Box Office records that Happy New Year chases this Diwali

With less than 12 days to go for the release of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year, the countdown for 2014’s second big festive release has begun. Expectations are sky-high as Farah Khan and SRK reunite after two hugely successful films like Main Hoon Na (2004) and Om Shanti Om (2007).

All eyes will be on the box office records that Happy New Year chases this Diwali, more so because Shahrukh’s last film Chennai Express went on to break all records, both in the domestic and overseas markets.

Below is a list of records that Happy New Year is expected to beat / achieve this Diwali.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

  • Highest Opening Day (Current holder Dhoom 3 – ₹ 36.22 cr): Since the film is now officially confirmed for theatrical release a day after Diwali puja, Happy New Year has a great chance of breaking the record currently held by Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3. The day after Diwali is considered to be one of the best days for film business. On the same day last year, Krrish 3 managed to score the highest single day collections on its 4th day after release. Considering the craze for the film, this record should belong to Happy New Year when the collections are announced on October 25th.
  • Highest Second and Third Day (Dhoom 3 – ₹ 33.36 cr and ₹ 38.03 cr respectively): Dhoom 3 is the only film to have collected more than 30 crore on each of its first 3 days at the box office. Will HNY match those collections?
  • Highest Single Day (Dhoom 3 – ₹ 38.03 cr): Most of the records that Happy New Year is expected to break are currently with Dhoom 3. Three big films like Jai Ho, Kick and Bang Bang released this year, but none could come close to the numbers of Dhoom 3. Looking at the pre-release hype and trade expectations, Happy New Year is expected to be the first film to collect Rs 40 crore or more on a single day. The best chance is on its opening day itself. If the word-of-mouth is good, even Sunday could be record-breaking. (Also read: All time highest single day collections)
  • Highest non-holiday collections (Dhoom 3 – ₹ 36.22 cr): Dhoom 3 did the unthinkable last year. Released on a working day, the film collected Rs 36.22 cr, which is by far the highest collections on a working day.
  • First weekend record (Dhoom 3 – ₹ 107.61 cr): Dhoom 3 also became the first film to collect 100 crore or more in less than 3 days. Happy New Year can’t break the fastest to 100 crore record, but it sure can equal it. Also, the SRK-Deepika film would need to collect 108 cr or more to record the highest first weekend collections.
  • Highest ‘Diwali day’ collections (Krrish 3 – ₹ 35.91 cr): Last year, Krrish 3 recorded the highest single-day collections on the day after Diwali. It’s a great day for business. Ticket prices are high and most families come out to watch films on this day. Since the big ‘Diwali day’ falls on the opening day of Happy New Year, sky is the limit for the film.
  • First week record (Dhoom 3 – ₹ 188.99 cr): The first 7-day collections of Dhoom 3 was almost 189 cr (you read that right!). Happy New Year would have to collect an average of 27 cr to better this record. The response the film gets in its opening weekend and eventually the word-of-mouth will both be important. Dhoom 3 wasn’t the most entertaining film last year, nor was it even comparable to some of Aamir Khan’s classics, but the franchise has such tremendous brand value that it guarantees a huge initial.
  • Overseas collections (Dhoom 3 – ₹ 172 cr): Shahrukh Khan has gone all out to promote Happy New Year in the overseas markets. SLAM! The Tour was a massive hit in the US, and Khan himself is by far the most popular Indian actor outside India. His films release in theatres where no Indian films release only if it features SRK. Yet, the total that Dhoom 3 put up last year is mammoth.
  • India collections (Dhoom 3 – ₹ 284 cr):  All eyes will be on this particular record, the record for the highest grossing film in the history of Indian Cinema. If Happy New Year breaks this record, or even comes close, it will also surpass Kick as the highest grossing film of 2014.
  • Worldwide collections (Dhoom 3 – ₹ 533 cr): Chennai Express is the second highest grosser worldwide, with gross box office collections of Rs 424 cr. Dhoom 3 bettered that record last year by a big margin.

Shahrukh Khan has achieved everything that there is to achieve in the industry. His stardom, fame and more importantly the love from his fans all over the world is way beyond box office records. Having said that, the trade expectations from Happy New Year are high and SRK has never disappointed during Diwali. Happy New Year will be the 11th Diwali release of his career, and no SRK film released during the festival of lights has failed at the box office. (Also read: Shahrukh Khan and the history of Diwali clashes).

Will Happy New Year light up the box office this Diwali? Will the film break all those records that currently belong to Dhoom 3? Do tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • Before Chennai Express release, you published similar article
    And at that time Haters Were Saying CE won’t break any record
    But we know what happened last year
    The same thing will happen this year :)

  • dhoom 3 collection will remain at the top. if running time is over 3hr then there will be fewer shows per screen. hardly movie will cross 30 cr.
    max 33 cr.

