Roy Box Office Collections: Crashes on Monday

The hype around Ranbir Kapoor’s return to the big screen is over, as his latest release Roy has failed to pass the Monday test. The film has crashed at the box office and collections have fallen further on Tuesday morning.

Even though Roy took the best start of 2015 and managed to hold up well on Saturday, the film is yet another addition to the growing list of failures this year. The two biggest releases in the first quarter of 2015 were Akshay Kumar’s Baby followed by Ranbir Kapoor’s Roy. Unfortunately, both films have failed to set the cash registers ringing, even though Baby did reasonably well due to terrific word-of-mouth publicity.

Roy has now collected Rs 32.34 crore in 4 days and should finish its first week with net box office collections of around 40 crore. All eyes will now be on Varun Dhawan’s Badlapur.

Roy Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 10.41 crore
  • Saturday – 11.16 crore
  • Sunday – 7.12 crore
  • Monday – 3.65 crore
  • Total – 32.34 crore




  • And don’t be so proud ratbear fans …….!! ………
    Barfi managed 102 cr only becoz of oscar hype ……….!! …… Media try all cheap tactic that Ranbir-Illeana are link-up n have affair……!! …
    They also try oscar hype ……!! …
    But goodly … This plagiared film from 50 hollywud film was kicked out of film festivals ………….!!!!!!!!? ….
    Hahahahaha …..!! …
    Barring all this … It will fail to touch even 50cr ……….!!!!!!!!?…

  • @ranbir roxx
    yjhd did 186cr not 178cr
    but I love the way u r supporting rk and youngistaan.keep it up bro

    now I m no more alone in indicine as in last 2 months there hv been lot of rk,varun,sid,arjun,sushanth,ranveer fans visible in the comments section

  • I am still so sad that why wasted my time for watched Roy, but thank God that i did not went to theater for Roy i saved my money.
    Third Class movie
    I am waiting for this Friday for Badlapur, and yesterday i read about Badlapur’s budget here in indicine, i feel happy after that for Varun, i think Badlapur will be first Blockbuster of Varun’s career. Best of Luck Varun

  • @ajinkya still All ranbir’s films did more business than Joker.
    Ranbir’s highest grosser YJHD 178 cr
    Flop kumar’s highest grosser RR 133 cr
    First ask flop kumar to cross 150 cr then talk about Ranbir.

  • @Garbage Romance

    Roy has also beaten 2 masterpieces namely: Dulha Mil Gaya and Billu Barber…!!…..

    Oh sorry it’s only Billu because the barber community got offended by the trashy way they were represented in this MASTERPIECE ……!!…..

  • @sambuddha::So now as you have tagged me for no reason idiot..Akki is much bigger a star than your ranbir.Main Gabbar will open better than Bombay helmet.Ranbir is always on tv channels due to affairs and all that still such low openings..YJHD was blockbuster coz he hide under DP’s pallu.
    Barfi opened to only 7.5crs in 2012..Emraan’s raaz 3 opening was 11crs.
    Rockstar opened to only 10crs with chartbuster music..
    Get that idiot..Ranbir has’nt done enough to be compared to Akki,Hrithik,Ajay..

    Add to that his poor performances in Besharam and then Roy..He has been thrashed by every critic which is a big shame..

    Ok The Shaukeens did’nt collected much but Akki was the best part of it,he got rave reviews for his performance..he overshadowed veterans like Anupam Kher,Anu Kapoor in it..

    @Ranbir Roxs aka Sambuddha::MAn if you have dare then bash hrithik openly with your “ARjun Kapoor Fan” ID …Why are you so much afraid? You are a big coward sambuddha…now you will say..I am not sambuddha! OK,But this @Ranbir Roxs was’nt existing before Roy released..and he suddenly comes,he knows my real name,he knows whos fan is nipun..I mean you have to be sambuddha..
    Also You are adding APKGK,YJHD in good/great films but not Rowdy rathore,Housefull,Welcome in bad movies..Strange!

  • Ranbir debuted in 2007 and has a 178 cr grosser already. While flop kumar debuted more than 20 years ago and still dreaming of crossing 150 cr.

  • @ajinkya ur akki failed to get evn a superhit status with a film like holiday while rk managed an epic blockbuster with yjhd despite both of them releasing in same post ipl wekend

    now this may both rk and akki will hv a release in middle of ipl season.but u will yet again observe how ur akki will crawl into 100cr club while rk even with mediocre content will sleepwalk past 150cr

    so u better shut up

  • @shaggy – do you really think that dil to pagal hai earned due to akki’s cameo?lol.
    than why shaukeen was a flop???role of akki in shaukeen was bigger than dil to pagal hai.
    keep calm nd dnt try to pull down srk indirectly.
    roy was a bad movie nd thats why it has crashed after weekend.thats it.
    but ranbir at least got 2 good days for film it is also a fact.
    baby was awesome movie so that though it had low opening , it emerged as a safe product at least.keep it simple man.

