Badlapur Day 2 (Saturday) Collections and Sunday Update

Badlapur has collected Rs 8.75 crore on its second day at the domestic (India) box office. The two day collections now stands at Rs 16 crore net, which is fantastic considering the fact that the Varun Dhawan film has only released on 1650 screens across India. Also, the genre of the film is not family friendly.

Badlapur continued to perform well at major cities and showed good growth at smaller cities where the opening was slow on Friday. Surprisingly, the film has also shown decent growth at single-screens.

The ongoing cricket match between India and South Africa has affected business on Sunday, but the drop is not as huge as last week’s release Roy. Badlapur is carrying much better reports as compared to Roy, which should also help limit the drop. If the film manages to score around 6-7 crore on Sunday, then it would have recovered nearly 50% of its investment in its first weekend itself.

  • Friday – 7.25 crore
  • Saturday – 8.75 crore
  • Total Collections – 16 crore


  • Film is pretty average to say the best.Film is released on 2500 screens and not 1700 as said by paid corrupt taran adarsh. So the costs are high. Will need 70cr to be a hit.

  • Nice to see the growth of Badlapur on Saturday . My friend saw Badlapur and he liked the movie very much . Today India will play South Africa and the collections will be affected to some extent . If the movie can maintain well on Weekdays then this will be another Hit for Varun .

  • Its a pretty good film with great performances so Im happy for it n hope it achieves more.

    Only negativity film will face is the chameleon arjun kapoor turning fans away from Badlapur if he continues to claim Varun is his star batsman like kohli in his flop youngistan team…!

  • Varun is dafinately on hot streak….I believe with good music ABCD2 can open between 12 to 15 cr then dilwale with 50 cr…..then he will be at big league. …

  • I watched the movie at a high end multiplex this morning.
    Well, I was disappointed with the movie, its slow and boring.
    Untill Interval, it was a lost case.
    The climax is not convincing given the graph of the protagonist.
    Varun though is quite impressive and delivers a stellar performance.
    Rating – ???5

  • Top 5 ((REVIEW)) rated movie

    BABY (4/5)(95cr)(Semihit)
    DOLLY (2.5/5)(19cr)(losing)
    ROY (2/5)(45cr)(Average)

  • bhenans … when will people on this site post intelligent comments??

    instead of posting good luck and their ourageous predictions will they ever mature??

    and the site offers them fodder.. by raising ourageous figures..

    i have seen the film yesterday.. its a dark film with immaturish performance by the protagonist..

    the director should have put an experienced hero in front of nawazuddin and vinay pathak!!

    the women in the movie are shown in a bad light ..almost every woman seems to be starving for sex like our hero!!

  • frist time colletion same boi 15.5…bh 15.75 but ray boi 34cr..bh43cr…baby boi 80cr..scn 2000…bh 94.5cr
    ..2500plus scn…

  • Watched Badlapur today in high end multiplex.He comes my review.
    Badlapur is a revenge saga as all know the story.Film starts with a bang but looses momentum after that,nawaz somehow give some saving moment with his antics but slow and boring stretched screenplay kill the interest in first half.All the critics reviews I came to know that first half is good while second is bad so I wasn’t expecting that second half is good,interestingly it was.I loved the second half of the movie as in the second half film has some unpredictable plot,Varun revenge started and then the unexpected climax.
    Dialogues are good to very good.
    Coming to performance. Nawaz is a show stealer,he rocks in badlapur as antogoist and the way film end he turned out as a positive character.
    Human qureshi was good in her performance,Yami and divya dutta played their parts well.Vinay pathak was superb.
    But the best part of the film was Varun Dhawan for me,a crude person in the way to take revenge,his antics were quite evil the way he treated divya,human and vinay’s wife.He was good in first half but in second half he was outstanding, he fits in the character very good.He is undoubtly the best actor in young lot as he can act, dance,fight,romance everything superbly.Kudos to him.
    Shriram Direction is very goof but he made the plot bit longer and unconventional screenplay.I had a problem with the way he shown women’s in the film as raghu treated them but he still manage to direct a good film.
    So overall Badlapur is a superb film but not outstanding as some critics rated it.Film’s USP is Varun and Nawaz,a one time watch film with friends. A hit for sure.
    Go watch it for Nawaz antics and Varuns superb act from a young to aged person.

  • @ ranbir rox get your brains checked these two young actors are amazing no doubt of that… but don’t compare them to self made super-star akki… even though his films are not doing well as his expectations but he is far more established than these two young actors.. as an akki fan i have a lot of respect for young actors including ranbir, varun, sid and ranveer who are future and the next big thing of bollywood.

  • I completely agree with u sky.each and each and every point including the rating almost matches with my review.

    I hv been following ur comments for a long time and I hv to agree that I find lot of similarity btwn u and me.keep up the good work bro

  • I hv noticed how some morons here r trying to detach varun from youngistaan.all I want to say to them is instead of trying to break our unity u should try to help ur fav star giving a superhit or atleast a hit by going in numbers to watch his films

  • I agree with Megha and Tarique. It is a vulgur and brainless story bcoz in the end suddenly a good police officer bcoms crupt and varun forgets his revenge and start running behind 2.5 crores…NAWAZ and JEE kardaa save the grace

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