Badlapur Day 2 (Saturday) Collections and Sunday Update

Badlapur has collected Rs 8.75 crore on its second day at the domestic (India) box office. The two day collections now stands at Rs 16 crore net, which is fantastic considering the fact that the Varun Dhawan film has only released on 1650 screens across India. Also, the genre of the film is not family friendly.

Badlapur continued to perform well at major cities and showed good growth at smaller cities where the opening was slow on Friday. Surprisingly, the film has also shown decent growth at single-screens.

The ongoing cricket match between India and South Africa has affected business on Sunday, but the drop is not as huge as last week’s release Roy. Badlapur is carrying much better reports as compared to Roy, which should also help limit the drop. If the film manages to score around 6-7 crore on Sunday, then it would have recovered nearly 50% of its investment in its first weekend itself.

  • Friday – 7.25 crore
  • Saturday – 8.75 crore
  • Total Collections – 16 crore


  • varun dhawan is still a boy ..for this role a more mature actor like farhan akhtar could have been better choice..

    all these guys sidhharth malhotra tiger shroff varun are very young these brooding roles dont suit them..they should do acts of their age

    i want people here to second my views

  • Not bad @all…way to go Varun!!
    ..critical acclaim movie plus today cricket match ddnt affect its collection! Think it’ s around 8.5crores Sunday..
    Now If @indicine and other site keeps on calling Roy a Rk movie(though I believe if Roy hadn’t earned d 1st day highest earning movie for 2015 nobody Wldv been Callin Roy a Rk movie)…then…with all considerations.. Putting on mind Besharam collection and morons comparing a yesterday kid(though quite talented with far less genre experimented movie yet) with a huge star like Akki… It’s obvious no one can dispute THAT VARUN is now a BIGGER STAR than R kapoor just merely based on his 4hits out of 4…100% success ratio and ability to move d box office even on a big cricket match day!) until Bombay velvet Varun is now about to b potential CROWNED PRINCE of YOUNGISTAAN!!
    Way to go Varun!!

  • Badlapur grossed around 3.75-4 crore nett on Monday. It’s a decent hold but there was a noticeable fall in some areas. The drop is just under 50% from Friday. The film is driven by Mumbai circuit and it’s a plus that a big contributor to all India business is leading. The four day business is around 27.50 crore nett.

    The film had average business on in the North over the weekend and Delhi and Punjab had the biggest falls on Monday. The central belts and Mumbai are better and they will have to drive the film. The film lost around 2 crore nett on Sunday due to the cricket so there was chance of strong hold the next day but it was not case here.

    The film is safe due to low costs and this is a first for the year and it remains to be seen how the business holds over the week and into second week..

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