Rustom to clash with Mohenjo Daro on TV as well!

Akshay Kumar’s Rustom will once again take on Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro – this time on television – as both films will be premiered on the same day at the same time!

It was Star Gold who first announced (on September 26) that the World Television Premiere of the Ashutosh Gowarikar film will be on Sunday, 9th October at 1PM Indian Standard Time.

A couple of days later, Zee also announced the TV Premiere of their film, which will also take place on 9th October at 1PM.

After a one-sided battle at the box office, it’ll be interesting to see which film comes out on top as far as the clash on television is concerned.

Rustom TV Premiere

Rustom TV Premiere

Mohenjo Daro TV Premiere

Mohenjo Daro TV Premiere



  • This time, the film starring the Indian actor will win. I meant MJD that was not watched by many in theatres will fetch way higher TRPs than Rustom starring the Canadian actor…
    What say @Unmatchable Makki?

  • @Vicky,
    Wake Up,Bro!
    Come back to reality!
    Lot of Fantasy dreams!
    Wake Up ! Wake Up!
    : -D :-D :-D :-D :-D

  • @Anand,
    Bro!Nothing is going Against Salman over here???
    Why u r commenting like that.
    And MJD will never get more trps than RUSTOM!Jst wait & watch.
    Comment in a proper manner.

  • @ Anand The Fake,

    I must advise you to have a proper mental check up ASAP…

    First of all Akshay Kumar is not a Canadian, he is only having the citizenship which has been given by Canadian Government on the release of film Speedy Singhs, Akshay did not demand for it…

    Second thing, Only God can save you if you think that it is big thing to watch a film when it is being telecasted on TV instead watching it in theatres on its release date… Tell me, What should I call You…??? Hahahahahahaha…

  • Akki has given many blockbusters on television while hardly any hrithik movies comes on TV so surely rustom will win . The genre is the only disadvantage

    @ALLY good observation…!

  • @viCKY Wow You should win award for most rubbish cmnt.
    Few hits? Lol
    According to BOI akki has given 25 clean hits and 46 successful movies ,more than double the times of hrithik total movies . That it enough for you and also akki earns way more than hrithik, have bigger fab following then hrithik. It will almost impossible 4 hrithik to match the career of akshay kumar.

  • U think akki has never won any award 4 best actor ?

    Won screen award best actor for sing is kingg .

    Won stardust for 8 by 10 tasveer

    Won stardust for rowdy/housefull2/omg.

    3 Best actor in popular category i.

    Akki also have won best actor 2 times in sabse favourite kaun awards in 2008 & 2009

    Total 5 times. What say now you shithead?

    It’s 4 everybody who are not aware and try to bash him 4 not winning any award for best actor.

  • When Salman says something, usne aisa kyun kahan?
    When he’s quiet, kuch kyun nahin keh raha hai?
    In short,

    Demand Gov’t for #PakArtistsBanned If Gov’t does, we are ready.

  • @death ranger i dont need to as i am not sleeping unlike a mug like you. You better wake up. Akki is much smaller star than hrithik. Aukaat nahi hai uski hrithik ke age. I gave facts and analysis and only a dumb nicompoops like you can ignore it. So you better wake up idiot.

  • @The Unmatchable Makki, get yourself educated with Indian laws, u uneducated fool!
    The Indian Constituition does NOT allow one to hold DUAL citizenship. That means if your Akki has accepted the Canadian Citizenship whether in the form of a gift or by means of application, his INDIAN Citizenship will automatically be revoked.

    Hence, the day he accepted the Canadian Citizenship, he is no longer an Indian citizenship unless there is a different law written for him.

    And don’t get INDIAN Citizenship confused with OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) for POI (Person of Indian Origin).

    And OCI is not an actual INDIAN Citizenship but a permanent or lifelong visa to stay in India. Except for that, an OCI holder has no other rights as a normal citizen of India.

    Got it @The Unmatchable Gobar Fan?? Your Akki has given up INDIAN Citizenship for the citizenship of a first world nation. Aur aaya patriot banne! Shame on you!

    Actually, he is being patriotic a lot these days because he has earned money by playing patriotic roles and positioned himself as a patriotic hero by fooling people like you. So, he just wanna make the position stronger.

    Chal aao, aur khel te hai, patriot patriot game!

