Roy Box Office Opening

T-Series’ Roy has taken a good start at the box office on Friday. The film has started strongly at multiplexes in cities due to hit music and Ranbir Kapoor’s presence in the film. In major cities, the opening is about 20% higher than Akshay Kumar’s Baby, a film that was carrying incredible pre-release reports.

Roy is set for a good first day at the box office and if the film picks up in the evening and night, the first day collections could cross the 10 crore mark for the first time this year.

However, the problem for Roy could be the reports, which are mixed to negative. The film was very cleverly marketed as a Ranbir Kapoor starrer, but when the audience do get to know that the lead actors are Arjun Rampal and Jacqueline Fernandez, business might drop towards the end of the day.  The fact that this is Ranbir’s first film after Besharam (released in October 2013) has also helped.

The shows of Shamitabh have been reduced by around 80% today and the business of the film has crashed too. Akshay’s Baby is nearing the end of its run too, it will finish with lifetime business of Rs 93-94 crore.



  • It has opened because of ankit tiwari, arijit n baby doll fame singer kanika ……..!! …
    Kudos to music only…..!! …

    But sorry it will flop…….!

  • Also single screen occupancy is lower than khamoshiyaan!! ………. Surprsie…..!! …

    Single screen doesn’t come to ranbir film at all ……. As he has no connect with aam janta ……. As he is a lavish KAPOOR son who is in industty due to rishi KAPOOr ……..!! ……

    Arjun rampal is versatile than ranbir …….. But arjun doesn’t have media backin …….. N his dad is not rishi ………!! ….


  • Mostly ranbir fans ……r dum witted brainless girls ……… Who don’t have any GK or IQ ………..!! ……. Or don’t have any knowledge of films,content n quality ……..!! …..

    Mark my word ………. !! …..
    Ranbir will not survive for long …….!! …
    Becoz he does not have support from single screen … all ……!! ..

  • Watched roy .. It is plainly boring,lethargic , sleep inducing , poorly made , even poorly acted , film.

    1st half is plainly boring.
    Ranbir kapoor is there in the film for full majority . Easily his worst performance. He looks deadpan , totally expresionless n flat! EPIC FAIL !!

    Arjun n jacky play part well..!! ..

    Overall ,,, roy is complete disaster as far as content , acting , screenplay is considered ……!! ..

    Only good thing is good direction n some songs here n there….!

    Placement of song is out of context n bad …!

    Overall , i go wid 3/10 for another worst film of the year!! …

    Final word :- this film comes out from dust-bin n lands in garbage!! … Avoid !! ….
    Ranbir is in poor form . If he continue this , … Roy will crash on friday evening show onward !! ……

    Stay connect wid me for MSG review …… As i m watching it , it is also pure garbage….

    So Worst films of 2015 — Tevar , Alone ; hawaizaada and ROY !

  • Final word …..
    Watch it only if you like ankit,arijrit sing n kanika kapur songs ….!.
    Film has taken average start only becoz of ankit tiwari,arijti.

  • IBNLive Movies @IBNLiveMovies
    #Ranbirkapoor gives the same deadpan expression throughout the film. Even his efforts can’t save #Roy

    IBNLive Movies @IBNLiveMovies
    #Roy is strictly for #Ranbirkapoor fans.

    IBNLive Movies @IBNLiveMovies
    Agreed, there are several slow films that aren’t necessarily boring. Can’t say the same for #Roy

  • The difference between Roy and baby would be the collections in the 2nd and 3rd week.Anyways the good opening should ensure that the film is atleast a hit

  • Incredible, Ranbir Kapoor’s presence is enough..?
    Undoubtedly he is at number 5 after khans and roshan…Bigger crowd puller than akshay and AD

  • Ranbir’s supporting role film Roy is having a bigger opening than Akki’s lead role Baby. This says everything about their stardom.

  • I thought MSG is the worst film ever made But ROY changed my mind.
    I warn you ..
    Ranbir is king of bad films ..
    anjana anjani
    hassena bachna e

  • Brothers dont fight. MUSIC was a class specially Chittiyan Kalayan number one song in last 12 months. it is also the fact that Ranbir has multiplex following specially females. ROY will depend on word of mouth to do a bussiness in range of 70 to 40 crore…lets keep our fingures CROSSED. hope for atleast one hit bcoz all films in 2015 are FLOP by now.

  • Ranbir kapoor’s stardom is too high. Sirf Cameo role me aisa opening wow! Ranbir proved his stardom once again. Now I can say there are only 5 superstars in bollywood. Three khans, hrithik and Ranbir

  • ranbir has a bigger role not a guest app….
    baby was for class… songs ….no promotion…..
    no masala……these kind of movies are not for duffers…..
    baby is a classic…..
    go and watch roy u peoples deserve roy only…..
    waiting for fan and brothers now….
    gabbar,bb and sib will be masala so i m gonna avoid those…

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