Ranbir, Karan, Anurag celebrate Bombay Velvet wrap-up: Pics

Ranbir Kapoor, along with Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap and others celebrated the completion of the final shooting schedule of their ambitious film ‘Bombay Velvet’.

At the wrap-up party, the makers of the film also announced the release date of their film as November 28 2014. Bombay Velvet was initially announced to release theatrically during Christmas, but was preponed when Aamir Khan decided to release his much-awaited P.K on December 19.

Check out the photos.

Ranbir Kapoor at Bombay Velvet wrap up party

Ranbir Kapoor at Bombay Velvet wrap up party

Ranbir Kapoor and Bombay Velvet team have fun at the wrap up party

Ranbir Kapoor and Bombay Velvet team have fun at the wrap up party



  • Editing will be done by Vikramaditya motwane . Now i will watch this film for one of My today’s fav actress, fav music director,fav director as editor. .cann’t wait

  • @indicine is this official confirmed that Bombay Velvet is coming on 28Nov if yes is it clashing with Phantom then ? Please repy.

  • Nice move by kashyap. .now this movie will be superhit for sure. .if it released in 25th dec,then it would have suffered a lot due to pk and comedy welcum back and struggled to do even 80 crores. .now it will do gud collection. .and pk again get 3 open weeks? ?

  • Very good decision by Bombay velvet makers to prepone their movie.Now it will do good boxoffice collection otherwise it would have been flopped if released with ‘PK’.

  • Bt why they didn’t invite amit trivedi to the party? ?some of the good acclaimed films this year will be
    bombey velvet
    2 states
    mary kom

    some good action films will be
    bang bang
    singham 2(may be or mayn’t be)

  • aamir armtwisted theatres owners for uninterrupted 2 open weeks for pk. thats why bv preponed.

  • @Akki Thats how magically big Aamir is.
    Noone ever dares to release their film even near Aamir’s film forget clash with him.
    When small stars release their films they easily get competitors like Ajay, Akshay who are ready to clash with their film SOS, OUTIMD.
    Aamir is the Ace King, noone ever dares to clash with the Ace King.

  • @akki yes Aamir is insecure as he come with big film like P.k. But our legend selfrated king even do the same trick for his small film JTHJ and the episode between Jthj and sos is well known and we scene how Sos stop that small film to collect 225cr, we had scene how srk fell down on the feet of Jeetu ji at the time of CE to postpone Ouatimd. So Aamir used better way and it makes to avoid clash as both are releasing on different date and has open weeks to perform well though i still feel P.k. Should have been release on their previous date 06th jun. But eagerly waiting for P.k. and BV.

  • This is Aamir khan’s power and Bombay velvet makers knew this so they preponed their movie coz clash with aamir’s movie means failure which they avoided

  • @true fan
    I think u forgot gadar vs Laggan , welcome vs tzp. Both the time aamir lost. at the time of talaash thank god khiladi 786 preponed other wise talaash would have been disaster.
    so next time don’t say no one dares to clash with aamir. theatre owners listen to hirani products coz they believe in it . they don’t care bout midget clown.
    pk is big film due to hirani not due to dhobi aamir.
    were u present when srk asked jeetendra to post pone his movie? u believe some newspaper rubbish. tomorrow I ll say aamir fell on legs of ranbir kapoor to change release date of his movie. u ll believe. right.

  • Smart decision by the makers, clashing with an Aamir-Raju combo wouldn’t be a good move. Although, I feel bad for them as they announced the Christmas release first, but we can’t blame Aamir if he’s ready to clash with anyone. I have huge expectations from both the films, and both of them should do well at the box office.

    P.S. – I hope Anushka will lose whatever she has put in her lips after this film.