    @Death Ranger, why I came here and bashing Akki? Ask this from your mate, unmatchable makki! He spoils almost every article of Salman Khan. Kindly to and check.
    Actually, Akki is my third favorite after Salman and Akki. But this fool leaves me with no chance.

  • @vicky:two of da biggest jokes in ur is jadoo is bigger star than akki.second one is rustom directed by acclaimed director.u fool rustom’s director is tinu Desai who previously directed maha crap 1920 returns

  • …..leaves me with no choice.
    And once a person get a citizenship of a nation, he is the citizen of that nation.

    With American Citizenship- The Person is an American
    With Canadian Citizenship- The Person is a Canadian
    With French Citizenship- The Person is a French

    Which ethnicity or which origin one is of is altogether a different matter.

  • @ViCKY wht u mean by shahrukh akshay beated salman, ? They beat salman when salman was smaller star compare to them
    talk about present you fool . You think salman can loose in clash, ? No, because he is a big star now .

    And ranveer beated Srk? No, he didn’t. It was the movie bajirao that defeated dilwale.

    Opening vise SRK’s dilwale was way ahead..why? Because srk is a bigger star .

    Same way there was big difference in opening In opening of rustom & mjd.

    A bigger star will always get bigger opening. Rest depend on WOM & rejection. Be bit more sensible stupid.

  • To All Respected Akki ke Makkhians…
    Your Idol doing good movies these days, we appreciate bravo for that…
    I personally loved his Special 26, Holiday, Baby and Airliift, he was just superb in these movies. But….
    Hrithik Roshan is Only Superstar born after three khans since 2000.Akshay gained superstar status in 2007 end.
    Both actors style of work is different,so we can’t compare both on these terms.
    If you consider box office collection wise HR was way ahead since 2000 till 2006,Infact he was neck to neck with No.1 srk at that time.
    Since 2007-10 akki was ahead.. Note:Hr no release in 07,09.
    2011 disaster yr for akki, Hit for HR
    2012 1st 100 cr grosser for HR, Akki too had good yr with RR 2nd highest grosser, Agneepath 3rd.
    2013… Hands down HR was way ahead than your akki with Krrish3…Superstardom Redefineed with 35.61cr on 4th day of release.where was akkis stardom and so called popularity.
    Again 2014 Bang Bang Did Huge at box office despite of Clash and emerges victorious, where was at that time and what happened to his so called popularity.
    And 2016 Best yr for Akki and Bad yr fir Hrithik… First time his movie failed to get initials with Mohenjo Daro. We accepted fate and moved on. Better you people also move on…
    Remember sabkaa time ata hai…
    Overall HR had edge over Akshay in overall success at box office and stardom wise too…
    But I will be true here right now Akshay is ahead of HR but 2017 can bring change… So be aware, don’t cross limits…
    Peace out guys otherwise We have lot of past data to troll you… Don’t mess with us.
    We Hrithikians never indulge in fights unnecessarily, don’t provoke us.

  • Already lost hopes on MD
    Let the clash happen on tv channels

    But How could a Superhit Rustom come and release on Zee Tv channels on Oct 9 2016
    Although from Aug 12 to Oct 9 i mean only 2 months gap
    Wow Unbelievable but still somewhere ego smells on Neeraj ass
    Did they forget about torrent site
    If Any movie released on tv then the same movie bluray would be available at torrents

    I mean MD Hd rip is already available at torrents after independence day 2016 itself
    So Not at all happy anymore

    Hence Satellite won’t recover its cost for both movies

    Any news after #Kaabil does Hrithik signed any movies to do except #Krrish 4

  • @Jolly Sunny akkiholic i never said ranveer is bigger than srk you idiot. It was a sarcasm and it was your logic. I said if i go by you makki fans logic than ranveer is bigger than srk, ranbir, fardeen bigger than salman (which is of course not true) just becuase they won clash once. Yes, BM the movie won the clash against srk, similarly it was Rustom the movie that won the clash against hrithik not akki. So get a life you moron. And what? Akki has more fan following than hrithik? LMAO. Please tell more jokes. Cant stop laughing. Thats why hrithik has given 3 HGOTY, 6 blockbusters, 2 ATHG but poor akki doest have any HGOTY. Isnt it a shame? You moron. Get a life. Wait for kaabil, it will open much bigger than all joker movies. Any day Hrithik>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Joker Boy. Period.

  • Ye kya mazaak ho rahan hai….is ds a first indicine date 2 mvz whch clashed on b.o now clashing again on dr tv premiers…..
    Hadh hai bhai

  • @Vicky You donkey, I said bigger star gets bigger opening .

