TRUST ME DARLING YOU CAN’T STOP YOURSELF TO WATCH THIS ONE….. ????????

  • Trailer is Good not outstanding, it does not have a universal appeal like Sultan…..and why everyone here exaggerate things here….just go to MD trailer page that time also everyone hype it unnecessary but now even hrithik fans agree that trailer is poor and not upto the mark….now again same thing is happening with Rustom trailer….It’s just good not outstanding like people are commenting here…
    But it better then MD Trailer….

    so just chill…It still struggle to cross 100cr mark and with clash it’s impossible…

  • If Haider Can earn 65cr With clash Then Rustam Will gave a Great Collision to Mohanjodro. And This time It is not Shahid It is Akshay.

    Mohanjodro Can’t cross 181cr of Bang Bang While Budget Is 150cr and the 2 Years Working of Ashutosh & Hrithik will go in dust. So Hrithik Should Learn Something to Akshay and Do More Movies.

    People Will Choose Right on #Independence Day.

  • Bhai Akshay Kumar Jail ,Mai Kyu Unifom Pehne Hue Ho ;;

    Ohhoo Budget Kam Hai Movie Ka Paise Kaha Se Aayege Dress Ke Liye :p

  • Hahahahaha jadooians are barking..!!!
    This shows their insecurity!!!
    I can see many fake IDs here and on YouTube…
    Open challenge to all these dhooptards AUKAAT hai to apni real id se comment dalo …!!

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