Roy Review

Roy is a difficult film to judge. We all have seen the trailers being filled with Ranbir Kapoor’s screen presence but then media has been constantly reporting that he has a minor role in the film. And it is because he has a guest appearance in the film, we can’t help but feel less excited about it. If it was his film through and through, we’d all be hooked and booked. But unfortunately, inspite of the music being a big hit, Roy just doesn’t have too much buzz going on about it. The trailers have been decent but not earth-shattering. So does Roy exceed all our expectations?

Story: Kabir Grewal (Arjun Rampal) is a film director who has a casanova image and has apparently slept with 22 girls so far according to entertainment journalists. He goes to Malaysia in search of his next story and chances upon another director called Ayesha (Jacqueline 1) and soon through their conversations they start falling in love. There’s another parallel track going on of Roy (Ranbir) who is also the lead character in Kabir’s story. Roy is a strange mysterious character who doesn’t reveal the cards close to his chest. Roy is slowly falling in love with Tia (Jacqueline 2) in Kabir’s story. Things get convoluted when Roy and Kabir converge into one.

Director Vikramjit Singh has clearly tried to copy the look of a stylish Hollywood thriller in his debut feature Roy with the story of a normal noir classic English thriller. But the problem is, Vikramjit has the germ of a very interesting idea but his skills as director Vikramjit is not able to matchup to the vision of the writer Vikramjit. Roy therefore turns out to be a very confused film for the viewer. It looks and feels stylish because of the way Vikramjit has shot it but it counts for nothing if the story isn’t fulfilling enough. It would have made a lot of sense if Vikramjit had written a book rather than make a film with this story of his.

Roy, somehow becomes palatable overcoming the vast boring portions and the confused plot because of the slick treatment of its cinematography. Roy feels huge because of the grandeur of the scale of sets and camerwork is also excellent. The costume design is stylish. The editing should have been crisper as Roy gets into the boring zone a bit too many times because of the 2.5 hours plus length.

The music of Roy is another redeeming part of the film. It has already become a huge hit and the songs do actually stay with you. Sooraj Dooba Hain is hummable and you feel like getting up and hitting the dance floor. Ankit Tiwari continues his good form with the melodious and moody Tu Hai Ke Nahi. Chittiyan Kalaiyaan is very energetic and the tempo of the song is high. The background score is also pretty decent.

Acting: Ranbir Kapoor is the headliner of the film even though he has a sizeably less screen time than Arjun Rampal. Unfortunately, Ranbir tries too hard to be dark and mysterious, and ends up having one expression throughout the film no matter what situation. He’s off form. And so are the main two leads – Arjun Rampal and Jacqueline. Arjun tries his best to act like a suave in-demand director who has chicks falling for his charm every 20 minutes, but alas he’s not Milind Soman. Jacqueline has two roles in the film and she gives a lesson in acting two different characters the exact same way. If not for the different makeup and costume design for both the characters, we wouldn’t know that she was playing two characters.

Conclusion: Roy has a good premise, a good idea, a good vision but the director is not able to live up to his own vision as a director. Roy is too intelligent for itself and ends up being a boring, confused film with a convoluted plot that is neither a good thriller nor a good love story. You can watch the film for the music videos and the gorgeous cinematography because otherwise it is too much of a slog to survive the duration of the film.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

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  • That`s why Ranbir has stayed away from promotion of the movie. He should avoid working in movies to help friends and concentrate only on good scripts. Bombay Velvet would be surely promoted by Ranbir and we would see the results

  • It is a painstakingly boring film and that was evident coz the trailer itself was an stretched one..That’s why I was waiting for its reviews and they have confirmed the same..
    So I am giving it a miss..

    Waiting for Badlapur,its music is also rocking..

  • Watched it just now mainly Because of jacqueline..
    Boring.. Damn Boring.. What was Director Thinking ? It would have been an amazing Thriller if Director was little more Intelligent.. An Amazing plot got wasted because of Tcky love story angle..

    Acting : Jacquie is adorable in both the roles but there is No Acting
    Arjun is a very good actor but completly wsted here.. also he doesnt look at all dapper with that “Jhuryion wala face” .
    Ranbir kapoor :- Dude not every movie can be Barfi( even that was copied from 1000 movies) .. You have no connect watsoever with the Audience.. Tried to hard to look as a Dark,Broody Theif but Epic Fail… No expressions ,No acting effort at all at any level…

    Locales are very good,Songs and Music is nice but are really Misplaced..

    overall 2/5 stars… neither thoughtful neither masaledaar.. just plain Boring….

  • What has happened to youngistaan films these days,all are sinking without a trace!!
    Badlapur though should become a hit.

  • It has opened because of ankit tiwari, arijit n baby doll fame singer kanika ……..!! …
    Kudos to music only…..!! …
    But sorry it will flop…….!

  • Ranbir kapoor honeymoon period is over ………!! ….
    He was giving hit becoz of ROM-com genre …….!? …… Ritesh deshmuk also can give hit wid rom-com like tere naal ho gaaya …

  • Roy had a bigger opening than Baby. Ranbir’s name is enough to make a film open huge. Unlike Akki kumar whose name often makes a film do only 60 cr.

  • Watched roy ..

    It is plainly boring,lethargic , sleep inducing , poorly made , even poorly acted , film.
    1st half is plainly boring.

    Ranbir kapoor is there in the film for full majority(He is playing the lead character so it is ranbir film… .) . Easily his worst performance. He looks deadpan , totally expresionless n flat! EPIC FAIL !!

    Arjun n jacky play part well..!! ..