    Dilwale >21
    Bm >13

    Rustom > 14
    mjd > 8.5

    Do u have any brain to understand my point? Rustom won due to opening not because of WOM like bajirao, Opening depends on star power… go sleep jealous soul . Keep your Non sensible facts in your packets..u call it analysis? Really? ROFL

    @ANAND Akshay lives in India, pays highest tax to Indian government, does charity 4 Indians .Dual citizenship can’t change it…! He celebrates his birthday with suzi ka halwa instead of Cake (Haha) ..He is more Desi Than any Other Superstar…!

    Ignore @deadpool..let him fight with @Tiger the real king

  • @ Tamed Tigress,

    Give me proof that how long Akki has been living in Canada?

    I want proof from your side and in detail..

    Akki has been doing films here since 1991, he has been paying taxes to Indian Government with loyalty, He has born in India, He has been opening academies for women self defence, he has take initiative of opening karate academies, and he wants there must be a subject in school for karate, he has been doing charities without any publicity, he has given the profits of his previous films to Indian Army, supported drought affected villages in Maharashtra, also helped to the martyr’s families of Uri Attack…

    He is doing many works along with films staying in India only…

    Your Non Actor has done so many works and doing still too..

    He was involved so many crimes, tortured and beaten women in his life, abused to other actors, supported terrorists and still doing, He made his father to say sorry again and again in public with folded hands for his deeds, He has gone jail so many times and still he is not sure when he cam be forced to go to jail again, He is the shameless person who recently mocked a raped victim woman…

    He is habitual of all these, We have stopped cursing him but the persons like you, who support such kind of person are even more kind of black spots on this country…

  • @ Tamed Tigress,

    The below points are for You…

    Yeah Akshay Kumar has said that he hold dual citizenship but india don’t recognise dual citizenship (Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and Person of
    Indian Origin (PIO) programs are often incorrectly described as offering “dual citizenship.” This is not true, as India does not recognize dual citizenship). It’s
    clear( its because he doesn’t want to loose his Indian fan base).

    He was honoured with a doctorate degree from The University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, for his
    contribution to the Indian film industry and for his social works in Canada.

    Tu ye bhi chhod, I know Tera ilaaz kaise hota hai, YOU TELL ME HOW MANY TIMES HE LIVES THERE IN CANADA…???

  • @Jolly Makkhiholic, ha ha ha ab tu mujhe sikhaega? MD had poor trailer, poor vfx and it didnt attract masses and classes alike. It never was looking commercial entertainer. So oepning is not only about star power. Look at the openinh of MS Dhoni biopic. It has taken more opening than joker’s highest opening ever that is SIB. So in that case sushant is bigger star than joker boy isnt he? LOL. You kid, first grow up and dont teach your daddy how to make babies. I have been following bollywood trade business for 25 years and i know what it takes for each film to take opening. There are lots of factors involved apart from star power. Its the past records of superstars that decides who is bigger star. Hrithik has 3 movies that opened more than 20 cr. Joker boy has none. So dont teach me anything about opening you kiddo. You make 100s of comments to try to prove joker bigger star than hrithik, but it wont become truth. Truth is always bitter and hrithik is much bigger star than akki. Period.

  • Yaar akshay hrithik ne tera kya bigada hai agar badla lena hai ajay devgn se lele anyways hope both movies get good trp ratings

  • If Canadian actor can do best work then desi hero like criminal khan hiding his face behind fake charity . If akki has Canadian citizenship why Indian government given him voting id , why he has got Padmasree Award . I know after Salman fan srk , ajay other will definitely call him Canadian actor . Now doesn’t matter that what haters say about akki he real desi actor . Other side akki doing good work & other side criminal supported Yakub Menon & supporting Paki Actor jis thali mein khate hain usi mein ched . He Parmeshwara kase hoil yanche god some brain to them .

  • @The Unmatchable Makkhi, it is good that you finally accepted Akki is an Canadian and has given up Indian Citizenship for apprarently a better citizenship.
    Coming to you question, yes Akki lives most of his life in India because his works are mostly in or he works mostly in India.
    It is just like many Indians live Gulf and middle eastern countries for most of their lives because they work and earn money there. That do not make them citizens of those gulf or middle eastern countries. E.g. Ranjit Katyal of Airlift!

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