Roy Box Office Collections: Crashes on Monday

The hype around Ranbir Kapoor’s return to the big screen is over, as his latest release Roy has failed to pass the Monday test. The film has crashed at the box office and collections have fallen further on Tuesday morning.

Even though Roy took the best start of 2015 and managed to hold up well on Saturday, the film is yet another addition to the growing list of failures this year. The two biggest releases in the first quarter of 2015 were Akshay Kumar’s Baby followed by Ranbir Kapoor’s Roy. Unfortunately, both films have failed to set the cash registers ringing, even though Baby did reasonably well due to terrific word-of-mouth publicity.

Roy has now collected Rs 32.34 crore in 4 days and should finish its first week with net box office collections of around 40 crore. All eyes will now be on Varun Dhawan’s Badlapur.

Roy Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 10.41 crore
  • Saturday – 11.16 crore
  • Sunday – 7.12 crore
  • Monday – 3.65 crore
  • Total – 32.34 crore




  • roy flops but gets full support of indicine to at least make 40 crores even in the worst case scenarios…..ha ha ha..

    when i predict flop it is wishing doom all the time but when indicine predicts flop it still must do 100 crore and if not then at least 50 cr

  • @sine wave Look if you want to remove YJHD and APKGK from Ranbir’s list then I will also remove Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Namaste London from Akki’s list. These four are fairly good films. I may have forgotten to add many of Akki’s other bad films during 2007-2014.

  • @Ranbir Rox

    APKGK IMDB Rating: 6.2
    Namaste London Rating: 7.1

    Look, I don’t hate Ranbir. He is my 4th favorite after Aamir, Akshay and Hrithik. He is way better than other 2 khans, but keep your mouth shut on Akshay and Hrithik. If you make fun of these 3 guys you’ll have it from me ….!!…..

  • @ranbir rox u r superb bro.I love ur aggressive attitude.the way u r taking on rk and youngistaan haters is simply outstanding.keep it up and plz b active atleast till bv release

  • @RK fans, ignore these dump akshay fans who are still living in their dream world of 2007 and don’t want to return from their ‘inception’.
    They are talking about a mega star who is still struggling to deliver his first 100 cr movie without mul tistar support or super hit remake content.
    a super star , who have 13 disasters and 36 flops on his accout,which is dream record.
    who has only one super hit without remake or multistar support (forget about BB)
    but he has highest hit ratio and success ratio ever,ie 19.8 and 31.6 !!!!
    which ranbeer will never able to break.

    So let them sleep and let them enjoy their dream, let’s pray he won’t thrown out from the top 10 .

  • @Ranbir Rox .
    nachega tu kha k paanch !!
    akki baaP h sbka !!
    sb chhod tera ranbir akki k jaisa perform kr skta h award shøws m ?? h uski itni aukat ki log uske liye taaliya & super warm response de.uski entry m ?? beta akki jb entry maarta h toh log bawle ho jte h !!!

  • @Arjun chameleon kapoor, @ranbir sucks, keep barking besharam. Don’t force to me bash ranbir.
    If ranbir deliver movie like BABY or Special 26 then i accept ranbir is superstar list. Still ranbir kid infront of AKKI.
    @Shaheer, when akki give Rawdy 134cr while your sarook struggle to cross Ready collection.
    @Shaheer, CE isn’t remake of many south movie? Hny isn’t remake of Hollywood movie?

  • @Sine wave aka gj007, good to see you support akki. Thanks dude…
    Dear admin, any news about Bajrangi bhaijaan movie?

  • @ Dear Shaheer

    What about king’s last good film MNIK? All these days poor fans like you are defending average films like Don 2 and JTHJ calling them ‘good’ because king is too busy minting money with junks like CE and HNY. Akshay has 3 good films like OMG, Special 26 and Baby in last 3 years, but what about king? His fans have to watch his craps and defend them! I feel pity on you!

  • This is why no film should be celebrated until after the first monday…promotions and star cast equal the weekend business…monday onwards is the real measure of a film

  • @Sheheer…. Bro can’t believe even a sensible and knowledgeable user like u will pass remarks on Akshay Kumar just like these blind younger fans who just started watching movies from 2010! Just speaking my mind nothing personal enjoy your comments but nah not this one @sheheer… I don’t even expect fans from Aamir to Srk to Ajay to bash Akki like that. Talk less of a SRK fan that has nothing to debate instead praise and acknowledge his contemporary colleagues over a kiddo just in his earlier career. Srk knows what it takes to b in d industry for almost 3decades and still establish yourself as a huge star…. His signing fees @a point was d highest! Why??? Nobody here in indicine can talk on behalf of directors that opt to take d risk and still sign him despite knowing he doesn’t give big numbers but that alone is a personality Akshay merited…@sheheer spending 25 years wit ova 100 movies of course you will experience flops but one thing is for real if they r calling big names achievements popularity success Akshay Kumar is definatly up there.

  • How can 1 compare Akshay Kumar with other actors.Actors like Salman Shahrukh Aamir Hrithik does 1 film in a year,Akshay does 4 films in a year,Hence there cannot be a comparison.Akshay is a multitalented actor,No other actor has this speciality.Akshay kumars level is exact similar to Aamir and Ajay devgan.Salman and Shahrukh are useless as they are good only in 1 type of acting.

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