Runtime of Happy New Year compared to other big releases

The runtime of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year is 3 hours and 4 minutes, making it one of the longest films in recent times. Amongst big releases, only Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was longer at 3 hours 9 minutes.

Amongst Shahrukh Khan starrers, Jab Tak Hai Jaan had a run time of 2 hours 56 minutes, while Chennai Express was 2 hours 21 minutes long.

The problem with films longer than 2:45 hours is the ‘turnaround’ time between shows goes over 3 hours, reducing the number of shows per screen at multiplexes and even at single-screens. For example, most single-screens have one show scheduled every 3 hours, but when the runtime exceeds 3 hours, they either cut a song (and closing credits), schedule fewer shows or delay showtimings by 15-20 minutes.

At multiplexes, the ‘turnaround’ time is even more important as films that are shorter get plenty of shows on opening day, resulting in higher opening day collections. For big films like Happy New Year that are expected to run on high occupancy throughout the day in its first weekend, the runtime could make a big difference.

The turnaround time for Happy New Year at multiplexes will be around 3 hours 30 minutes (3.04 movie, 10 min interval and 15 min theatre clean-up between shows).

In short, if 5 to 6 shows of Chennai Express could be scheduled per screen at multiplexes, only 4 to 5 shows of Happy New Year will be running.

  • Dabangg 2 – 120 minutes
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 132 minutes
  • Jai Ho – 135 minutes
  • Chennai Express – 141 minutes
  • KICK – 147 minutes
  • Krrish 3 – 153 minutes
  • Ra One – 156 minutes
  • Bang Bang – 156 minutes
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 159 minutes
  • Om Shanti Om – 169 minutes
  • Dhoom 3 – 172 minutes
  • Main Hoon Na – 173 minutes
  • Agneepath – 174 minutes
  • Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty – 170 minutes
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 176 minutes
  • Happy New Year – 184 minutes
  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – 189 minutes


  • Very good strategy by makers to get more shows……at the time of interval the theatres will be empty, so they can start next show as soon as possible.

  • They Better cut one song “Sharabi” which seems unnecessary or “Chhamiya” as two Deepika single Item no. like songs are simply not required.

  • running time over 3hr which requires very very good script. and only aamir khan can convert them into blockbuster.

    Aamir movies with runtime of 3 hours

    3 idiots
    dhoom 3
    dill chahta hai.
    Raja hindustani.
    all r blockbuster.

    sallu 2 all time blockbuster are over 3 hr
    Salman and aamir rocks man.

  • @romance, if srk does nt make hny for money then wht is the need of its theaterical release? Tell him to release it on television, internet etc.

  • @Indicine, u r right but dhoom3 was 174 mints and HNY is 184 mints, it is a negligible difference, if Aamir can do it , King will go beyond. HNY is a sure shot,

    Now two films are contestants for the year Box office King, PK and HNY, i hope and sure HNY will win the top position. Year 2014 box office positions,


    2.PK or(Kick)

    3.Kick or(PK)

    And as we all know in world wide collections PK will score more than Kick. and HNY will topple both .

    HNY good luck

  • if we combined total Hindi screen of bang bang and haider.
    bb – 3350 screen
    haider – 1200 screen
    total – 4550 screen Hindi
    hny will max get 4000 screen bcoz runtime is over 3 hr.
    last year dhoom 3 release around 3800 screen Hindi only
    runtime of dhoom 3 were closed to 3 hr.
    forgets records now.

  • The era of lengthy films like like HAHK, DDLJ & KKKG is gone. Nowadays, average movies are about 2:30 hrs. Since we know there is no content in Farah Khan film, such long film will bore audiences to death! 200 Crores Max for the multi starrer! 150 Crore Budget

    @babaji ka thullu, I know closing credits of Farah Khan film is entertaining. But what about the whole movie!
    @Sachin11, the editor of the refurbished antique washing machine is the great shirish kinder, the wife of the great Farah khan. The husnand-wife duo are up to revenging the malnourished king for attacking shirish from behind.

  • @indicine, you have stopped posting about Bang Bang, or now its not a big story more coz it is struggling to cross 150cr on sunday,

    Overall it the end it is Average film in box office terms. so good luck.
    now watch and see HNY, it will steel this year show.

  • to be very frank I don’t expect HNY to break any record.. with this running time now.. I’ve a strong feeling that I’m rt in thinking so… but if it happens to break any I’ll be very happy..

  • request indicine to post number of shows (and screens) HNY will get in key circuits like maharashtra and delhi as compared to D3 and Kick.

  • I already predicted 170 cr for hny. srk fans my prediction r always right. I were predicted bang bang for 175 cr. everyone knows what happening with bang bang.
    lifetime of bb comes around my fig. same thing happens with hny too. and if u remember I said this too. hny will not beat bb collection. Mark my words.

  • Shorter storyless film cant stay longer time at boxoffice,3 idiots 174 minutes #Dhoom3 172 min,d3 nd 3i has lesser song but @hny has 7 songs nd crue nd cast song so there is a story nd much comedy that audience must like.@indicine @hny team submit uncut version to censor board nd yet to lock final runtime of the film,@indicine single screen always give 4 shows to every big film whatever the runtime.@hny will collect over 50cr 1st day mark my word

  • who cares about the runtime wen shahrukh is oscreen… In Sha Allah film wil b an Atbb
    if they r keeping dat much as runtime um sure farah is quite confident abt her product.
    lets see were hny goes..fingers crossed
    I seriously want it to cross 300crs domestically n 600 crs WW…!!!

  • As long as the movie is entertaining, which I hope it should be! There is no big a problem viewing a 3 hour long film. But when an every alternate film these days are not more than 2.2 hours on an average, I don’t see the point of why sketching it to more than 3 hours!!

    I just hope it keeps us entertaining, simple! Happy new Year coming soon..
    #10days to go #Happynewyear is arriving. #Grand!!

  • very difficult to accept but true in recent yrs
    ghajini – 185 min atbb
    3 idiots – 171 min atbb
    dhoom 3 – 172 min atbb.
    legend is legend no one can change him
    and now PK I’m sure running time will be more than 165 min. another atbb. he is Mr perfectionist. aamir love u.

  • Where are articles about BangBang crossing 154 crores at domestic market and beating ETT and YJHD at overseas? ?
    Anyway, gud luck for hny team. .

  • The runtime of HNY indicates there will be a strong plot or story line in the film which is not revel in trailler or song promo

  • Running Time doesn’t matter as far as Movie is Entertaining and Engaging.

    @Haters dont worry about HNY. Those who thinks HNY will be worse then Humshakal please our (SRKians) sincere advice for them to stay away from HNY. No one insists u to go na watch HNY. Save ur money. Believe us urs reduction of tickets and money will not effect our Mega Blockbuster Movie which is called HNY. so do ur work spread hate more n more.

    As far as PK is concern, with UA certificate PK is automatically out of race. That Porn movie will not be for family audience.

    Keep barking but HNY will rules Boxoffice Big time. Cheers

  • Farah khan all three previous movies were bullshit…not expecting anything from this movie…will watch it in 2nd week only if WOM is very positive….

  • wt r u doing srk ??? huge mistake…….i am ur huge fan…..but first ur choice of film and then its run tym…….huh….i m really disappointed…..hope evrything turns out to b gud…..its my first comment on indicine

  • Again!!! OK, @Indicine, please tell me what is your problem with Ajay Devgan??
    you mentioned all big movies except Singham Returns.

    Please reply.

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