Ram Leela Monday Box Office Collections

Ram Leela has passed the Monday test with flying colours as the film collected around 8.5 crore on its first weekday at the box office. The 4 day total now stands at Rs 60 cr.

Considering the star cast of the film, the first 4 day collections of Ram Leela is way above trade expectations. Even though Deepika Padukone is the bjggest female star in the industry, such numbers are difficult to achieve without the presence of a bankable male star.

Mumbai circuit has contributed around 26 crore to the total in 4 days which is phenomenal. Detailed territorial breakdown will be published in a while.

Ram Leela is an expensive film, so it is important for the film to continue its good run to make decent profits. The total costs including print and marketing is around 85 crore

Ram Leela Box office Collections

  • Friday – 15.73 crore
  • Saturday – 16.85 crore (7% increase)
  • Sunday – 18.91 crore (12% increase)
  • Monday – 8.5 crore (55% drop)
  • 4 day Total – 59.78 crore


  • Producers have given wings to Krrish 3 collections. It seems the Roshans are manipulating first time and their inexperience shows since they were exposed at once. Now the Roshans and Krrish franchisee reputation is mud. Krrish is supposed to be a superhero and be a guardian of truth and good values. But this manipulation has now cast him as a villain and destroyed his character. It is a very sad story. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, king of low collections Box Office India has reduced Krrish 3 second week collections from 46 crores to 42.5 crores and Chennai Express worldwide first weekend collections from 167 crores to 159 crores. On a side note, difference in Ram-Leela collections is only 2.5 crores after 5 days (Producers – 61.5 crores , BOI – 58 crores) while Krrish 3 first 4 days difference was through the roof with 54.5 crores (Producers – 108.5 crores , BOI – 54 crores all versions). And the whole comedy is everyone is siding with either producers or BOI, when both are wrong and competing for publicity. :D

  • Happy for ramleela. .but i’m n’t able to understand why some haters are bringing hrithik name everywhere.and those ppl are srkfans like g.one.grow up fools. .

  • in us boxoffice weekend ramleela stands at 13th position by collecting 1.4
    million which is higher than that of krissh 3 it collected only 1million. now deepika star power in overseas is way more than overrated hrithik roshan.

  • Looks like it’s marching towards 120 crore+. Way beyond my expectations.

    Deepika is already a leading female star in Bollywood, it will also give Ranveer Singh a big boost.

  • at the time of yjhd , boi and dharma collections were same for the weekend… I think boi got payment from dharma at the time of yjhd…. So my personal feeling is that ‘real’ collections of yjhd may be 150 cr or so… Wat say @indicine

  • Boi is doing really very bad job.ramleela screen number is 2800+ ,but k3 screen no. is 3800+.ramleela has less hype.k3 had huge hype.ramleela ticket price is comparatively less than k3.k3 had gud occupancy in morning,noon and night on 2nd day.so itís obvious that k3 collection should be higher than ramleela.
    But ,according to boi,
    k3-15.5 crs
    ramleela-16.5 crs? ? ? ? ?
    How can it be possible? ?boi is giving less collection against k3 mainly.seems like itís an anti hrithik site.
    Itís trying its best to show low number than yjhd.it predicted besharam to become atbb and beat ce.how can it be forgotten? ?
    Boi is seriously showing less number for k3.
    Some people are saying itís dirty game by roshans.but they should know that hrithik isnít a record seeker and popularity seeker.otherwise he wouldnít have done movies like znmd,guzaarish,jodha akbar.

  • evryone knows who is hrithik nd how is hrithik.. you, srkians dont need to clarify his carcter! nd adding srk’s name evrywher doesnt make it intersting.. on othr hand its geting boring!

  • Rakesh Roshan is really funny. Now he objects to remake of “khhon Bhari Maang” in marathi. First of the movie itself was copied/inspired from “Return to Eden”. Where was the ethics that time. Was it a official reamke. And everybody knows that how much Krrish 3 inspired or coipied from XMen. Really funny…

  • Best movie of the Year…..

    Best performance of fhe year(male)
    1-Farhan Akhtar
    2-Ranvir Singh
    3-Irfan Khan
    4-Hritik Roshan

  • it seems like some people have dedicated their whole life in criticising a wonderful film #krrish3 becos they have got the biggest shock in their life after seeing huge collection and all the love n praise this film has received by audience n critics….even SRK will laugh on your cheap n lame comments….u people are saying k3 has not beaten CE…so what??? but the fact is k3 is loved by everyone and its a far better film than those masala craps n CE…and k3 is blockbuster in terms of entertainment hardwork love….and we hrithikians not much interested in ur foolish debate over k3 collections anymore…#krrish3 is all time blockbuster u accept it or not…but its a fact!!! mind it…#hrithikRocks

  • Happy for Deepika. I want this movie to do 120-130 cr but looks difficult due to 2 big release in next week it will do betn 90-100 according to Boi.

  • @Nipun and Sakhi, try to comment about article and not about fav star. Dont compare all movies together….. Ram Leela is a big hit.

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