Roy Total Box Office Collections and Verdict

Ranbir Kapoor’s Roy has crashed at the box office on its 2nd Friday, thereby joining the long list of failures this year. The film opened very well last Friday and showed decent growth because of Valentine’s Day on Saturday. But since then, it has dropped every day except on Maha Shivaratri (Day 5).

Roy will finish with lifetime collections of around Rs 45-46 crore. Theatrical business-wise the film is a ‘Below Average’ grosser, even though T-Series will end up making a profit from satellite and other rights.

Box Office Collections in India (Crores)
Day 110.41
Day 211.16
Day 37.12
Day 43.65
Day 53.76
Day 62.92
Day 72.76
Day 80.62
Day 90.78
Day 100.84
Remaining Days-
Total Collections44.02 crore

Verdict – Below Average



  • It had an opportunity to be a hit but sadly didn’t capitalise..if there wasn’t any valentine day factor,the film would have ended up being a flop

  • When an actor does not improve his degrading acting skills ……. !! ..
    And only tries to target Promotional activity Using affair rumours… Wid kat,dp etc….. This will b the result…

    Ranbir has completely forgotten actin .. N he is concentrate on Affair rumour publicity hype…….!! ..

    Roy had another huge crash on its second Friday as it grossed around 50-55 lakhs nett. The film has dropped close to 95% from day one.There will be growth on Saturday but not the sort that there is normally on a second Saturday as the film has been rejected totally.
    There is the cricket match on Sunday so the weekend business may go to around 1.75 crore nett. The first week was around 33 crore nett so the lifetime business of the film is looking to finish at 36 crore nett.
    The film is a huge flop and will finish at 36 crore nett lifetime business but is still second highest grosser of the year showing how bad the year has been till date.

    Roy = 36cr..
    Besharm = 52cr..
    Total 88cr…

    Baby 96cr..

  • Below average means obviously it’s flop..
    badlapur will be semi hit or hit…
    as I said earlier many times avenger will change his date. Look what avenger 2 now releasing on 24th april due to avoid clash with gabbar
    when it comes to Hollywood vs Bollywood in india….
    Hollywood always change their date…

  • This was bound to happen.
    Even the Opening of the movie was solely on the Star Power of Ranbir.
    Else, the opening too would have been mediocre.

  • Had not been steady manipulations in weekdays… It wud be disaster……!! …..

    Real Verdict – Disaster…

    Ranbir is Media created star .. Emerging due to affair rumours…..!

    His acting skill is zero… Deadpan… Xpresionles…

    Ranbir is very boring,Tiresome…cringeworthy to watch on screen ……..!! … Sad But Truth

  • adlapur review

    Do Miss The Ending

    There’s a very old saying-
    ‘All’s well that ends well’ and this saying is even more important for thrillers.But unfortunately sriram raghvans psychological thriller badlapur suffers from a disappointing climax.I know the climax must hv looked brilliant on paper but it gives u zero emotional punch while leaving the theatre and thats wat prevents this well made,nicely acted,entertaining thriller to become a superb film

    Badlapur is the story of Raghu(varun),an young,happy,successful ad film maker who is leaving a dream life with his lovely wife(yami in a cameo) and his cute kid.But raghu’s beautiful life is shattered when during a robbery escape his wife and kid gets accidentally killed.The two robbers are nawaz and vinay.while nawaz asks vinay to escape with the money nawaz himself gets caught by the police.He tells the cops that vinay is the killer and he has hidden himself in an unknown place with all the money.The court unsatisfied with his answers punishes him with 20yrs of imprisonment.

    On the other hand varun is simply unable to come in terms with the huge loss in his life and goes into depression quitting his Job.He tries to find some comfort by repeatedly sleeping with nawaz’s prostitute gf(huma) but still struggles to escape from his pains.He finally decids to wait for nawaz’s imprisonment tenure to end and then take revenge from nawaz and vinay.

    Rest of the film is about how a soft hearted,energetic varun changes into a grey shaded,revenge hungry beast who can cross all moral and law barriers to avenge the loss of his lovely family.There are lot of twists to this engaging tale backed by many heart touching scenes,superb dialogues,strong performances,good music but a disappointing climax.

    Hats off to sriram and his partner for writing such a good story,strong screenplay that keeps u entertained and engaged almost till the end.The performances everyone in supporting cast is superb but I personally loved the performances of huma and radhika who look really hot in the film.nawaz as usual is brilliant and his role seems like a continuation from his funny,psycho villain avatar in kick.Varun dhawan is a complete revelation in the film and gives an excellent performance.

    Music by sachin jigar is top notch and so r the cinematography and production design

    Despite heaping so much praise at the film I m forced to give the film not more than 7.5/10.Only if they could hv done away with that excessively philosophical climax and instead went with a simple one badlapur would hv been a gem of a film

    Verdict-Good but could have been better

    2nd good film of this year after Baby

  • the superb opening of roy. should ring alarm bells in the mind of rk haters as to wat will happen when ranbir will return to full fledged role with bv and jj.both should get 25cr+ opening and become blockbusters if content is accepted

  • Ranbir minus KAPOOR surname is a big zero ………..!! ..