    Overall ,,, roy is complete disaster as far as content , acting , screenplay is considered ……!! ..

    Only good thing is good direction n some songs here n there….!
    Placement of song is out of context n bad …!

    Overall , i go wid generous 1/10 for another worst film of the year!! …

    Final word :- this film comes out from dust-bin n lands in garbage!! … Avoid !! ….

    Ranbir is in poor form . If he continue this , … Roy will crash on friday evening show onward !! ……

    Stay connect wid me for MSG review …… As i m watching it , it is also pure garbage….

    So Worst films of 2015 — Tevar , Alone ; hawaizaada and ROY !

    Final word …..
    Watch it only if you like ankit,arijrit sing n kanika kapur songs ….!.
    Film has taken average start only becoz of ankit tiwari,arijti.

  • I agree wid @Ajinkya when he said this — …..

    Mostly ranbir fans ……r dum witted brainless girls ……… Who don’t have any GK or IQ ………..!! ……. Or don’t have any knowledge of films,content n quality ……..!! ….

    Mark my word ………. !! …..
    Ranbir will not survive for long …….!! …
    Becoz he does not have support from single screen … all ……!! ..

  • Also single screen occupancy is lower than khamoshiyaan!! ………. Surprsie…..!! …

    Single screen doesn’t come to ranbir film at all ……. As he has no connect with aam janta ……. As he is a lavish KAPOOR son who is in industty due to rishi KAPOOr ……..!! ……

    Arjun rampal is versatile than ranbir …….. But arjun doesn’t have media backin …….. N his dad is not rishi ………!! ….

  • @indicine aren’t u the same website who gave 3 stars to films like tevar,entertainment,creature and entertainment so how cn u gv just 1.5 stars to roy?I hv watched the film and I agree some ppl will find it boring and bad but there will also b lot of ppl like me who will like the

    I think roy will become a success

  • Truely ranbir is now superstar, roy isn’t ranbir full fleged film like srk’s billu but it got biggest openning of 2015

  • It was expected since th trailer was a plain bore.But some people are being too harsh on Ranbir.He may be average in this movie but that doesn’t take away the credit from him for delivering some great performance in the past.Anyways the movie would crash on Sunday itself because of the world cup.Lifetime won’t be more than 50 crores

  • raj kapoor was the only kapoor who was a top A lister of his time.
    Rishi kapoor could not reach to that level and the same goes for ranbir too.

  • @ArjunKapoorFan Tevar didn’t deserve 3 stars from any angle while Entertainment was a good comedy film and the ONLY film which I could see with my family!!! Don’t know about creature but it was promoted as a musical thriller and the music was good(Not best) while the trailer was a bit scary so it might deserve it. Youngistaan is failing now with these type of films! I only like four actors from the newer lot and they are:
    Ranbir Kapoor hope he gets back on his game
    Aditi Roy Kapoor
    Varun Dawan
    Siddharth Malhotra

  • This is going to be the story for whole 2015 for all Ranbit Kapoor films. Very over-rated actor. But this year all his films will flop and this Kapoor lad will bit the dust same as her sister Kareena who is almost finsihed now.

  • Roy short review
    thumbs up
    1 debutant vikramjeet direction.his script is mediocre but wat turns roy into a good film is his direction that is filled with several emotionally stirring scenes
    2 music is good and well placed
    3 arjun-jacquelije chemistry though good but could hv been better
    4 arjuns acting.arjun has got a lot of acclaim and even national award for performance in successful films like rock on,om shanti om,raajneeti etc but for the first time he impresses me in a lead role
    5 dialogues thoug a little filmy are still good
    6 cinematography and locations r top class

    thumbs down
    1 ranbir disappoints both in terms of performance and length of his role.he is just in a supporting role but promo made it look like a ranbir film

    2 mediocre script

    3 screenplay has some loopholes and bit complicated

    4 Jacqueline’s avg acting

    verdict-good film but could hv been better

  • nobody blames megha anymore now.. even indicine is reporting and bashing black and blue..

    i have already predicted the downfall and poor collections

    this makes me the best critic of all times .. watch out when i megha athe best will watch this movie on her home theatre and come back with her remarks ..

    the entire star cast of this movie will fall sick then..

    even then indicine has to change the way it revviews the film ..the chronological order should start back to front for a change!!

  • Ranbir kapoor ne prove kar diya ki wo real superstar hain. In spite of Exam time, worldcup season, clash with MSG, flopstar Arjun rampal’s presence, without Ranbir’s promotion Roy takes housefull opening just bcoz of Ranbir’s stardom.

    Srk and Salman ke bad Ranbir sabse bada crowd puller hai.

  • @sambuddha: Not only indicine but every critic is rating it either 2,1.5 or 0.5…Entertainment’s critic rating was better than Roy..
    And btw u like every youngistaan film first day..U also liked kill dil..u gave it 7.5/10..then later u changed ur rating..
    Roy has no chance..Komal nahta has tweeted and said it will flop..also cricket matches are coming..

  • @indicine:I am missing that critic review page of urs badly..plz introduce it,there is space on the site..u can use the space below upcoming movies column..!!

  • Roy gets the biggest opening of the year… bigger than overrated flop actor’s Baby. Ranbir rocks. Even his cameo role gives bigger opening than Akki starrer.

  • It is not a Ranbir movie but was hoping for a decent story. I like Arjun Rampal too, its high time he sticks to roles like Rajneeti n OSO !!!!!!!! Even Inkaar was a better movie.

  • just checked roy adv booking for tomorrow and it is set to show good jump.should collect 13-14cr tomorrow

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