Runtime of Happy New Year compared to other big releases

The runtime of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year is 3 hours and 4 minutes, making it one of the longest films in recent times. Amongst big releases, only Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was longer at 3 hours 9 minutes.

Amongst Shahrukh Khan starrers, Jab Tak Hai Jaan had a run time of 2 hours 56 minutes, while Chennai Express was 2 hours 21 minutes long.

The problem with films longer than 2:45 hours is the ‘turnaround’ time between shows goes over 3 hours, reducing the number of shows per screen at multiplexes and even at single-screens. For example, most single-screens have one show scheduled every 3 hours, but when the runtime exceeds 3 hours, they either cut a song (and closing credits), schedule fewer shows or delay showtimings by 15-20 minutes.

At multiplexes, the ‘turnaround’ time is even more important as films that are shorter get plenty of shows on opening day, resulting in higher opening day collections. For big films like Happy New Year that are expected to run on high occupancy throughout the day in its first weekend, the runtime could make a big difference.

The turnaround time for Happy New Year at multiplexes will be around 3 hours 30 minutes (3.04 movie, 10 min interval and 15 min theatre clean-up between shows).

In short, if 5 to 6 shows of Chennai Express could be scheduled per screen at multiplexes, only 4 to 5 shows of Happy New Year will be running.

  • Dabangg 2 – 120 minutes
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 132 minutes
  • Jai Ho – 135 minutes
  • Chennai Express – 141 minutes
  • KICK – 147 minutes
  • Krrish 3 – 153 minutes
  • Ra One – 156 minutes
  • Bang Bang – 156 minutes
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 159 minutes
  • Om Shanti Om – 169 minutes
  • Dhoom 3 – 172 minutes
  • Main Hoon Na – 173 minutes
  • Agneepath – 174 minutes
  • Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty – 170 minutes
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 176 minutes
  • Happy New Year – 184 minutes
  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – 189 minutes


  • Content of a film is important no one bother about length, IF a film like a Hum apke hai kaun can be a all time block buster
    than no matter if H N Y is a lengthy film

  • running time doesn’t matter.dabangg2,a 2hr film did 158cr in 3400 screens while yjhd,a 2 and half hours film earned 190cr in 2800 screens 6 months content is the king.

    waiting for hny

  • Hence proved, King Khan doesn’t make movies for records sake .. yet he ends up smashing al records Left Right & Centre.
    get ready to witness the biggest extravaganza .. ‘This Diwali’.

  • Om Shanti Om runtime: 196 minutes Main hoon na runtime: 179 minutes n HNY runtime is 184min Chill. If the film is good than runtime doesn’t mater Happy New Year will become The Biggest Blockbuster of Indian Cinema..

  • Farah khan giving extra time so that people can understand the story properly coz 2:30 hrs r too less to understand her story

  • If the film is enertaining, the running time doesn’t really matter.
    But if the film is bad and WOM negative, running tie does comes into play as no. of shows get affected.
    So lets see does HNY content and buzz matches upto its pre release buzz or not.

  • Runtime 3 hours and 4 minutes of is not a period movie or patriotic movie.Don’t know who is editing HNY but the editor must have cut off few scenes featuring Srk before.Forget lifetime collections record even opening day or single day record will be very difficult if shows will be reduced.

  • Om Shanti Om runtime: 196 minutes Main hoon na runtime: 179 minutes n Happy New Year runtime is 184min Chill. If the film is good than runtime doesn’t mater. Some r expecting 30cr..some r expecting 40cr opening. My expectation is that I want HNY to make more ppl happy than CE, Happy New Year will become The Biggest Blockbuster of Indian Cinema. #11DaysToGoForHNY

  • @thullu I completely agree with u.closing credit of all farah Khan films r unique and entertaining.her films r also good but the closing credits r always special.I loved the Oscar ceremony closing credit of tmk the most

  • Poor strategy. I must say its pathetic strategy. I mean how one can be that much fool?? No one has patience of sitting and watching a movie for more than 3 hours. Moreover, he is aware of the fate of his last movie Jab tak hai jaan. That movie had a nice plot but long runtime made it boring resulting the movie into a hit ( should have been a blockbuster). Someone should tell this ignorant team of HNY that even 50-50 has been to 20-20 and soon they are planning to cut it to 10-10( because this type of cricket consumes a lot of time) so people are not going to watch your movie sitting completely for more than three hours. How much good content you have, it won’t matter. The long runtime will make it boring and people will start yawning at the end.
    Ok, whoever were dreaming that it will surpass D3, even without seeing a single sneak peek of the movie, I can bet it won’t. This runtime is going to affect the business by at least 30 cr. D3 is safe , that is for sure. Amp whole credit goes to Farah Khan and Team HNY, who are planning a boring saga instead of making some light entertainer like CE.

  • Oh no.3 hours long film.We king fans can watch our king for 6 hours also but we hope that others will watch our king for 3 hours

  • Those who are talking about MHN and OSO, please note that was a different era altogether. Average length of movies was 2 hr 50 minutes that time. But now Time has been changed and so is the strategy of makers. Multiplexes are sharing a huge chunk of the total business no need to say that how a long runtime will affect the business at multiplexes. Seriously SRK disappointed me this time :(


    1.During Diwali period strictly stay 200 meters away from theaters in your town/city.
    2.If by accident or if someone forcefully drags you in theater then for face that situation Keep 5-10 Crocin or Disprin
    tablets with you for first aid.
    3.Mostly take care about childrens as they might be take this situation as adventure but for a child brain its really hard to face 184min torchur.
    4.This is last Diwali for which you have to face these kind of troubles so please co-operate with out govt.
    From next Diwali you can enjoy films in theaters with your family & friends happily.

    Happy Diwali…

  • There is nothing in this film as we have seen in promos jst bulk of stars to pull crowd.some masala action sequence,unbearable songs and faltu comedy wont work these day coz ppl have bcom smart if the core is missing then crores are missing.

    Masala movie only works if salman is there coz ppl blindly trusts him.

  • I don’t know why SRK gives up In front of directors. Here he should have intervened to cut the runtime of HNY. Anyway, I must say that if it comes to light entertainers then Rohit Shetty is the best. The perfect example is CE. With such a short runtime he completed the whole movie that people didn’t get bored for a single instance. The plot of CE was so balanced and compacted .

  • We want our king to surprise us just 1 dat before the release by saying that they were kidding and runtime of happy new year is just 2 hours and coz of that it has double shows than Dhoom3 in theaters so even 60 crores in opening day is possible.We hope it happens.

  • @indicine Well its my mistake, btw i am happy srk doesn’t make hny to make money like dabangg2, he did hny to make people happy n people also make him happy by making it all time highest grosser

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