Rustom Trailer

It’s here finally! The much-awaited trailer of Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, written by Vipul K Rawal and directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. The film also stars Ileana D’Cruz, Arjan Bajwa and Esha Gupta.

Rustom is based on real-life incident of Naval Officer K.M. Nanavati.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think. Stay tuned for the trade and audience response to the trailer, will be published tomorrow evening.



  • Thats why he is above of all…
    Hrithik Roshan? @iHrithik
    Congrats @akshaykumar . Loved the #rustom trailer. Good choices maketh d man. I’m sure u agree @mrsfunnybones :) God bless

  • I saw second time but it can’t make excite to watch in theatres .Akshay was a superstar may be I m wrong but I think it will not cross 100 crore.

  • Terrific trailer anthoer 100cr film this year Akshay is good looking and anthoer terrific performance for akshay kumar.I watch 1st day 1st show Rustom
    All the best Rustom….

  • If people are saying Rustom’s director has a dud in the form of 1920 London then same goes for Ashutosh.. he has his fair share of bad films like KHJJS and WYR. The film with the better content shall triumph.

  • Was never on my watch list…but I found d trailer mysteriously classy though 4 bollywood level.
    Will watch it…after watching MD

  • @Nipun 3.38..

    Mark my words.. Forget about historical accuracy… Airlift too had lots of lapses and lots of inaccuracies but still d movie was appreciated. Trust me Once MD can keep audiences glued it’s gonna be a blockbuster!!

  • It’s just cos it’s Hrithik..

    Airlift according diplomats during that era,Indian airways official and other historians too slammed the alterations and mis conceptions. Still it’s a movie one can watch again.Don’t forget that was an akshay movie… This is a a massive Hrithik movie who for me is a much better actor than Akshay
    (Personal opinion that can’t be changed) so people should ignore whether they were dark skinned or light skin.. Whether princess wore feather on her hair.. Just follow d story line.. That’s it!!

  • @Nipun
    I wont say ur a hrithik fan. Ur an akki hater. For u housefull 3 was a certain crap. Well lets just say he was being honest. Now for ur crappy review. U said it wasnt as good as baby and airlift bcuz for u they were crime thrillers. Like really mate. Special 26 is the crime thirller in this scenario. What this trailer reveiled was what does the film feature not how it happens. A few good songs cant hurt the film either. And if reveiled too much then answer me the question thats being asked in the film. Highlighted by the posters as well. Who is rustom. A traitor. A patriot. Or a murderer?

  • That’s why we love hrithik roshan….He praised akki for Rustom trailer. …He always praise other actors movies no matter what. ………….He is a gem of a person….went through a lot. ..stammering problem…cancer to his sister. ..attack on father. …divorce with wife. ..controversy with that bitch kangna. ……but still creating postivity. ….giving happiness. …..hats off to hrithik roshan. ….

    # from a huge hrithik roshan fan. …

    @ nipun. ..I m your fan too Bro. …

    #Mohenja daro 12th august. ….

  • Is it always necessary to take the other film down while praising one film?
    Grow up Hrithik fans accept the truth.Praise MD as much u want but why downgrade RUSTOM for it.
    Time will tell who the winner will be.

  • Our Indian ppl believe in comparing with other movie. So pls watch the movie then compare with other movie.

  • Makers of Rustom were spreading were negativity about Mohenjo Daro and Hrithik is promoting Rustom through his official Twiteer Handle. Learn something Chakki fans, stop spreading negativity about MD

  • @Akshay;
    Kuch bhi!! I still consider Airlift as arguably the best movie of the year for me. So I am NOT an Akki Hater!

    I didn’t say Airlift and Baby were crime thriller! But the word “thriller” belongs to all the three movies.

    Airlift and Baby trailers were way classier and intense. They was a genuine tension in those trailers. But Rustom trailer looks too easy to eyes. And was there anything exciting/new in the trailer??

    Rustom trailer is good in terms of Cinematography, dialogues and performance (by Akki mainly). But the “feel” is missing. As I said, it even somehow reminded me of Azhar and Gabbar with a better production value!

  • @aisha Agreed with you, no one should care about historical inaccuracies it’s just a mvoie for entertainment so watch it be entertained, learn smething from it and that’s all.

  • Much better than mohenjodaro…
    Akshay, you have won my respect sir..
    Simply outstanding performances kept coming from you in last couple of years which changed me to a proud akshay follower from a harsh akshay hater.. Superb selection of movies.. I will watch it on its first day itself like his other movies baby, airlift..

  • But it can’t cross hf3 because of mighty MD Effect.
    Rustom-80-95cr(because of clash)

  • @Heemanshu Shahdeo We Hrithikians ain’t Makkhians to comment on other stars films and nash it :)

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