    Ranbir minus Affair hype, big banner, promotion is also big zero…!! ..

    Ranbir is media created puppet….!! .. Who can drop towel n show Butt cracks…..!

  • Badlapur had good a decent opening of around 30% at multiplexes while single screens in and around Maharashtra were also decent while rest were poor. The film will be driven by business in Maharashtra due to the regional flavour in the film.

    Roy took the best initial of the year last week but fell flat from Monday onwards with big crashes on the weekdays. the film finished with around 33 crore nett for the week. FLOP

    MSG – The Messanger Of God fared very poorly. There were pre bookings at the PVR chain but thats about what the film collected. In week two there are no pre bookings and film is bound to crash badly. DISASTER

    Shamitabh saw a huge 90% fall in business as it grossed around 1.75 crore nett in week two taking its two week business to 20 crore nett. DISASTER.

    Baby is around the 79.50 crore nett mark in five weeks. AVERAGE


  • 2015 has till now been a dull year for Box Office . Tevar, Alone, Dolly Ki Dolli, Khamoshiyaan, Hawaizaada, Shamitabh, Roy and MSG all have been failures . I agree with @ Aashish Roy had the Highest Opening Day of 2015 and had a nice weekend but still it is not successful . One Week before Ranbir fans were boasting Ranbir has given the Highest Opening Day in a cameo role that was not the problem but they were abusing Akki and saying Ranbir is bigger than Akshay . I just want to tell them Lifetime collections and verdict are more important than Opening Day . I have nothing against Ranbir he is a good actor . Neither i have seen Roy so i will not unnecessarily bash Ranbir and Roy . I just hope he improves himself and gets better with every movie . My advice for Ranbir fans If you think Ranbir is the next big thing and He is a Superstar then no problem but don’t praise Ranbir while degrading other actors . I hope all Ranbir fans listen patiently to what i have said . Cheers !!!!!!!!

  • Best to worst movies (critics ratingwise)

    1. Badlapur
    2. Qissa
    3. Baby
    4. Rahasya
    5. Shamitabh
    6. Hawaaizada
    7. Tevar
    8. Alone
    10. Khamoshiyan
    11. Roy

  • Sad to see another failure. Hope badlapur breaks the jinx.

    @Ajay rocks

    Please read my response to your comment on Badlapur first day collections article.

  • Sad for ranbir but happy for flop. Now again some brainless fans of youngistan destroy career youngistan star. Chameleons kapoor stay away from ranbir and varun. Serial flop of youngistan created by chameleons kapoor.

  • @indicine wats the need to say welcome back to @gj007.he was absent from here for just 2 days and this is the third time in last 5 months that u hv said ‘welcome back’ to him!!!

    I know u luv him bcz he is a fan of a khan and also supports akki but that doesn’t mean u will b excessively sweet to him and always tok to me in a rude tone

  • Its bound to happen.So it had.
    @gj007 I was surprised to see your reaction when you complained about tweets of @babaji,@nipun and rami as it wasn’t necessary to follow them in twitter and then answer them on here, you can put you thought by tweeting them.I don’t know why they were talking about you and even I think you shouldn’t care too as we all are here for fun and mist of us are not known each other personally.
    I read your response on other post for @ajay rocks and must say may be you are younger but you are bit mature as a sensible person.You ended the whole unnecessary debate with lot of maturity and I wish you won’t bother for that now.
    Age is not synonyms of maturity,some are mature with young age while some not and then people like complan boy exist who don’t even know what is maturity unless its not connected with srk.
    I am also not been quite much active here on Indicine so will comment occasionally but best of luck to you and I love to read your thought here about Bollywood and stars here whenever I visit here.Stay blessed dude.

  • ohh so sad i desperately wanted it to be a hit
    but heard it has terrrible word of mouth..none of ma single friend who watched the movie praised it which shows how bad the film was

  • much better than akki’s extended cameo movie Shaukeen.//lol./
    movie is below average thats due to content only.bad content had harmed it a lot.
    otherwise opening wise ranbir again has beaten akki.

  • @Indicine

    Thanks a lot Indicine for such a warm welcome!


    Thank you sir, for all your praises. I don’t like being hateful actually, so I thought it’s good to apologize to Ajay Rocks.

    I love Indicine articles but some absolute garbage fanboys heavily abuse Aamir and Akshay here. Thats why I have decided to drop by once in a while and reduce my frequency of visits.

    Keep rocking sir, you’re one of the most sensible fans here on Indicine!


    Sure. Even I have nothing against you guys.


    Say what you want against me, but like I had promised, I won’t bash your youngistaan again. (Well I did bash Ranbir, but I think he is beyond ‘young’ actors. He is already an established star.)

    All the best for Byomkesh Bakshy and Dil Dhadakne Do. Those are the two films I am really keen to checkout. Same for BV and Tamasha. Looking forward to some great films which I hope turn into classics. Cheers!

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