  • again the khans are doing dirty politics to get the money for their films and their foolish fans will think its their stardom, ghanta stardom.

    first aamir was afraid to release on non holiday thats why he chose 25th december and bombay velvet ko hi utha diya unke original date se, how mean is that !!! now he is ensuring that he gets 2-3 open weeks and his movie collects big money no matter how is it. same applies for shahrukh and salman who only release movies during national holidays. khans are cowards and khans fans are lunatics

  • @akki that’s what expect from an Srkian, P.k. Without Aamir is like Indian team without Captain Dhoni. You can say its big due to Aamir-raju that’s a fact but because of Raju is just a joke. That’s why no wonder why people saying Ce success is because of rohit and DP, and srk previous success due to Yrf and Dharma. Mr. Akki use little Akal.

  • @akki i am not srk fan than why i could present there,whatever i know about these stars just because of news articles about them,i am not so great like you people who visit srk’s place frequently,some of them counting his fan following and some are losing their Iq by watching his movies like Jthj,ra1. Don’t worry about Talaash its done well despite non holiday release and by talking that Aamir loose in clash at time of Lagaan,tzp you simply made me right as my thought for you fellows are correct. Pathetic loosers.

  • @sky
    aamir latest hits r due to hirani n yrf.he couldn’t give even hit wit excel entertainment. aamir is nothing without them.
    ro hit previous movies just crossed 100 crores but due to srk it crossed 200 crores. whereas hirani always given superhit in his career. so aamir didn’t done anything special. even hirani made superhit with sanjay dutt who has not given any solo hit in last 15 years. aamir is biggest coward who postpone movies by 6 month to come in safe period of late December as he knows at least first 2 weeks of January no big release every time n he get away without competition, biggest insecure coward.

  • @Hrithik
    Ghajini- Geetha Arts
    3 Idiots- Vidhu Vinod Chopra films
    Dhoom 3- YRF
    All 3 films had a different director.
    Every film had a different reason of sucess, but only common things between them are
    1. Aamir Khan
    2. ATBB
    3. Highest All Time Grosser
    And for your know Raju Hirani written and VVC films produced Ferrari ki Sawari starring Boman Irani and Sharman Joshi flopped without a sign.
    Raju Hirani + Sharman + Boman + VVC= Big flop (Ferrri ki sawari)
    Above combo + Aamir = ATBB (3 Idiots)


    Vijay Acharya + YRF + Akshay + Saif = Big flop (Tashan)


    Above Combo + Aamir + Dhoom – Akshay – Saif = ATBB ( D3)
    Got it!

  • @true fan
    if u r considering hirani as writter for Ferrari ki sawari n saying he is flop then u forgot vijay acharya is writter of dhoom 1 n 2.
    so vijay acharya + yrf is still blockbuster combo. so no credit to midget joker. Credit of success for dhoom3 goes to yrf hritik n John.

  • @akki I have given a comprehensive analysis about why Aamir is a ATBB actor. He is the ultimate.

    Raju Hirani + Sharman + Boman + VVC= Big flop (Ferarri ki sawari)

    Above combo + Aamir = ATBB (3 Idiots)


    Vijay Acharya + YRF + Akshay + Saif = Big flop (Tashan)


    Above Combo + Aamir + Dhoom — Akshay — Saif = ATBB ( D3)

    Without Aamir, even 3 Idiots combo gave a flop.
    YRF+Vijay Acharya is a blockbuster combo? Rofl. Tashan was a blockbuster?
    Aamir = All Time Blockbuster megastar

  • @True fan,amir is atbb actor?who told you that,are you dreaming?what about is talash died with in 100cr club?

    today I’m giving the reason why amir got some atbb that also after 12 years after 1996.

    1st come to a r muruggados’s ghajini.this is a SOUTH REMAKE.and we all see 90% south remakes are successful in bollywood.why because it saved the flopstar’s career salman from wanted up to ready.while it gave a dreaming blockbuster to flopking akshay kumar.also during 2008 the value of south remake is aky touching though it faded now a days.so don’t underestimate the power of south remake and the power of copying this by some master of copy like a.r muruggados,prabhu deva.