  • @indicine, you forgot the most important thing and its the highest opening day this year.
    Singham Returns=33 cr

  • Dhoom3 worldwide biz is 585cr and overseas 200cr after china release… why didn’t u add china biz ?

    btw.. I wish best of luck to srk , hope he can break few records of Dhoom3 :)

  • Too much expectations!!! I personally wish dat Hny underperforms, only because v want d old srk back. He should stop working wit crap directors like farah n start working wit fresh minds. Anyways all d best from a HR fan.

  • the underperformance of bb and haider should help hny to open even bigger than in normal situation.cant wait for the film.hopefully will b a total paisa vasool film like mai hoon na

  • yaar indicine.kuch bhi bol dete ho.Chennai express broke record in domestic circuit only.not in overseas circuits.Chennai express is still in 4th position In overseas collections.

  • really man dhoom3 records was unbielivable 36cr in working day is just insane figures i think brand dhoom and brand aamir worked with that movie and i think lifetime records of dhoom3 may be acheive by pk but opening and weekend records are impossible to break this year next year bajrangi bhaijaan can break the opening and weekend records.

  • @indicine you mentioned all big movies released this year like Kick, Jai Ho and Bang Bang but you ain’t mentioned Singham Returns ( holder the highest opening day of this year) of ) and that means that you think Singham Returns wasn’t a big movie. big lolz

  • budget 150cr which is huge. movie is not brand like dhoom 3. were Diwali release highest collection was 188 cr krrish 3. non of Diwali releases cross 200cr mark. krrish 3 was brand that’s why movie collected 31.5 cr.
    I guarantee it movie will be next bang

  • Wow. Terrible terrible film story, over-hyped and over dramatic. Same acting from lead actors. Yes this will break records as its the same bakwas indians love watching!!! Lmao!

  • Its Known To Every1 That Happy New Year z Gonna Get A Huge Opening .. Hugest I Wud Say .. !
    40cr 1st Day Looks Fairly Possible .. Only Thing I Wanna Say is :- Content Of Film ‘ll Decide If It Is Gonna Cross That Magical 300cr Fig Or Not !

  • It is very difficult to break Dhoom 3 records for HNY.Only 1st day or single day record has some chance but 1st week,domestic lifetime,overseas lifetime and worldwide lifetime is like impossible.It is not chennai express which is chasing 4 year old 3 idiots lifetime.Domestic(284),Overseas(172) and worldwide(533) of Dhoom 3 lifetime record will be broken by Aamir khan himself with PK.

  • century , double century n even triple century bhi koi karle par woh sachin nahi banta!
    waise hi 4/5 saal kisika achaa jane se koi srk nahi banta!

    i m #superduperexcitedforHNY because its about spreading happiness n love! Which we needed most rather than spreading hatred n negativity !

  • Dude no need to post articles no more! Just wait and watch on 24th! Records will be blown apart! Shahrukh is a marketing genius and brilliant businessman! And on top of all that, the best Actor the country has ever produced! Ppl will always trash talk him, doesnt matter tho! Salman and aamir are good too, in their own ways! But Shahrukh is something else! I cant even imagine the business that HNY will do, both in overseas and domestic! God bless this man!

  • Well its hard to predict lifetime collection of any big film till the content seen by large chunk of audience. its not easy to predict collection and I am also not good in prediction, still I think except D3 weekend record, HNY won’t able to outdone d3 in any where.Even overseas is not too easy of Dhoom 3, But picture will clear when the public review came.
    Don’t forget just 10 days before two film released which combine domestic collection lifetime will be 200 cr so after diwali weekend I don’t think huge money can be generate by hny even if it’s entertaining like ce, anything better than CE only can make big draw possible after festive weekend.
    But one thing is clear even HNY being festive film is chasing D3 normal weekend record shows how great buzz D3 has.

  • Max 160cr do not expect popular songs,decent trailer so there is nothing to high expectations….hahaha

  • Oh yes.Our kings happy new year will break all this records and we like our king want happy new year to collect half of avatars collection worldwide

  • 600cr+ WORLDWIDE
    these are guranteed irrespective of the reviews the film will get….we liked Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om from Farah-SRK combo……..same going to happen with HNY…….ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER ON THE CARDS

  • Even 150 crores looks tough for this movie b’coz movie doesn’t have good content as we have shown in the trailer ,even songs are not upto the mark except manwa laage….will not break any record…peekay would break all the previous record…….anyways best of luck for hny from a die hard fan of hritik roshan.

  • Honestly i’m not worrying if Hny will break the record of dhoom3 or not, i just want hny will be an entertaining film like mai hoo na or om santi om, all records easily broken but my heart says hny will cross 300cr mark lets see whether i trun right or wrong

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