Rustom Poster

Here is yet another poster of Rustom – the final one before the release of the theatrical trailer. It has also been revealed on the poster that the trailer will be first out on the internet at 9 in the morning. It’ll also be aired across all Zee Entertainment channels at 8:57PM (night, Indian time).

Patriot? Traitor? or Murderer? Check out the new poster of Rustom.

Rustom Third Poster

Rustom Third Poster



  • rustom’s trailer need to be outstanding if it want to give competition
    if its trailer will be average or bad then it will be wash out from the first day

  • Blockbuster..! I hope both MD and rustom do well at the box office..!! All d best akshay and hritik.. Love u both..

  • We really don’t see eyes of Akshay kumar in any of the poster and his is the only character who saw the musrder(as he did it alone during his heated conversation with the lover of his wife), rest everyone from defence to prosecution people are speculating what actually happened, was it a planned murder or the husband was provoked???
    This movie will be interesting!!! Everything depends on script and the director.. Akshay will be good and the thats given.

  • i think this clash will be like gadar & lagaan md will be gadar and rustom will be lagaan
    but rustom will not nominate to oscars lol

  • Patriotic? Traitor? Murderer? A decorated officer and a honourable murderer. OMG Can’t wait for it any longer.

  • Brilliant….good strategy to air trailer on all zee channels
    But to give competition to a magnum opus like mjd…trailer of rustom has to be excellent
    Very excited

  • Rustom – 3 shots that shocks the nation

    Three shots are as follows




    12Aug2016….. Mark the date.

  • all the posters r superb, trailer also gonna b mindblowing…Chakki rocks…Rustom gonna thrash Mohenjo daro surely but every Hrithik’s film has shown fake collections,his films K3 manipulated 60cr & bang bang 40cr, Mohenjo daro will b disaster

  • Nothing look like epic,according to box office reports m.d will get better screen than rustom.people were mostly give negative comments about the trailer of Mohenjo-Daro but may be it will disadvantage for the maker of rustom because now some people were high expectations from rustom if its trailer wil disappoint than half battle already win by M.D mark my words never underestimate ashutosh gowariker he is a class director

  • lol. They are copying promotional Startegy of Mohenjo Daro.
    Release Date of Mohenjo Daro ( August 12 ) . Trailer release time = 8:57 ( 8: August , 5+7=12 )
    I can sense, makers of Rustom are doubtful about their product. Why are they copying Promotional Strategy of Mohenjo Daro ??????

  • In all posters their is only Akshya Kumar.
    I think Rustom is for Hyper Akki fans same as Fan which was for hyper SRKians ( Only SRK )

  • Without any Shadow of Doubt, I can bet Rustom will be a huge disaster. Majority of Shoot is Completed in UK ( London ) .
    Budget must be around 80-100 crore.




  • Only the genre isn’t favour of rustom while mohnjdro genre is Very solid by looking at bajirao nd bahubali collection.

    The genre will restrict rustom to open big,but Akshay have made a good reputation from these movies so it will get good footfalls during the week…..

  • This poster is also very Good,Akshay looking awesome…and NYC strategy to air trailer on Z Channels…It will also attach with PVR prints of sultan…Creating good buzz despite being offbeat film..

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