  • Still Baby is d movie to beat content wise. To all d kids out there…what’s d point typing long comment to bash d Akki ESP wit FAKE ID!! D same person will praise rhanbir and then bash his movie! Same person will write an excellent review for baby as usual his always d 1st to comment @indicine posts! After praising Baby he is busy abusing Akki @d expense of kiddo kapoor?? JAMES KHAN akka Rhanbir rocks akka Arjun kapoor….. 3…TRIPPLE STANDARD!!.

  • @AR GUJJAR -what dance championship u asked right.than can u tell me – how a person can grow a plant by throwing his sweat on earth ?? just like your god akki did in boss..
    get lost man.
    hny was a masala entertainer nd its purpose was to make people happy nd give entertainment thats what it did.
    u only spoke about hny but u forgot that salman khan ko ek bhi goli nahi lagi dabang is that possible??kick me bhi nahi a person can throw a cycle nd jump from it while train is so near??
    sorry salman fans i loved that scene from kick but just to shut up this nonsense akki fan i am talking about this.
    cinema me jo hota hai jaruri nahi har bar real world me vesa ho..
    vese to kya india ke hath kabhi haafiz saeed aaya jesa ki baby me dikhaya gaya hai .. kitne terrorist is tarah pkde hai india ne bahar country me jaake??ek bhi nahi..
    so please dont compare film with real life.
    get some knowledge that films are for entertainment only.
    if those 2-3 hours u can forget outside world than yes for me that film has worked.
    keep it simple.

  • It wouldn’t be fair to compare ranbir with legends of 90s khans, akki and ajay they are far more established than ranbir so please compare him with varun, shahid and Sid btw I am not ranbir fan.

  • I m vry disappointed with indicine .
    For them Ranbir & hrithik r more popular then Khiladi of bollywood ! The one man industry of Bollywood ! The Highest Tax Payer Of Bollywood ! The Real Action Hero Of Bollywood ! The Man Who has given Most number of Hit & popular Comedy Movies !!!

    I Can Only Say RIP Indicine.
    do publish my cmnt atleast .

  • @Ranbir Roxz

    Add Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani and YJHD in the list of bad films …..!!……..

    The ratio is nearly same as Akshay in spite of doing very few films compared to the superstar…….!!….

  • Guzaarish was one of the slowest films in the history of B’town just like Black and it released in 2010. There is no need of comparing it with a film of 2015 which comes under a mass-friendly genre.

    If u want to compare, compare disaster Saawariya with Guzaarish!

  • @Soumya KUMAR

    Besharam is still better than Ra O N E and BILLU. Our king was copying Uday Chopra and Tushar Kapoor in these films!

  • @Romance R_fan: pls don’t compare a shit Roy with Guzaarish…have u seen Guzaarish…its one of the best movies made in our country with high level of performances and other film aspects…Roy is one of the worst movies ever made…see the critics rating ….

  • @Romace Retard Pan, People like you are idiot enuf to compare a suspense thriller like Roy with Some Action, Superhit music, Glamour n Overhyped buzz with complete offbeat dark non glamourous movie that has nothing for the masses. Guzaarish was released on hardly on 1300 screens in 2010 with much lower ticket prices and had yo clash with a hugely popular hollywood film Harry Potter, while Roy is released on 2500+ screens with almost double ticket price. LoL.on u Khantard a big giant LoL.

    And @Ranbir Rox or what so ever, Irony is RKid fans saying RKid has a guest appearance in Roy. This makes people laugh hard,like really hard. And you guys are pretending not to be hurt. Go Kid, gain some common sense. :v

  • @Sallu dada’s bhojpuri fans
    Roy crossed Marigold collection on 1st day 1st show. What are your views about that?

    @Romu Kaka
    Sarook’s Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa collection and Joint collection of Ashoka, Paheli & Billu crossed by Roy. Your views pls. So stop this collection bullshit.

  • Hrithik bang bang poor WOM – 180 cr.
    Ranbir besharam poor WOM -60 CR.
    Ranbir yjhd super strong WOM + love story -189 Cr.
    Hrithik krissh 3 avg to good WOM -245 CR.
    Hahahahaha ranbir fan and u r saying such a foolish think don’t ever make hrithik name down to ranbir…

  • @Romance

    Sarcasm my dear friend. BTW I agree, CDI and MNIK are masterpieces. Kindly refrain from commenting on Hrithik, Aamir and Akshay and I won’t go after our king.

  • @arjun kapoor Thanks man. I have been a Ranbir supporter for long but ever since Akkifans started to insult him I decided to go full hardcore fan mode. I can tolerate Khan fans, but Akki fans are the most irritating. Their own star is in flop phase and they are insulting Ranbir.
    @babaji ka thullu I have been following Indicine since many years and adopted my ID very recently.

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