Robot 2.0 postponed, Golmaal Again vs Secret Superstar during Diwali

The release of Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’ has been postponed due to pending work on “world class VFX”. The film will now release in theatres during the Republic Day weekend next year.

“We are working on world class VFX, and it is taking time. An extensive portion of the visual effects work will be carried out in the USA, and our team is working in full swing now. So, we have zeroed in on January 25th, 2018 as the worldwide release date” Raju Mahalingam of Lyca Productions said.

The sequel to the 2010 film ‘Enthiran’ also features Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, who plays the lead antagonist.

The postponement of ‘Robot 2.0’ sets up a direct Diwali clash between Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again and Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar.

For the Republic Day weekend next year, two films have already been announced – Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary and Sushant Singh Rajput’s Chandamama Door Ke. Robot 2.0 is the third and biggest film for the week.



  • Result of this announcement :

    Akki fans will defend citing budget & vfx

    AJ fans & Aamir fans will call Akki ran away

    Srk fans will call it as Karma

    Salman fans will have fun

    Rajni fans will not even care because now Diwali & Fireworks come on Republic Day 2018.

    Kabbaaaaallliiii Daaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!

  • Secret superstar aur Golmaal again diwali pe is liye release ho rahI hai kyuki unhe rajnikant se pehle hi pata chal gaya tha ki due to pending work 2.0 will be postponed nahi to SS aur G again Jaise movies kaha 2.0 Jaise high budget movie aage chal skte hai. Now 2018 will begin will explosion and all eid Christmas records will be broken in dull period like January. Eagerly waiting for 2.0

  • Sensible decision,This Ajay & Rohit team is the worst group in Bollywood,they look into the business only,I will hope that Golmal four will be flop with solo release even I appreciate Ajay acting talent.Golmal is overhyped series except part 1.anyway Amir & Ajay will be much more happy now.I think Ring should be postponed to Diwali

  • Golmaal team knew this already…well good move it is as golmaal is good for diwali..although i am waiting for 2.0 eagerly..well done team 2.0 it will release in 2018

  • Goolmal team knew it first thts why they announce diwali.anyways its gud for all.its gud for secreat superstar too.
    Hope 2.0 turnout as magnum opus.

  • Diwali weekend was anyday better than republic dag weekend..but since 2 films were already there so it might make sone sense to postpone the film..
    But then if ur film is not ready for release then you have to postpone it, no otger choice..
    Now golmaal 4 has bright chances of doind of 200 crore business..
    Secret superstar will definitely be a hit because it is produced by the ISI mark itself

  • Why Makers announce release date in advance when they can’t able to complete films on time ? SRK does right in this matter.He doesn’t announce the release date until shooting of film is at least 50 % completed.only exception is Dwarf movie which he announced 2 years 3 months ago before release.

  • Good Move From Robot 2.0 Makers, it will definitely get a Solo Release, Aiyaari & Chandamama Door Ke will postpone the movie for sure.
    Whereas, the Diwali Weekend is considered:
    Golmaal Again Early Predictions:
    Day1: 19cr
    Lifetime: 155cr
    Verdict: SuperHIT

    Secret Superstar Early Predictions:
    Day1: 6cr
    Lifetime: 60cr
    Verdict: SuperHIT

  • Rajni n akshay ran away to not clash with Mr. Perfectionist aka the legend aamir khan. The power of megastar aamir khan. This diwali only Secret superstar and Golmal again. Even a cameo of megastar forces them to postponed. Just imagin what it would’ve been if secret superstar is aamir’s full fledged movie?

  • @hrithik urf churaya hua name beta why r u always bothered about jungle bookís mogali boys you know what is the total worldwide collection of jungle book itís $800 which was far better than yourís megastarís sallu movies. So what if itís performed well against a restricted gern movie. Every movie has itís own audience you canít compare dear zindagi with HNY and also you canít compare fan with CE. And same you canít compare sallu marigold with sultan lolÖÖ

    According to yourís logic mogali boy did great collection(180cr) against a mega star(85cr). whereas yourís so called eid megastar gave disater god tussi great ho (12cr) against a one film old new star (ranbir) and also who one forgot epic janeman even mogali did 180cr agains srk but yourís sallu not even mange to get avg. Verdict against him

    So itís proove that mogali boy is far better than eid boy Ö. lol

  • Very bad news robot 2.0 deserved diwali release not this cheap golmaal 4 whereas secret superstar would have not affected any of the movie

  • That’s a sensible decision and poor Akshay fans talking about crushing G4 & SS. Frankly speaking Rajnikant doesn’t need any holiday, he is probably only actor in India to create all India record without any holiday that two only 2-3 states from south. Casting Akshay wouldn’t made much impact in north when G4 clashing with 2.0. Now on republic day Akshay factor also work well in north and other part of country while in South Rajni not even have a competition.
    So G4 vs SS, now looks good and two different kind of cinema.
    Will watch both in first weekend.

  • Canadian Akshay can’t ensure a good date in hindi version for which he is taken in the movie and they r saying 2.0 is Makkhi’s movie lol…

  • If Diwali is considered best time for releasing Movies then Akshay can release TEPK on Diwali. He can take revenge indirectly against both movies. VFX is just a story the actual reason is the big budget.

  • aur akki k fans akki ko Ajay se bada bata rahe the Lol….. Bhagoda is bigger than Ajay…. They knew that Ajay and Golmaal with Rohit is bigger than Akshay hence they ran away with excuse of VFX

  • Production houses are in a hurry to announce the release dates without doing a proper assessment of time in which the movie can be completed.
    Insecurity in not getting a festive weekend is forcing.
    Instead of insecurity,lust for the records, production companies should concentrate on concepts.
    Concept is the king , no matter what.

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