SRK tricks Virat Kohli into choosing Anushka Sharma!

The Gala Dinner of the latest edition of Indian Premiere League was held at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

Like every other year, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was the centre of attraction on the night before the first match of the IPL.

In a fun segment, SRK conducted a ‘Swayamwar’, where Royal Challengers Bangalore’s captain Virat Kohli was asked to select his potential bride. He was given several choices, but guess who he picked? It was none other than his real-life alleged lady love Anushka Sharma.

Kohli was made to wear her portrait around his neck and Shahrukh, who introduced Anushka to the industry in Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, showered the couple with flowers.

Even though Kohli looked a little embarrassed, the two danced on stage to huge cheers from the crowd.

Check out the pictures!

Virat Kohli - Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli – Anushka Sharma. Kohli with Anushka’s Portrait

Shahrukh Khan - Virat Kohli

Shahrukh Khan – Virat Kohli

SRK - Virat

SRK showers Virat with flower petals

SRk dances with Virat

SRk dances with Virat Kohli



  • Hahahaha.. That was funny.. He looked embarrassed for sure.. But he was a Sport at the event… Moreover We love him……Stay. Blessed Virat…..We love You….:)

  • Shahrukh is like father figure for Anushka who helped her professionally and now thinking of her marriage

  • this is what a GENUINE MEGASTAR’s work-spreading happiness everywhere.otherwise some pathetic actors are doing unnecessarily publicity stunts by hosting some social shows which could give only sorrow in the name of awareness.

  • So Srk has finally got a opportunity to show his cheap tricks and interfere in others personal life as IPL is shifted to UAE otherwise the watchman would have not allowed him to enter Wankhede

  • @ssss khan Yeah sure hosting a show to entertain overpaid sportsmen who perform like once every 10 innings is a Real Noble Samaritan Like cause to you but a social show which can for instance highlight the negative attitude the nation has against people of your ilk (gays) is not worthy eh….!

    Aamir does a show highlighting your plight and how your family disowned you after you fell in love with this bhojpuri lover “shera Zeeshan Sayed Khan” and you just ignore its impact…! Dude face up to your problem together and let Aamir invite you as a guest on his show during season 3 and we can all see who you really are and accept you for what you are- an obnoxious man…! :-P

  • Virat was embarrassed bcoz he for a moment thought he would be facing the Spanish Inquistion seeing how much of a father figure Srk is to the gawjus Anushka but he breathed a sigh of relief when Papa Srk instead started bleating…!

  • SRK looks so handsome!!!! @bulli ur a moron, his last movie was ATBB and crossed 3idiots while ur bhai last movie cudnt even cross housefull 2 so STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeh and the bhojpuri is the old father figure to Daisy SHah, KAtrina, Sonashi!!

    @Navin Get away from here u hater, this is such a nice article and u spoil it with ur garbage comments!!!!!!

  • Virat was embrassed as he thought kahi srk kanyadan naa kar de aaj hi. Virat is supremely talented cricket of current generation. Wish him super success ahead.

  • @Navin bhojpuri
    Virat performs just once in 10 innings…Do you watch cricket or Kabaddi????Lol

    Funny comment dude,Srk was indeed looking anushka’s pitaji in RNBDJ

    But really SRK is a very good host and stage performer,whatever he does,he brings smile on everybody’s faces.

  • look at this moron, he always uses ipl for film promotions. he got lucky that ipl is in dubai otherwise watchmen would have taught this lungiwala a lesson

  • @Navin bhojpuri,actually if someone couldtake3.5c/episode of a social show instead of give those money as charity,then I’m also interested in that type of shows.why your cheap actors couldn’t give as much as sufficient money to those poors instead of taking all with himself?I think amir should introduce himself as the most pathetic persons in smj along side with peoples like’s totally a waste of time when I’m giving comments to some loser faggots like you,who knows only grunt garbage like your bhojpuri stars.I think that SHERA word for you and COMPLAN BOY word for @sky worked fine for both,so I’m very happy,lol.

  • For the first time navin’s comment got a like from me. .look at his first comment. .how funny ! ! But that’s a truth.

  • @Oblivion: He is still more handsome that u tho! Who are more attention seekers than the bhojpuri ‘small kitty’ khan and tingu poodle??? No one………… has so many controversies and criminal activities to keep himself in the news while the other pretends to be socially aware and trolls other ppl’s movies while promoting his own (e.g. he shamelessly promoted Dhoom 3 and Ghajini just before release of Krissh 3 and during RNBDJ in order to take steam of those movies)

  • SRK’s is the most cool and his charm and handsomeness never gonna fade.actually all of his 90’s actors are looking father of him who couldn’t make a love story a hit and who could fit with some heroines like sonakshi,lol.what happen when they act with anushka just like her grand father.while SRK already acted with her 2times.while real father looking guy of anushka will come with her in this december.kudos and embarrassed how a man in this age also could play the role of a romantic guy,really SRK defeated his age,while90’s buffalo looking actors are busy in copying south’s mindless actions,lol.

  • @navin .. sallu & aamir fans calling others bhojpuri ? o.O
    well first thing .. first place .. wake upp from halucination .. me & sss or ssskhan are different individual .. so don’t be so insecure.
    second thing .. before terming that guy as Anushka’s papa .. remember the number of girls crazy after him are more than the number of days you’re gonna live on earth.
    so don’t be this damn foolish .. going around commenting crap everywhere along with your ‘kiddo fanboy nipun’.
    I respect Aamir for Satyamev Jayate. so don’t make me mock Tingu Khan unnecesaarily who just has 11 clean hits in his 25 years career .. out of which 5-6 are multi-starrers & has just 1 filmfare award in his lifetime & is a ‘wannabe’ Oscar fanboy.

  • @Indicine .. just read on a post that you commented & criticised some ‘Flop Kumar’.
    Okay. he was wrong .. its wrong to insult someone .. but why this double standard ?
    there many abuses hurled at different superstars .. so why don’t you reply to each & every individual when they insult an actor. Why Indicine ?
    people like @sachin11 & @navinbhojpuri comment shit on almost every article about SRK .. especially @sachin11 .. why you never reply or criticise him ?? so Rise Above Double Standards & stop being a diplomat.
    Do Reply to my comment .. !! if you have an answer.

  • @Navin can’t say about Virat but u have made triple s embarrass with your first
    @Truth i didn’t even talked about box office and i was talking of IPL shifting.i think u r replying without wearing

  • @Zeeshan Sayed when did i commented shit on Srk’s article ? infact i always talk about his favourite costume lungi,favourite food rice,idli sambhar,dosa and favourite drink coconut water and favourite vehicle scooter.u also try all this and keep

  • @sss
    Aamir made that show
    He paid money for that show
    He didnt take that money for himself but to cover the expenditure of the show.
    If you dont know Aamir rejected many advertisers for Season 1 and he had to pay 120 crores to all the companies involved.
    And he got the 3 crores by enlightening India with important issues and months of hardwork
    While your jo-king Srk demands 8 crore to dance in weddings.

  • @True Fan: you stole my words..anyways no point speaking to these dimwits here who won’t appreciate others work :/

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