    2nd thing,this is the most important among all why twinkle twinkle little star amir survived in bollywood is due to MULTIACTOR.if we see our another flop star amir who struggled in 90’s who actually got success after 2001 due to not only some best story based movies along withit’s multi actors.some of it are rdb(hit),dch(below average).while in TZP,amir is supporting and darshil in lead.

    comes to atbb,you are the biggest fool on this earth who underestimate RAJU HIRANI,lol.let me clarify your doubt:

    RAJU HIRANI+SANJAY DUTT(never got blockbuster in whole career in lead)+ARSHAD WARSI(FLOP STAR)=BLOCKBUSTER(MUNNA BHAI MBBS)


    my question is why you underestimated RAJU HIRANI if he could give 2big blockbusters to flop stars sanjay and arshad so what’s the big deal with punny star amir?

    also ferrari ki sawari’s director is Rajesh Mapuskar not RAJU HIRANI,because every RAJU HIRAN film is at least a blockbuster and he is a blockbuster director.

    just take look you silly creature,

    RAJU HIRANI+amir(highest flops in lead)+SHARMAN+madhavan+BOMAN+OMI VAIDYA+CHETAN BHAGAT’s stolen story=ATBB(3idiots)

    main attraction of 3idiots is OMI VAIDYA(chatur),boman(virus),sharman(raju) character.also both sharman and madhavan have larger screen presence than supporting actor amir from starttoendin3idiots,otherwise again see that movie,lol.

    YRF(made largest by KING KHAN)+amir+abhishek+uday+POWER OF DHOOM BRAND+VKA(writer of dhoom brand)
    +4700 SCREEN+3 OPEN WEEK(no big release)=ATBB(dhoom3)

    so if all those factors we give to ranbir kapoor then he can also give 3-4 atbb with out awaiting the audience,while amir awaits audience from year to year to increase the anxiety due to lack of confidence.

    last thing SRK continued his blockbuster in every 2-3 year and he proved himself THE BEST by giving ATBB by blowing 3films in 3500 screens with out YRF/DP,while amir got 2nd bb after 12 years from 1996.shame on this stardom,even ranveer singh is ahead of twinkle little star amir in stardom at least gave superhit of his own with out the help of MULTI ACTORS.

    so please try to understand the fact,alone amir’s power equals to talash(semi hit in excel entertainment) less than ranveer singh(ram leela in slb production).

    so please never again try to compare amir with ranveer singh,it’s too far and beyond reach of GLOBAL MEGASTAR called THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD(just google it).

  • @sss I wont compare ATBB king Aamir with flop actor Actor Srk.

    Raju Hirani + Sharman + Boman + VVC= Big flop (Ferarri ki sawari)

    Above combo + Aamir = ATBB (3 Idiots)


    Vijay Acharya + YRF + Akshay + Saif = Big flop (Tashan)


    Above Combo + Aamir + Dhoom — Akshay — Saif = ATBB ( D3)

    See? Without Aamir even 3 Idiots combo gave a flop.
    Dont even dare to place overactor Srk who is nothing without YRF/Dharma/Rajni with ATBB king Aamir.
    Aamir = All Time Blockbuster megastar.
    Srk couldnt give a single ATBB in 15 years.
    Aamir gave 3 ATBBs in 6 years.
    You compare such incapable actor who is stuck at hits with ATBB megastar Aamir?

  • aamir is flop khan. He got lucky to become part of multistarrer movies. alone his movie like taalash. pathetic. bhojpuri real fan

  • @True king,SRK at least a successful actor with out YRF/DP,while our 2 papa’s boy sallu and amir is actor today due to their fathers otherwise one of them would be a rikshawala and and another one would be a chaiwala.so never compare flop actors amir/salman with any actor they are nothing with with out their papa.Raju is not director of fks and tashan is not big as DHOOM,lol.

  • @sss SRK was helped totaly by YRF/dharma otherwise he would be jobless today. He is incapable of going above hit. 3 Idiots was ATBB bcoz of ATBB megastar Aamir who is the only bollywood actor to have 3 ATBBs in 6 years.
    Yes the one and only such actor in bollywood.
    You can give Hirani/Dhoom excuse but cannot disprove the fact that there were 4 ATBBs in last 6 years and 3 of which belonged to Aamir.
    Rajkumar Hirani and Dhoom franchise has 1 ATBB each
    While Aamir has 4 ATBBs himself :)

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